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The award winning, best selling author, Jeff Vandemeer s bio, in The Steampunk Bible, states that all four of his cats have yet to reveal any Steampunk tendencies Then cats don t reveal anything, they keep their secrets, so that doesn t mean anything Those cats might be building gadgets under the bed, some freaky mouse traps, perhaps Co author S J Chamber s fiction and nonfiction has appeared in numerous publications Her bio in the book states that she wrote this, her first book, via the Popov Lightenin o gramatic 6000 aboard the recommissioned H M.S Victoria The book is as fun as their bios and both authors did a fantastic job in writing about a very hard to define genre and subculture The very last sentence of the Steampunk Bible is my favorite, Maybe one day we ll all be Steampunks The book is jammed with interesting, enlightening, and fun information on Steampunk It also includes amazing photos It s a wonderful book covering Poe, Verne, Wells, the industrial revelation, the arts and crafts of rayguns and rocket ships, goggles, corsets, Steampunk music, movies, comics, and televion, as well as the future of Steampunk and much This is a great book that will crank your gears If everyone reads it, then, indeed, we will probably all be Steampunks. Steampunk is a subgenre aesthetic that reimagines Victorian times in a retro futurist way, embracing the past while reflecting upon the present and future It is as much a way of life as it is a kind of literature, music or fashion You will have seen hints of it everywhere books, Hollywood movies, or strange people who dress in a fashion that mixes 19th century Victoriana with punk s do it yourself mindset.Relying heavily on Steampunk s unique visual appeal, with beautiful photographs and illustration just look at that cover , this book has both style and substance, with contributions from some of the most active members of the worldwide community Steampunk is or can be a lot than just pretty corsets and goggles, or stuff with cogs glued to it It s a way of thinking about technology and the way it impacts us, it s marrying escapism with social and political awareness, it s a reaction against today s consumerist world, in which the mass produced things we own are never supposed to last than two to three years, and you can t fix them when they break.The first few chapters cover the literary origins of Steampunk and the first authors to truly tackle it, all the way through to the most recent books and graphic novels There are also chapters dedicated to the fashion, the crafty and tinkering aspects of Steampunk, movies both Hollywood and less mainstream ones , and events around the world.The inventors, authors and tinkerers featured throughout the book are guaranteed to inspire you to try your hands at something there s even a tutorial on etching tins to get you going In short, there s a bit of something for everyone in this book slash love letter to Steampunk If you re not a Steampunk fan already, you will be after you read this book I do wish it would have gone a bit deeper in exploring the works listed this is called a bible, after all but as an illustrated guide, it works really well.Read this review in Portuguese here. Steampunk A Grafting Of Victorian Aesthetic And Punk Rock Attitude Onto Various Forms Of Science Fiction Culture Is A Phenomenon That Has Come To Influence Film, Literature, Art, Music, Fashion, And The Steampunk Bible Is The First Compendium About The Movement, Tracing Its Roots In The Works Of Jules Verne And H G Wells Through Its Most Recent Expression In Movies Such As Sherlock Holmes Its Adherents Celebrate The Inventor As An Artist And Hero, Re Envisioning And Crafting Retro Technologies Including Antiquated Airships And Robots A Burgeoning DIY Community Has Brought A Distinctive Victorian Fantasy Style To Their Crafts And Art Steampunk Evokes A Sense Of Adventure And Discovery, And Embraces Extinct Technologies As A Way Of Talking About The Future This Ultimate Manual Will Appeal To Aficionados And Novices Alike As Author Jeff VanderMeer Takes The Reader On A Wild Ride Through The Clockwork Corridors Of Steampunk HistoryPraise For The Steampunk Bible The Steampunk Bible Is An Informed, Informative And Beautifully Illustrated Survey Of The SubjectThe Financial TimesThe Steampunk Bible Is Far And Away The Most Intriguing Catalog Of All Things Steam Yet WrittenThe Austin ChronicleIt S Hard To Imagine How VanderMeer And Chambers Could Have Put Together A Stronger Collection Its Publication Marks A Significant, Self Conscious Moment In The History Of The Movement PopMatters I received this book as a Christmas gift from the younger of my two younger sisters and am very thankful to her for giving