Over the Horizon: The new travel show you absolutely need to watch

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We’ve already shared our favorite travel tv shows with you (see those here). If you’ve seen all the shows on our list, however, you might be looking for something new.

Well, you’re in luck.

Outside TV has launched an incredible new show called Over the Horizon, and it seems like one that all travelers will love.

This show follows professional diver and long-time adventurer Ellis Emmett on an absolutely thrilling odyssey, as he circumnavigates our beautiful planet by sailboat. Along the way, the New Zealander Emmett stops at some of the most remote, untouched locations on earth, giving viewers a window into corners of the planet they’d likely never see otherwise.

And here’s where things get even sweeter:

Over the Horizon is filmed by Andre Dupuis, the wizard who shot the visually dazzling show Departures. So viewers can look forward to some truly incredible footage.

The first episode of Over the Horizon aired on Outside TV last night (July 11). There is, of course, plenty more to come.

If you’re hoping to watch the show in Canada, Dupuis recently assured a fan on Twitter that Canadian airdates (and airdates in other countries) are coming soon.

See the trailer for this breathtaking new travel show below, followed by a quick snippet on Emmett himself.

Catch Over the Horizon on Tuesday nights on Outside TV. Just be warned, this show will trigger your wanderlust like you won’t believe. You’ll be packing your bags by the time the credits are rolling.

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This article debuted on WildLives.co on 7/12/2017.



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