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James Merrill S Audacious And Dazzling Epic Poem, The Changing Light At Sandover, Remains As Startling Today As When It First Emerged In Separate Volumes Over A Period Of Several Years Individual Parts Won The Pulitzer Prize And The National Book Award, And The Entire Poem, When It Was Collected Into One Volume In , Won The National Book Critics Circle Award It Is Now An American Classic, Here In A Definitive New Hardcover Edition That Includes Voices From Sandover, Merrill S Recasting Of The Poem For The Stage The Book Carries Us To The Scene Of Merrill S Ouija Board Sessions With His Partner, David Jackson The Candlelit Stonington Dining Room With Its Flame Colored Walls And The Famous Willowware Cup They Used As A Pointer In Their Occult Travels In A Shimmering Interplay Of Verse Forms, Merrill Set Down Their Extended Conversations With Their Familiar And Guide, Ephraim A First Century Greek Jew , W H Auden, W B Yeats, Plato, A Brilliant Peacock Named Mirabell, And Other Old Friends Who Had Passed To The Other Side JM Whom The Spirits Call Scribe And DJ Hand Are Also Introduced To The Lonely Eminence God B God Biology , His Sister Mother Nature, And A Host Of Angels And Lesser Residents Of The Empyrean Who Are Variously Involved In The Ways Of This WorldThe Laughter, The Missteps, And The Schoolroom Frustrations Of The Earthly Pair S Gradual Enlightenment Make This Otherworldly Journey, Finally, An Utterly Human One A Unique Exploration Of The Writer S Role In A Postatomic, Postreligious Age, Sandover Has Been Compared To The Work Of Yeats, Proust, Milton, And Blake Merrill S Tale Of The Joys And Tragedies Of Man S Powers, And His Message About The Importance Of Our Endangered Efforts To Make A Good Life On Earth, Will Stand As One Of The Most Profound Experiences Available To Readers Of Poetry I am no where near smart enough for this thing, but it s so beautiful. What I liked about this incredible epic poem is not so much the premise James Merrill and his real life lover hovering over a milk glass tabletop using a Willoware teacup for a Ouji Board pointer as they commune with spirits in a shoebox of a parlor but the spectacular language and phrasing The most gorgeous words and phrases are imbedded into a piece that is basically domestic in nature.For instance Oh very well, then Let us broach the matterOf the new wallpaper in Stonington.Readers in small towns will know the worldOf interest rippling out from such a topic,Know by their own case that small town isLargely a state of mind, a mediumWherein suspended, microscopic figments Boredom, malice, curiosity Catch a steadilyrevealing light This exhibits something of the paradox the poem is both epically large and household small, which makes for a rich reading experience The moods and tones evoked are lovely It starts in the small hours An interlude Out of Rossini Strings in sullen mood Manage by veiled threats, to recruit a low Pressure drum and lightning piccolo I didn t kill myself trying to understand every line, but read this with lax pleasure, soaking up the beauty of the writing. REMEMBER THIS IS NON FICTIONThe transcripts from the Ouija sessions are in special collections at Washington University in Saint Louis blah blah blahmy furniture