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[ pdf ] The Smartest Giant in TownAuthor Julia Donaldson –

George Wished He Wasn T The Scruffiest Giant In TownSo, One Day, He Sees A Shop Selling Giant Size Clothes, He Decides It S Time For A New Look With Smart Trousers, A Smart Shirt, Stripy Tie And Shiny Shoes, George Is A New GiantBut On His Way Home, He Meets Various Animals Who Desperately Need His Help And His Clothes My Absolute Favourite Of This Year S Picture Books Julia Thompson And Axel Scheffler Are A Combination Made In Heaven The Independent On Sunday Who Could Resist The Sunday Times An adorable cumulative tale of a giant who longs to be the spiffiest giant in town He leaves his white robe and sandals coincidence, or meant to evoke images of a certain religious figure and buys some spiffy new giant clothes from a shop that just opened But, he soon meets a giraffe with a very cold neck and it turns out the giant tie is a perfect size for a scarf , and a mouse whose house burned down and a giant s shoe is really just the right size for a mouse house , etc Soon, our kind hearted giant no longer has his spiffy clothes, but perhaps he has something even better This is a sweet tale about being content with what you have and giving to those who have not The cast of animal characters is fun, and of course there s that delicious anticipation kids will probably have wondering whether the giant is going to give away his pants and will we see him in his giggle underwear Another pretty book by Julia Donaldson and illustrator Axel Scheffler.George the Giant gives all his new clothes to his little animal friends who need them.In the end, he may not be the smartest giant in town but he is definitely the kindest. The combination of Julia Donaldson and Axel Scheffler work so well together as writer and artist and they do not disappoint in The Smartest Giant Who could not feel sorry for Scheffler s Giant, named George, when he is the scruffiest giant in town and who could not feel so proud of him when he is kitted out in all new clothes that make him the smartest giant in town But after he had bought a smart shirt, a smart pair of trousers, a smart belt, a smart stripy tie, some smart socks with diamonds up the sides, and a pair of smart shiny shoes, it all goes downhill On his way home from the shop where he had purchased his new outfit he meets various animals, all of whom are in some sort of distress And, being the big, kindly giant that he is, he offers each of the articles of his new clothes to relieve the hardship of the animals that he meets.A giraffe, whose neck is very cold, receives his tie to use as a warm scarf a goat on a boat on a river had lost his sail so George donates his shirt to help get the goat and boat on its way a family of mice had lost their house in a fire so George donates one of large shoes to make a new home for them a fox, who was out camping, had dropped his sleeping bag in a puddle and it was soaking so George gives him one of his socks to sleep in a dog who cannot get across a bog receives George s large belt to make a path across it After all this George s trousers fall down and he proclaims I m the coldest giant in town So back he goes to the shop where he purchased his new clothes and where he left his old ones Unfortunately the shop was closed and George was sad But, out of the corner of his eye he espies a bag with something familiar poking out of the top It was his old clothes so he puts them on and happily declares, I m the cosiest giant in town He danced back home along the road to find outside his house all the animals he had helped and they were carrying an enormous box They told George to open it and inside was a gold paper crown and a card On the card was a verse that was taken from the verses that George had made up as he disposed of each article of his clothes as he returned home It ended with the words, the KINDEST giant in town and so he was A lovely story. Predivna. A nice story about being kind, the giant wishes to be the smartest in town but as he comes across animals that need his clothes for a scarf, a home and a path He gives them away and ends up as the kindest giant in town. Another corker from the Dynamic Duo If I had a shelf for favourite giant books, this would go on it, alongside Oscar Wilde s The Selfish Giant and Road Dahl s The BFG This book portrays a gentle giant who thinks of others first rather than himself He was known as the scruffiest giant in the town He buys himself some smart new clothes, however, when he meets animals on his way home that are in need of help he gives them one piece of clothing They are used as a scarf, as a sail, as a house, and as a sleeping bag It explains to children the topic of helping others when in need The book itself is full of illustrations and full of descriptive words, for example, a smart stripy tie The use of rhyme is evident in the book with repetition along the way This is excellent to help the children recognise what previously happened while adding to the rhyme making it exciting I really enjoyed this book as it is an important topic to teach children but it is explained brilliantly through different characters and brilliant illustrations. What a nice story My 7 years old daughter had to read it for her summer homeworks, we read it together The story is very simple, the giant after having bought new clothes for himself, met new people in need or in dangerous situations, so he gave them little by little her new clothes and accessories in order to let them stay better A very cute way to learn generosity and friendship she likes this book very much the pictures by Alex Sheffler are wonderful julia donaldson ve axel scheffler ocuk kitab s z konusuysa muhte em 2liye oynarlar donaldson un scheffler siz kitaplar ayn tad vermiyor.