Photo roundup: these photos will make you want to fly to South Korea right now

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South Korea is one of the most interesting and exciting countries on earth.

From Seoul to Daejeon, from Busan to Suwon, its many cities are packed with great food, amazing shopping, lots of art and culture, vibrant bar scenes, and many other attractions. And though South Korea is known primarily for its bustling urban centers, its also home to some truly beautiful wilderness. Inside its borders you’ll find lakes, forests, beaches, rolling hills, and more! It is a dazzling wonderland of sparkling lights and lush landscapes.

Truly, South Korea is a must-visit for anybody who’s been bitten by the travel bug.

Anyway, they say a picture is worth 1000 words, so here are some amazing pictures of South Korea, plucked from Instagram, to show you just how amazing the country is.

'Summit: Pilibong Mountain.' Early morning hike. #Korea #MountainTop

A post shared by Nathan Jackson (@nathanjacksontv) on

Want to be back climbing mountains and finding Temples 🏞✌🏼 #southkorea

A post shared by Caitlin Jones (@caitsarahj) on

Itching to take off to South Korea yet? We can’t blame you! Safe travels!

This article debuted on on 22/5/2017.



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