Three reasons to visit Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada

Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada, travel, maritimes, eastern canada, adventure, wanderlust

Perched on the Eastern edge of Canada, Halifax, Nova Scotia is an absolutely beautiful city. It’s also an incredibly fun one, as the home of a vibrant night life, an incredible live music scene, a mouth-watering culinary circuit, and some of the friendliest locals in the world.

While this beautiful Atlantic city might not work its way into international headlines as often as bigger Canadian cities like Vancouver, Toronto and Montreal do, it is a city that is absolutely worth visiting.

Without further ado, here are three reasons we recommend visiting the beautiful city of Halifax, Nova Scotia.

1. Beer, Beer, Beer.

Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada, Beer, breweries, propeller

If you’re a beer drinker, then Halifax is the city for you. The city is packed to the edges with amazing bars, many of which boast beer menus so long that you’ll need to set aside an afternoon to read them through.

More importantly, Halifax brews plenty of its own beer. All over the city, you’ll find amazing craft breweries and microbreweries, all of which bottle beers for a wide range of taste preferences.

Our personal fave? Propellor Brewing Company

2. It’s a Whale of a Time

Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada, travel, whale watching

The province of Nova Scotia has some of the finest whale watching in North America. That is not hyperbole.

Though the best whale watching in Nova Scotia is found on the Bay of Fundy and around Cape Breton, Halifax also offers some fun whale watching tours of its own.

Take a walk through the city’s postcard-worthy harbour (they spell it with a “u” up in Canada, eh), and you’ll find a handful of whale watching tour operators. Head out on the water, and if you’re lucky, you might just glimpse minke whales,  fin whales, seals, and even the ultra-rare mola mola, or ocean sunfish. You’ll also have the chance to hand-feed flocks of majestic seagulls off the back of the boat.

Even if you don’t catch sight of a whale, getting out on the water around beautiful Halifax is an incredible experience.

3. There’s Always Music in the Air

Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada, travel, things to do in Halifax, music

Because Halifax is a relatively small city, and it is tucked away on the Eastern edge of Canada, it doesn’t draw in the big-ticket musical performers that Toronto, Montreal or Vancouver do. But Halifax doesn’t need ’em.

Walk into any bar, on any night, and there’s a good chance you’ll find amazing live music. Whether it’s an ultra-tight cover band, or a local band playing Celtic-influenced originals, you’re bound to be stomping your foot in no time.


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This article debuted on on 1/6/2017.



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