Photo Roundup: the most incredible pictures of abandoned places you’ll ever see

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Earlier this week, we published an article about an incredible, abandoned village in Kazakhstan that one lucky traveller stumbled on by complete chance.

Click here to see that article in full. Read an excerpt of the article below:

“We explored for at least two hours. On more than one occasion I got lost inside these buildings. Maybe that should have terrified me but it didn’t. I knew I’d eventually find my way out, and there’s a real peace in the emptiness of places like that one. It’s hard not to feel comparatively full in a place so empty of everything.”

This incredible story got me thinking about abandoned spaces. The world is full of them, and they really are incredible.

Riffing on this abandoned spaces theme, we scoured the internet for the best pictures of them we could find. This search led me to the Instagram account @itsabandoned. If you’re not following this account you should be. To put it simply, this account has the most beautiful pictures of abandoned spaces I have ever seen. Looking at these pictures, you can almost hear the dripping of water, and the echo of footsteps across the debris-covered ground.

See a few of our favorite pictures from this account below, and be sure to give the account a follow!

Abandoned church in Los Angeles California. 🎥 by @alexplore23

A post shared by Beautiful Abandoned Places (@itsabandoned) on

Mirror, mirror on the floor. Gorgeous photo by @matthias_haker.

A post shared by Beautiful Abandoned Places (@itsabandoned) on

Abandoned rollercoaster in Florida. Photo by @abandonedfl.

A post shared by Beautiful Abandoned Places (@itsabandoned) on

A magnificent greenhouse, fallen into disrepair. Photo by @mgness.

A post shared by Beautiful Abandoned Places (@itsabandoned) on

Like we said, these photos are absolutely amazing. Credit the amazing photographers behind them.

Are there any cool abandoned places near your home? If so, reach out to us and show as your pictures. We might just feature them on

This article debuted on on 22/5/2017.


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