it to me I already knew a great deal about the history of Steampunk 20,000 Leagues Under The Sea , both the book and the 1954 movie, and the 1961 film version of Mysterious Island , as well as H.G Wells The Time Machine were some of my favorites growing up By the time I was 18 I had read over 20 books by Michael Moorcock and one of them was The Warlord of the Air which rejuvenated my interest in Steampunk before it was even called that Over the yrs I had always speculated this style of fiction would grow and that a few authors would pick up on it and run with it However, not once did I ever think it would be as big as Star Wars or The Lord of the Rings Jeff VanderMeer did a fine job writing, editing and putting together this definitive encyclopedic account of Steampunk It delves into the definition of what Steampunk is, including the newer sub genre nametags that have recently been floating about, the history of it s roots, it s connections to the earlier Scientific Romances and Edisonades, and it s reflection off of the real world that inspired it, and details all the branches of past, present, and future fiction and non fiction connected to it s base There are fabulous drawings, paintings and photos of antiques, modern creations, clothing, models, book covers, newspaper articles, numerous designs, and even music bands all cleary inspiring or inspired by Steampunk It is detailed enough for the serious fan but simple enough for the casual reader to both enjoy it fully I just wish it were like the bible in length, or even a series, because I would be very happy to collect several volumes on the subject in like manner This will be a book I will be re reading and referencing to for the rest of my days A new favorite book and one I give my highest recommendation to About a two and a half for me I ve been eyeing this book for quite sometime, and was finally excited to pick it up and read it While some parts were both useful and enlightening, the whole book has this overtone of steampunk snobbery you know do A, B, and C or you re not a real steampunk I was very disappointed by this attitude, because steampunk is both an important and fun aspect of my life, and reading this, I wonder if anybody else picked it up and was put off of steampunk by the attitude.What constitutes a real steampunk for me is not their clothing or the way that they write their steampunk story, it s their love of steampunk While parts of this book did include that idea, there s a lot of talk of exact ways of being a true, die hard steampunk, and the idea that anybody else isn t fit for the subculture.The most interesting aspect for me was the discussion of multicultural steampunk, cultural appropriation which got a very brief mention, but could have been an entire chapter and racism These are things that I feel as though the steampunk community does need to discuss often, and I was glad that it was addressed in this book.Nevertheless, I would not recommend this As a steampunk myself, it made me feel inadequate because of all the things I wasn t doing the right way Who wants to hang out with steampunk purists, anyway Part of the fun of steampunk is that it is malleable and broad, definitely not as narrow as this book makes it seem. A glorious book It s not a cheat s guide to Steampunk which I admit I kind of feared when I read the title It talks about Steampunk and the people who create and enjoy that world It starts from first principles, from the values underlying people s involvement.It s a book about choosing how you ll live in the world What do we hope for the future What do we fear It s a celebration of ingenuity and creativity, a celebration of living with joy with values and behaviours aligned, and within a community.What amazed me was how much it prompted me to look at my world anew the values I live with and how they align with my lifestyle And I m not a steampunk maybe I should be Bruce Sterling has a couple of pages at the beginning of the book which are gold I could quote the whole lot, but here s two sentences Steampunk s key lessons are not about the past They are about the instability and obsolescence of our own times p.12 rating 4 5Grab a cup of tea while enjoying The Steampunk Bible, a beautifully illustrated guide to the Steampunk culture The art was chosen wonderfully except for one image that is located on a whole page and blurry My favorite image is the beautiful artistic panoramic picture of Tom Every s Forvertron Park on pages 94 95 It is just breathtaking I must have stared at it for an hour trying to take in every detail Also, amongst these pages are a few jewels that just blew me away Pages 60 61 contain an essay by Catherynne M Valente entitled Blowing Off Steam She calls out to Steampunks everywhere to not