If you’re Canadian and you like cheap flights, you should know the name Chris Myden

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Travelling is expensive. Really, that’s probably the reason why most people don’t do it as often as they’d like. They just can’t afford to.

That said, there are some great ways to find cheap flights out there. For Canadians, the best of bunch was created by Chris Myden.

Myden has made it his mission to track down cheap flights for you. When I say cheap flights, I mean really cheap. Last year, I used one of his sites to fly from Ottawa, to Ho Chi Minh City, to Bangkok and back to Ottawa for something in the area of $800 CAD, round-trip, taxes in. I’m not fucking around here, people. This guy is the Robin Hood of the travel industry

These deals aren’t exactly rare, either. Myden is always finding incredibly cheap flights out of Canada’s biggest and busiest airports. To find these cheap flights, simply type in your airport’s airport code (ex: YOW for Ottawa, YVR for Vancouver, etc.) + deals +.com. So Ottawa would be YOWdeals.com.

Click here for the full list of cities he finds deals out of, links to the deal website for each city, and instructions on how to join his mailing list. Oh, and let me assure you, you should join his mailing list. He rarely e-mails you, and when he does, its with a dynamite deal. You can thank me later.

Actually, you know what? Don’t thank me. I didn’t do anything. Thank Chris Myden for opening the world up for all of us in the Great White North. Thanks to his efforts, you could be travelling the world on the cheap in no time.

This article first appeared on WildLives.co on 21/5/2017



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