VIDEO | Incredible drone footage of Gabon from above

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Most people don’t know much about the nation of Gabon. Perched on the Western coast of Africa, it is a country that doesn’t often feature in international headlines.

Despite its relatively modest international reputation, however, Gabon is an incredibly beautiful country. As the home of some truly beautiful beaches, rolling hills, vibrant cities, and a lush rainforest that covers roughly 85% of the country, it is the kind of country that will leave any visitor’s jaw on the floor. But really, it needs to be seen to be believed.

Given that flights to Gabon are not easy to find or cheap, we figured we’d share some incredible, drone footage of the country with you. This footage highlights all of the country’s incredible natural beauty, from a few of its national parks to its postcard-worthy, white-sand beaches. Check it out below!

Having seen these incredible videos, would you like to visit the nation of Gabon?

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This article debuted on on 7/27/2017.


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