This Instagram account will change the way you think about rock climbers

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The pinnacle of the rock climbing is dominated by powerful, high-performance athletes. This, of course, is true for most sports.

Just because the best rock climbers on earth border on superhumanness, however, doesn’t the sport can’t be enjoyed by normal people like you and I.

That is the message Irene Yee strives to promote on her Instagram account, @ladylockoff.

If you peruse Yee’s incredible feed, you’ll see pictures of dozens of rock climbers from all walks of life, practicing the sport they love at Red Rocks, just outside Las Vegas. Her account proves that this dizzying sport is as inclusive as they come.

“Climbing teaches you who you are, including acceptance of your situation,” Yee told Outside Magazine. “Sometimes we’re sitting on ropes thinking about the next move or just giving ourselves a break. It’s my job to show those things, because that’s what happens. We just don’t often see it in social media or magazines.”

“I thought: You can be girly and still rock climb?” she continued. “I realized that just because I didn’t fit into the mainstream perception of what climbing is, that didn’t mean I couldn’t be a climber.”

“One image can change all that and make you think, Oh, maybe I can do that,” Yee says. “Social media is an incredibly powerful platform for telling us that this thing we thought was true is not true at all—it’s that sense of possibility and empowerment I hope to inspire in women.”

Yee also added that her favorite photographs are the ones that depict rock climbers conquering their fears.

Without further ado, here are our favorite photos from Yee’s amazing Instagram feed. Be sure to give her a follow!

@brookbriana hits the sun on A Man in Every Pot, sport 5.8+

A post shared by Irene Yee (@ladylockoff) on

What do you think of Irene Yee’s awesome Instagram account, and the way it strives to change perceptions of rock climbers? Has it inspired you to don the harness and give rock climbing a try?

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This article debuted on on 29/5/2017.



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