VIDEO | This guy took an epic – and illegal – train ride across Canada

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Freight hopping is illegal. Depending on where you attempt to do it, you risk a fine of $10,000 or more if you’re caught. It’s also incredibly dangerous. Freight hoppers risk not only massive monetary repercussions every time they jump onto a train, but also life and limb. For that reason, we’re compelling to advise against freight hopping.

While we can’t condone freight hopping, however, we also can’t deny that it is an absolutely epic way to travel the world. It’s also free, which is nice for those of us who can’t afford expensive airline tickets.

Actual video of modern freight hopping is quite rare, as it’s rather incriminating for those who film and upload it. That said, we’ve found some pretty epic freight hopping footage on YouTube, and we figured we’d share it on to give you a taste of the thrill and the danger this most wild way of travelling provides. Watch it in full below:

This video follows a young adventurer – who travels under the alias McVast – and his friend, as they freight hop from the old mining town of Sudbury, Ontario to the Canadian West Coast. Their ride carries them across some of Canada’s most impressive wilderness, and through some of the country’s biggest cities, such as Winnipeg, Regina and Calgary.  This epic journey took the pair five days to complete.

Freight hopping, of course, is not just popular in Canada. Though it is illegal in most countries, it still occurs in the United States, all over South America, and in Europe. Once again, however, I’m compelled to remind you that it is illegal and deadly. Besides, there are plenty of other adventures out there that are less likely to leave you in prison or chilling in a morgue with a tag on your toe. Try those instead.

This article first appeared on on 21/5/2017.



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