VIDEO | Breathtaking timelapse footage of a barge traveling from the Red Sea to Hong Kong

30-day time lapse, barge ship, travel, adventure, wanderlust

Life at sea is something that the vast majority of us don’t get to experience. It’s something that most travelers and adventurers would love to know first-hand, but unfortunately, very few of us have the chance.

Luckily, we’ve got Jeffrey Tsang, a maritime vlogger, sailor, and photographer who spends long stretches of his life on a barge that travels the globe.

Tsang’s latest video, which he shared to his YouTube channel last week, documents one of this barge’s recent journeys: an epic 30-day odyssey from the Red Sea to Hong Kong. This 4k video shows the trip in a brilliant 4K timelapse composed of roughly 80,000 photos.

Watch Tsang’s entrancing video above, and witness his ship’s journey through crowded harbours, over surging seas, and under rumbling thunderheads and sprawling starscapes. Fullscreen is recommended!

“Sailing in the open sea is a truly unique way to grasp how significantly small we are in the beautiful world,” Tsang told of his video “Chasing the endless horizon, witnessing the ever changing weather, and appreciating the bright stars and galaxies.”

Catch more awesome stuff from Tsang on his Instagram page.


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This article debuted on on 9/19/2017.


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