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{Free Audible} Frog And Toad Book Set: Frog And Toad Are Friends; Frog And Toad Together; Days With Frog And Toad; Frog And Toad All YearAuthor Arnold Lobel –

Why Do I Love Frog And Toad I M Not Really Sure Not Much Really Happens In These Stories The Illustrations Are Beautiful But Rather Small The Eponymous Friends Carry On Their Friendship Through Mild Misunderstandings And Misadventures, Always Ready To Forgive Each Other And Forget These Gentle Stories Are Among My Favorite Kids Books I Have Fond Memories Of Frog And Toad From My Childhood, And I Never Tire Of Re Reading Them To My Year Old Daughter She Seems To Like Them, Too

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    I chose this book to read for the Ayearathon readathon last week It was throw back or read your favorite childhood books I could have sworn I had read all the stories, but apparently I was mistaken I ve read book 1 Frog and Toad are Friends , a million times growing up Which means that books 2 and 3 were unexpected and delightful The nostalgia I feel reading these stories are immense They remind me of my Grandma and so I love them dearly.These 3 books are written for small children so they are very easy to read Frog and Toad like the title suggest are best of friends Frog is the helpful and optimistic in the friendship and Toad is pessimistic and stubborn They are definitely a funny and complimentary pair.Each book has 5 short stories in them where Frog and Toad are doing some kind of activity, but always together It is super cute that they are always looking out for one and other and how much Toad panics over Frog and his well being They both are very thoughtful towards each other I really like the friendship between the two If you haven t read Frog and Toad before Please pick it up It is a bit silly, but very very sweet.

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    As it turns out, Frog and Toad may be responsible for significant portions of my personality and moral fabric If you read these stories at that incredibly susceptible age when you were just learning to read on your own, you too might be surprised to discover that certain moral truths and confirmed opinions that you might have thought were somehow innate instead originated with these pithy stories of friendship Here s what I learned Spring That it is completely acceptable to manipulate your friend into doing what you want them to do and that doing so will bring great joy to all involved This is true, right The Story That it is very important to always be ready to tell a good story in any moment of crisis See Cookies , below A Lost Button That there is no higher joy on Earth than that which can be derived from a collection of mismatched buttons I still have a button collection to this day Some of the buttons have NAMES The Letter A reliable way to make a friend very happy is to send them letters in the mail When I was in the 3rd or 4th grade, I created a postal service for my Montessori school classroom I issued stamps and delivered letters to desks if they were stamped with my postage I was very reliable A List An unfailing way to be productive in your daily life is to make lists and cross things off them, even if that means you have to write down a thing on the list and immediately cross it off This really works Don t let anyone tell you otherwise Cookies That willpower is possible to achieve, but only with the help of wild animals Corollary If you can exhibit willpower without outside assistance, you have exceeded the moral capacity of Frog and Toad and have therefore WON AT LIFE I learned this story in my very bones and can tell it with great dramatic effect at cocktail parties or in interactive theater experiences when called upon to suddenly contribute a story in the middle of the action Yes, I have done this Down the Hill There is absolutely no point to going out into the snow if you don t have to And people who try to make you do so are misguided, perhaps cruel, certainly not to be trusted Look at me, sitting here wrapped in a blanket, all cozy with my tea How do you feel about YOUR life choices The Surprise To be of service to others is itself a great source of joy It really, really is.

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    Oh, how I love Frog and Toad Best odd couple ever.

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    Reading lessons with small children are not always pleasant But reading about Frog and Toad s adventures is always enjoyable I don t think I will find a comparable early reader.

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    I used these books when I was a volunteer literacy coach and when my oldest was learning to read I always enjoyed these books and thought they were great beginning readers but actually reading them aloud to my 4 year old without being concerned about sounding out the words and just fluidly reading the stories aloud I have appreciated them in a whole new way These stories and illustrations are just about as good as it gets

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    The best stories to read over and over They are silly and endearing.

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    A gift from a former pastor to our children The gift of classics and good reading Yes Not only cherished by the younger ones but fun to read for our 6 year old.

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    Pure poetry.

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    Ellie read this book to herself during quiet time One of her favorite books We all love Arnold Lobel1 16 15Love the story of The Letter..krb 2 29 16

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    Some of the best children s books Laughed out loud multiple times Then, maybe it s easier to do that when reading out loud