Anthony Bourdain is only willing to consume one thing on airplanes

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Anthony Bourdain is known for two things: for his talent as a chef, and for his incredible international travels. As such, his thoughts on airplane food – a definite intersection of food and travel – are particularly interesting.

Unsurprisingly, Bourdain is not a fan of airplane food. In fact, he hates it, and does whatever he can to avoid it.

Bourdain shared his disdain for airplane food in a recent interview with Travel + Leisure.

“You’re not digesting your food on the plane, which is why you feel like a horribly bloated beach ball when you get off,” the celebrity chef explained. “The food can’t possibly be that good. It can be edible at best, no matter how hard they try. The conditions that they’re working in, there’s not much they can do.”

“Every food tastes completely different than it does on the ground, so they have to make adjustments to it.”

Yet while Bourdain will turn down any airplane that meanders its way down the aisle to his seat, there is one thing he’s prepare to order on a plane. And it’s not food.

“Scotch on the rocks,” he told Travel + Leisure. “They can’t f**k that up.”

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This article debuted on on 9/24/2017.



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