Baku, Azerbaijan: the city you didn’t know you wanted to explore

Baku, Azerbaijan, travel, adventure, wanderlust, tourism, caucasus, central asia

It’s an unfortunate fact that not many people can point out Azerbaijan on a map. Fewer still can identify its capital city, Baku. While Baku, Azerbaijan is a relatively mysterious city to most of the world, however, it is one that is absolutely worth exploring.

As the home of more than 2 million people, Baku is not only the largest city in Azerbaijan, but the largest in the Caucasus region. As such, it boasts all the things you want in a big city: a thriving culinary scene, an exciting night life, lots of arts and culture, gorgeous architecture, fast and convenient public transit… the list goes on and on. Though it may be unknown to many, Baku is an absolute wonderland for the adventurous soul.

But hey, don’t just take our word for it. For proof of Baku’s status as one of central Asia’s most gorgeous cities, check out the video below.

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This article debutedĀ on on 31/5/2017.



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