get tied up in the coolness of what we perceive to be Victorian such as gluing gears onto everything but to make sure that we focus on the steam and punk the grittiness, nastiness, death, and terror accompanied with steam technology and the rebellion inherent in the punk that we should be lucky to live up to the punk in the name It is a brilliant essay against the watered down version of Steampunk that seems to have become mainstream like being able to buy it in Hot Topic , and a call to not be afraid of the sludge I have found a few quotes from this book that phrase my love of Steampunk better than I could ever describe it Zachary Rukstela of Kinetic Steam Works said of the visual aesthetic and functionality of Steampunk, It s hot and wet it s incredibly sexy, with pistons moving, dipping moaning Incredibly organic Diana M Pho aka Ay lee the Peacemaker noted that Steampunk in regards to multiculturalism within the culture is a chance to re write the typical white, male oriented, European dominated past to reflect voices that had been silenced, ignored, or oppressed This view portrays the flexibility inherent with Steampunk through the idea of alternate histories to explore what ifs of the past, focusing on voices rarely heard in traditional history books as well as allowing room for criticisms of modern culture within its framework.I had the most problems with the second chapter it felt like an advertisement for the newest Steampunk novels out there, including some novels that I didn t find that good upon reading I may be pickier than the average reader though For a book about a cultural movement that promoted DYI and anti mainstream ideologies that seemed a bit, uh, ironic although it made me pick up the Difference Engine by Gibson and Sterling which so far I adore completely However, the literary history of all the proto Steampunk works starting with Verne and Wells was fascinating, leaving me wishing for history and less descriptions of the contemporary works although I do see a point in why the author included them since he wishes to also present the contemporary state of the culture It may not be the definitive guide but it wouldn t be punk if there could be a definitive guide, especially with the DIY emphasis of the culture and suffers being outdated within a few years as the culture grows rapidly, but it is a nice cross section and introduction into the world of Steampunk for beginners It serves as an entry into something beautiful, unique, gritty, revolutionary, and as far away from the antiseptic technology of today as possible. First and foremost, this book is a gorgeously designed coffee table book which provides the reader with interesting and accurate articles detailing the steampunk movement The book not only delves into the origins of the movement by looking into literary influences and the industrial revolution, but it also provides articles on fashion, music, the DIY do it yourself attitude that s so prevalent in steampunk, books, and films It provides a proper scope on the presence of steampunk in today s media and culture, and the way in which it does so is very visually appealing, with lush and imaginative illustrations, and amazing photography.The chapters I enjoyed reading the most were those detailing the literary origins of the steampunk movement, being the book nerd that I am I also commend the authors on writing a few lines on multicultural steampunk, and briefly venturing into the field of cultural appropriation The writing style of it all is also appropriate and definitely okay, especially considering the large amount of authors contributors It s nothing special, though, and mostly comes across as informative writing.That said, The Steampunk Bible An Illustrated Guide to the World of Imaginary Airships Corsets and Goggles Mad Scientists and Strange Literature isn t without flaws Some articles are written in quite a haughty, snobbish tone, and very much come across as dictating what is and what isn t allowed within the steampunk movement Not a very inviting tone, I must say, and one that might scare off newcomers or people who feel they are steampunk but don t necessarily conform to all the rules There are also a few parts that I considered to be, well, rather useless, including an article or two on steamsona s a.k.a your own steampunk identity persona The concept of it was already explained, which is a good thing, since it plays a big part in the steampunk movement Yet why was it necessary to include actual steamsona s from a few contributors Not very interesting, and it even came across as rather amateurish to me since those steamsona s didn t appear to be that well written.But, to make a long story short I would recommend this to anyone who has an interest in the steampunk