A soup tour of Asia: 5 soups to seek out across the Asian continent

Taiwan, Beef noodle soup, asia, taipei, travel, taichung

You will find soup, of one variety or another, on pretty much every continent on earth. It is very possible, however, that the greatest soups on the planet are found across the continent of Asia.

Without further ado, here are five soups to seek out, across the Asian continent. Some of you may be lucky enough to taste them all, others might not. But all of these delicious, tummy-warming broths are absolutely worth trying.

1. Pho in Vietnam 

Pho, Vietnam, travel, asia, food, adventure

It’s possible that pho is Asia’s most famous soup. It might even be the world’s most famous soup. Whatever the case, it is absolutely delicious, and it is at is most delicious when it served hot and fresh in its place of origin: Vietnam.

2. Ramen in Japan

Ramen, Japan, travel, tokyo, soup, food

Ramen comes in a staggering variety of styles and flavors. Some versions of this famous Japanese soup don’t even include broth. I can confidently say, however, that every iteration of ramen is absolutely delicious, and like pho, it is best enjoyed in its dazzling country of origin.

3. Beef Noodle Soup in Taiwan:

Taiwan, Beef noodle soup, asia, taipei, travel, taichung

Taiwan is a nation of delicious soups, but my personal favorite is the simple and delicious beef noodle soup. As its name suggests, this soup is a toothsome combination of beef slices, and thick, slurpable noodles in fantastic, savory broth. Enjoy a bowl next time you’re in Taiwan – especially if your visit occurs on one of the country’s drearier rainy days.

4. Haejang-guk in South Korea

Haejang-guk, South Korea, food, seoul, busan, suwon, daejeon, travel

The Koreans call this absolutely delicious soup “Haejang-guk” – which translates roughly to “hangover soup.” This is because its composed of protein rich meat, nutrient dense vegetables, plenty of spiciness to help you sweat out the toxins, and a delicious, stomach-soothing broth. Just what you need after a night of too much soju.

5. Guriltai Shul in Mongolia:

guriltai shul, Mongolia, food, travel, adventure
Photo via: https://acelive1.wordpress.com/2015/04/08/mongolian-guriltai-shul-mutton-soup/

This last soup is probably the least-known, least-tasted item on this list, but it is no less delicious than its predecessors. Essentially a mutton soup, this heavier dish is packed with mouth-watering, fatty meat, onions, carrots, and delicious flat noodles. Slurp it down on a bitter-cold Mongolian evening, or after a day of exploring the gorgeous Mongolian countryside in the summer.

This article debuted on WildLives.co on 28/5/2017.



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