Taiwan’s Minimarts are Food-Filled Wonderlands

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Situated on a lush island off the coast of mainland China, Taiwan (Republic of China) is a country that most Westerners don’t know a whole lot about, and even fewer seem to visit.

Those that are familiar with Taiwan generally know it for its food.  This beautiful Asian country is dotted with bustling night markets, each packed to the edges with mouth-watering street food, while gourmet restaurants of all descriptions are popping up in the country’s bigger cities. A foodie could lose themselves in Taiwan for months, and still leave having sampled just a small portion of the island’s delectable dishes.

Taiwan, Travel, Adventure, minimart

Yet there is one facet of Taiwan’s food scene that is chronically under-appreciated: minimarts – that is, convenience stores, corner stores, whatever you want to call them.

From coast-to-coast-to-coast-to-coast in Taiwan, you’ll find 7-Elevens, and a pair of Taiwanese chains called Family Mart and Hi-Life. All three are institutions in the country, and all three offer a baffling range of delicious food items for incredibly affordable prices. You’ll find pre-packaged pork chops with rice and cabbage, delicious tea eggs, Korean-style fried chicken, Japanese onigiri, Taiwanese sandwiches, and local versions of all the chips and candy you’d find in a Western convenience store.

Truly, the Taiwanese minimart is a food-filled wonderland, and just one of the many reasons to visit the country. If you visit the beautiful Island country, check out their minimarts, and I mean really check them out. Give yourself a bit of time to explore all the delicious wonders on the shelves. You won’t regret it.

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This article first appeared on WildLives.co on 21/5/2017.



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