VIDEO | Bangkok is growing a jungle from scratch just outside the city

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Green space is an important factor for any city. In a hectic city like Bangkok, Thailand – which is home to almost 8.3 million people – a little green space is even more important. Bangkok, of course, is already dotted with beautiful parks and public gardens. Yet the city has decided to step up its commitment to green space by growing a jungle – from scratch – just a short distance from downtown.

Located about 40 minutes’ drive from the heart of Bangkok, the aptly named “Metro Jungle” is still green, as they say, having been planted just 5 years ago. Yet despite it’s relative youth, it is already home to almost 80,000 trees of nearly 300 different species. It’s also home to a bevy of rare snake and bird species, so have your camera ready!

Though you can not traverse much of this sprawling 19,200 square-meter jungle on the ground, you can explore it from above on a beautiful wooden causeway, soaking up the balmy Thai sunshine as you do. You can also take in the sights from a gorgeous tower that spikes skyward from the heart of the jungle. If you’re looking for a more informed tour of the area, you can also take a guided tour.

Metro Jungle is open Tuesday-Sunday, from 9am to 6pm. To get better acquainted with it, watch the video above, which comes from the ever-interesting BK Magazine.

Will you be making a visit on your upcoming trip to Bangkok, Thailand?


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This article debuted on on 8/12/2017.




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