3 travel shows every traveler needs to watch

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When you’ve got the itch to travel, but you don’t have the resources to set off on the adventure you seek, one of the best fixes can be a binge watch of a good travel show. Then again, these shows can also serve to supercharge your wanderlust – so watch at your peril.

Either way, a good travel show can provide a fantastic escape from the rigamarole of life. With that fact in mind, here are a few travel shows I recommend checking out.

1. Departures


Departures is, dare I say, the best travel show in the history of travel shows. That is a lofty title, and one that I’m not qualified to give, but here I am giving it anyway.

The show follows two friends, Scott Wilson and Justin Lukach, as they adventure across the world. At a glance, the real strength of this show is the cinematography. The cameraman, Andre Dupuis, is a wizard behind the lens.

Another fantastic trait of this show is that Scott and Justin street clear of the tourist hotspots. Instead of visiting Italy and France  – places many travelers have already visited – they explore less-visited destinations like Mongolia, Madagascar, and even North Korea.

Truly, departures is a show that any traveler should be watching. And best of all, its on Netflix.

2. Parts Unknown 

Parts Unknown, Anthony Bourdain, CNN, travel shows, best travel shows

Anthony Bourdain has had many, many travel shows, and to be frank, it can get a little difficult to tell them all apart. Luckily for Bourdain, all of these shows are fantastic.

The best travel show on Bourdain’s seemingly endless resume is Parts Unknown, which is still airing on CNN. The show follows the chef turned adventurer on culinary odysseys all around the world, and it should definitely be on the watch list of anyone with a case of wanderlust.

3. Human Planet

Human Planet, BBC, TV shows, travel tv shows

Human Planet, which comes from the same team that blessed the world with Planet Earth, is not your traditional travel show. But don’t get it twisted, it’s a show all travelers will love.

The show shines a light on some of the most amazing people of the world, most of whom live in far-off, isolated corners of the planet.

Explore the amazing lives of these amazing people, all in the vividness you’ve come to expect from BBC documentaries.

What’s your favorite travel series? Let us know in the comments and be sure to give us a like on social media!

This article debuted on WildLives.co on 28/5/2017.



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