This map shows the top-ranked TripAdvisor ‘thing to do’ for every country on earth

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When visiting a new country, it’s always a little difficult to decide which attractions belong on your itinerary, and which ones might be worth skipping over. This is even more difficult when you don’t have a lot of time in a country. Yet thanks to the world map below (via vouchercloud), the decision just got a little easier.

This map shows the number one ‘thing to do’ in each country, as indicted by users of TripAdvisor. Take a look below– just prepare to be surprised


Thinking about visiting Canada? Well, as you can see, the country’s most popular ‘thing to do’, per TripAdvisor, is Niagara Falls. Plotting a great American road trip? Head to Central Park in New York City. Looking for the most popular thing to do in the UK? Apprently, it’s a Harry Potter Studio Tour – not Buckingham Palace or Big Ben. Italy? The Roman Colosseum. China? The Great Wall. Vietnam? Hoi An’s Ancient Town. The list goes on, with some attractions being obvious, others being somewhat baffling.


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This article debuted on on 8/3/2017.


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