One Fresh Cup: The Brand Every Coffee-Drinking Adventurer Should Know

One Fresh Cup, coffee, travel, travel products, adventure, backpacking, wanderlust

A few years back, some friends and I set out on a road trip across Eurasia. A significant portion of this odyssey took us through vast, uninhabited stretches of Russia, where the highway cuts a thin scar through towering pine forests.

It was beautiful country. The prolonged absences of any real towns or cities, however, did present some issues. There was, of course, the lack of bathrooms and opportunities to shower. As a long-time caffeine addict, however, I can confidently say that the biggest issue for me was the total lack of coffee. The heart-palpitating, borderline-illegal gas station energy drinks I was drinking just weren’t cutting it. I wanted coffee. No, I wanted good coffee. Fresh, hot coffee.

If I had known about One Fresh Cup at the time, I wouldn’t have had a problem.

One Fresh Cup, coffee, travel, travel products, adventure, backpacking, wanderlust

One Fresh Cup deals in delicious, single-serve portions of coffee that can be brewed anywhere you have hot water (when I was in Russia, we had a small camp stove that we used to cook dinner on the roadside). Their products, quite simply, will change the way any coffee-drinker travels.

Their single-serve drip filters, which is a new spin on single serve drip innovation invented in Japan some 50 years ago, is delightfully simple. Really simple. Three steps simple.

One Fresh Cup, coffee, travel, travel products,

First, you open a single-serve filter – any one of five, delicious blends. Second, you mount the filter in the mouth your mug with conveniently attached hangers. Then, you pour some hot water through the filter in slow intervals. Presto magic: hot, fresh coffee! It’s brew-ready pretty much anywhere, be it on the rugged highways of Russia, out in the wilderness of North America, at your hostel in Europe—wherever! And there’s no cleanup required!

Of course, I don’t expect you to just take my word about One Fresh Cup. Let’s let the numbers do some talking.

Since 2005, One Fresh Cup has sold 200 million packs in Asia and Europe. Having launched in North America in late 2016, you can expect that already impressive number to skyrocket in the coming years.

One Fresh Cup

This is an awesome product, and one that is particularly perfect for travelers. If you’re a coffee-drinking adventurer, do yourself a favor and make sure you don’t set out on your next trip without a few packs in your bag. I know my bag will be full of them.

To learn more about One Fresh Cup, visit their website, or check them out on Facebook or Instagram. If you feel like making a purchase, use the code WILDLIVES10 for a nice discount.

One Fresh Cups ships worldwide (with free shipping to the 48 contiguous United States).


This article debuted on on 9/24/2017.



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