Panjin Red Beach: one of the most distinctly beautiful places on earth

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Panjin Red Beach, which you’ll find in the Chinese province of Liaoning, is far from your traditional beach. There is no sand. There is no rolling surf. There are no palm trees. That said, Panjin Red Beach has to be one of the most jaw-droppingly beautiful places on earth – at least in the fall.

The beach itself, which is actually a sprawling marshland, is covered in an aquatic plant called sueda. Sueda starts growing in mid to late spring, and through the spring and summer, isn’t a particularly special-looking plant. In the autumn months, however, it turns a vibrant red, transforming the region into a veritable sea of red as it does. The resulting view is so dazzling that tourists flock from the world over to see it.

As a rich and complex ecosystem Panjin Red Beach is home to an array of wildlife. The most famous resident of the area is the endangered Red-Crowned Crane, which is why it is often referred to as the “home of the cranes”. To protect these majestic birds and their neighbors, the area was granted state-level protection from the Chinese government in the year 1988. As such, the majority of the area is no longer accessible to the public. Luckily, however, a small segment of it can still be explored, thanks to a network of boardwalks.


Check out some amazing photos of this incredibly beautiful place below:

Red Beach from Panjing, China

Red Beach from Panjing, China

Photos above via Flickr user Jia Mi.

Panjin red beach

Panjin red beach

Panjin red beach

Photos above via Flickr user Douglas Du.

Panjin, Liaoning, CN

Photo above via Flickr user Kristen Wong.

Photos above via Flickr user Qing.

Having seen these pictures, how badly do you want to see Panjin Red Beach in China?


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This article debuted on on 8/7/2017.



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