The youth hostel inside a 19th-century ship

Af Chapman, hostel, hotel, travel, Stockholm, Sweden

Beautiful Stockholm, Sweden is composed of a panoply of islands, each separated by winding canals and seaways. These waterways of Stockholm are dotted with dozens of boats, from luxury yachts to fishing vessels. One of Stockholm’s boats, however, is in a class all its own.

It is a beautiful, white, 19th-century ship that floats off the edge of Stockholm’s Skeppsholmen Island. It’s called the af Champman, and it is also a youth hostel.

The ship offers a range of cozy, nautical themed rooms, and in the balmy Stockholm summer months, a lively, on-board bar (the bar closes down in the winter). Needless to say, it has come a long way from its days braving the mighty Atlantic, when it served as a training crucible for Swedish naval officers.

af Chapman, stockholm, travel, sweden
photo via HostelWorld

“Just being on the ship is a special feeling,” long-time af Chapman employee Magnus Frymark told CNN of this ship-turned-hostel. “You can sense her history.”

“All of us working here really feel that it is a privilege to host such a cool hostel in the heart of Stockholm,” site manager Sofie Jorsell told CNN. “HMS af Chapman holds a special place among the city views as one of the most photographed objects in Stockholm.”

Truly, it’s hard to imagine anything more peaceful than hunkering down on the deck of the af Chapman, drink in hand, and soaking in the sights and sounds of beautiful Stockholm, Sweden. Something to consider, next time you’re traveling through the gorgeous region of Scandinavia.

af Chapman, stockholm, travel, sweden
Photo via HostelWorld

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This article debuted on on 2/6/2017.



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