4 Canadian cities you didn’t know you wanted to visit

Victoria, BC, visit Victoria, things to do in victoria, canada, British Columbia, travel, toruism

There are a few Canadian cities that pretty much everybody knows. Vancouver is one. Montreal is another. Toronto is probably the most widely known of the bunch. In fact, many people seem to think Toronto is the capital city of Canada (it’s not).

While these are the most internationally-known cities in Canada, they’re absolutely not the only Canadian cities worth visiting. All across The Great White North, you’ll find lesser-known cities that are absolutely worth exploring. Without further ado, here are four we recommend checking out.


1. Victoria, British Columbia

Victoria, BC, visit Victoria, things to do in victoria, canada, British Columbia, travel, toruism

While Vancouver might be British Columbia’s most famous city, it is not actually the capital. That honor goes to picturesque Victoria, which is situated on the ruggedly beautiful Vancouver Island, across the strait of Georgia from mainland BC.

Home to roughly 90,000 people, Victoria is much smaller then its better-known BC neighbor, but it is no less captivating. It is a city with a thriving arts scene, a bustling nightlife, plenty of good eating, and some truly tremendous views. If you’re plotting a trip to Western Canada, make sure it’s on your list.

2. Halifax, Nova Scotia

Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada, travel, maritimes, eastern canada, adventure, wanderlust

Far from Victoria, on the other side of Canada, you will find beautiful Halifax, Nova Scotia. The biggest city east of Quebec, Halifax is a city that is loved by Canadians, but one that is not known by many international visitors. That said, it is one of the most wonderful cities in the country.

With a metro population of just over 400,000 people, Halifax is the perfect middle ground between big city and small town. It’s got plenty of the hustle and bustle of a metropolis like Toronto or Vancouver, but all the charm of smaller Nova Scotia towns like Truro or Sydney.

With a gorgeous harbor, a rich history, some amazing eating, and plenty of craft beer, Halifax is the kind of city that pretty much everybody will love. Add it to the itinerary for your next visit to Canada.

3. Ottawa, Ontario

Ottawa, Canada, travel, ontario, adventure, wanderlust

We mentioned at the top of this article that Toronto is not – contrary to widespread misperceptions – the capital of Canada. No, Canada’s true capital is Ottawa, a beautiful Ontario city criss-crossed by mighty rivers and the world-famous Rideau canal.

Home to roughly a million people, Ottawa is definitely a big city. Somehow, however, it manages to avoid the hectic atmosphere of nearby cities like Toronto and Montreal. Its bustling downtown is surrounded by quiet neighborhoods, and slightly further afield, beautiful wildernesses that are just waiting to be explored.

Visit Ottawa for art, culture, nightlife, food, outdoor fun… the list goes on! Just make sure you go!

4. Winnipeg, Manitoba 

Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada, travel, visit winnipeg, things to do in winnipeg
Photo via Canada Games

Winnipeg might be known for its bone-chilling winters, but don’t let its reputation fool you. It is beautiful in the spring, summer, and fall, and so long as you’re dressed well, it’s really not so bad in the winter months.

Situated in the Canadian heartland, Winnipeg is a bustling city of of roughly 700,000 people. It’s alive with culture and art, and its culinary scene will get the mouths of even the most pretentious foodies watering. Furthermore, Winnipeg is very much a city on the rise, as it recently opened Canada’s dazzling Human Rights Museum (visible in the picture above), and is currently in the spotlight as the host city of the action-packed Canada Games.

Forget anything negative you might have heard about Winnipeg. It’s a gorgeous city that you absolutely need to visit.


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This article debuted on WildLives.co on 8/2/2017.



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