movement and or enjoys sub cultural commentary, perhaps even including those who are already completely immersed in steampunk Mostly because The Steampunk Bible An Illustrated Guide to the World of Imaginary Airships Corsets and Goggles Mad Scientists and Strange Literature provides a few nice lists of recommendations on books and music, which might even be interesting to the die hard steampunkers.Also, a small note at the end purely for written content, I would have given this book three stars out of five, but the overall design and the use of photos illustrations are than gorgeous enough to warrant one extra star. The Publisher Says Steampunk a grafting of Victorian aesthetic and punk rock attitude onto various forms of science fiction culture is a phenomenon that has come to influence film, literature, art, music, fashion, and The Steampunk Bible is the first compendium about the movement, tracing its roots in the works of Jules Verne and H G Wells through its most recent expression in movies such as Sherlock Holmes Its adherents celebrate the inventor as an artist and hero, re envisioning and crafting retro technologies including antiquated airships and robots A burgeoning DIY community has brought a distinctive Victorian fantasy style to their crafts and art Steampunk evokes a sense of adventure and discovery, and embraces extinct technologies as a way of talking about the future This ultimate manual will appeal to aficionados and novices alike as author Jeff VanderMeer takes the reader on a wild ride through the clockwork corridors of Steampunk history My Review A movement that, at its oldest, is 25 years old, doesn t need a bible But in my opinion, THE bible is unnecessary as well, so no one s listening to me, are they It turns out, in this case at least, that this is a good thing What a lovely book How wonderful and imaginative the items in it are I love the DIY side of Steampunk, and would love to win Powerball like that one person in Michiganone person who won the 337 million this week, wonder if he she s married because I d have the whole place crammed with the bizarre and beautiful artifacts the Steampunkers produce I already have a Walt Whitmanesque beardnow all I need is the gear.Anyone who is on Facebook should look at a page called, with admirable restraint and clarity, Steampunk to get a sense of how very widespread the appeal of the aesthetic is And to see some astoundingly cool stuff There are Steampunk expos The Burning Man festival is a steampunk heavy event now, when it used to be a way trippy new age meets orgy kinda deal If this neo Victorian aesthetic would just hurry up and supplant the noisy, ugly, annoying rap hip hop urban horripilation I ve snorted at and winced through for the past 20 years, I will be the happiest old man who ever pinched a monocled twentysomething boy s ass His monocle fell out I think I gave myself a rupture laughing So three and a half stars Mingy much Well Um Not really VanderMeer does what he usually ends up doing in his anthologies He puffs his friends and tells us what to think about the subject under discussion I don t really like that a lot.And, as I mentioned, the movement s pretty new The available material isn t up to much in survey terms, and this book isn t at all comprehensive Had it been, I would have been a lot lenient On the whole, I d say it s a pretty ornament to the coffee table and let you take it from there This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution NonCommercial ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License. Four and a half stars, derived as follows 5 stars for Steampunk fans, and 3 and a half 4 stars for everybody else.This is a beautifully illustrated book full of interesting articles Even if you aren t a Steampunk fan yet , this book might well convert you I d probably have preferred it to be even bigger and thicker, but it seems perfect for someone like me who was sort of poised on the edge of becoming a Steampunk fan.The genre seems to have a nostalgic appeal, especially to those who enjoy things Victorian.From an article in the bookAt it s best, SP is unabashedly positive and inclusive in it s outlook, encouraging applied imagination put to both fanciful and practical purposes Although some Steampunks are escapists using the accoutrements of the Victorian period without reference to imperialism or the social inequities of the era many see their efforts as a way to repurpose the best of that time while correcting for the worst Today, Steampunk enclaves exist all over the world, making the subculture truly international.Now, that does sound like fun, doesn t it The ship below reminds me of the airship in Gene Wolfe s New Sun universe.The perfect coffee table volume for the SF Steampunk lover.