VIDEO | The hotel where your room is completely underwater

Manta resort, Tanzania, travel, underwater hotel, luxury travel

Imagine laying down in bed, pulling the covers up, and looking out the window. Instead of tree leaves or city lights or stars, you see softly illuminated sea life, peacefully swimming by.

This is the view you get at the amazing Manta Resort in Tanzania, Africa, where bedrooms are entirely submerged some 13 feet below the surface of the water.

Get tired of the submerged life? No problem. Head up to the roof to sunbathe or dive into the beautiful, emerald-coloured water. Need a break from the sun? Easy. Descend to the seaside deck for the chance to relax in the shade, have some dinner, or kill all your stress  with a few delicious drinks.

A stay at the manta resort, of course, is going to cost you. At 1,500 USD per night, this is not the kind of evening a typical dirty-shoed backpacker is going to be able to afford. We just thought it was too awesome not to share. Besides, you never know when you might come into a pile of cash! The world works in mysterious ways.

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This article debuted on on 2/6/2017.



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