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For The St Printing Edition Of This ISBN, See HereHARRY DRESDEN WIZARDLost Items Found Paranormal Investigations Consulting Advice Reasonable RatesNo Love Potions, Endless Purses, Or Other EntertainmentEver Since His Girlfriend Left Town To Deal With Her Newly Acquired Taste For Blood, Harry Dresden Has Been Down And Out In Chicago He Can T Pay His Rent He S Alienating His Friends He Can T Even Recall The Last Time He Took A ShowerThe Only Professional Wizard In The Phone Book Has Become A Desperate ManAnd Just When It Seems Things Can T Get Any Worse, In Saunters The Winter Queen Of Faerie She Has An Offer Harry Can T Refuse If He Wants To Free Himself Of The Supernatural Hold His Faerie Godmother Has Over Him And Hopefully End His Run Of Bad Luck All He Has To Do Is Find Out Who Murdered The Summer Queen S Right Hand Man, The Summer Knight, And Clear The Winter Queen S NameIt Seems Simple Enough, But Harry Knows Better Than To Get Caught In The Middle Of Faerie Politics Until He Finds Out That The Fate Of The Entire World Rests On His Solving This Case No Pressure Or Anything

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    Uh, Ms Sommerset, I presume, I managed finally No one can do suave like me If I was careful, I should be able to trip over something and complete the image I m Harry Dresden And so the tale of this fourth book begins lol After the happenings in book three Harry is not only obsessed with finding a way to cure Susan but also let a lot of other things slide in order to attain his goal For instance his job and personal hygiene And that is just the beginning, really XD There s an endless list of troubles our favourite wizard has to face and the Red Court is only one of them The wizard council isn t pleased with him intervening and Mab the Queen of the Winter Court wants him to help her find the killer of the summer knight Needless to say that as good as every party mentioned either wants him dead or might get him killed while he helps them No wonder, Harry is at a low of his life and tries to give himself a pep talk With varying degrees of success, I may add Stop whining, Harry, I said in a firm, loud voice So what if you re tired So what if you re hurt So what I you smell like you re already dead You re a wizard You ve got a job to do But Harry isn t completely alone There s still Murphy, the alpha pack and Toot Toot our little faerie who d do anything for a slice of pizza lol Come on, Harry What are you thinking I m thinking that if this dilemma grows any horns I m going to shoot it and put it up on the wall Actually, I was about to say the same thing Thank you, Harry for putting my thoughts into appropriate words XD Still, despite everything there is still some fight left in our wizard and he would be damned if he wouldn t try to do his best So he s facing his troubles head on and we all know what happens once our stubborn hero decides to go to war Considering it all I really enjoyed Summer Knight and was than just happy to read about all the different faerie courts By now you all know how much I love faeries so it s no wonder I was a happy camper by the end of this book lol But don t worry, even if you re no fan of faeries, as long as you re a true fan of Harry Dresden you should be fine XD

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    This is the fourth book in the Dresden Files Series I was just in awe with this book Also I love the character development I just wish that Bob had a bigger part in the series.I just love Bob The books so far seem to get better and better.The villains are varied and enjoyable, and pulled from fairy tales and legends They include mean plant monsters, psycho fairies, pixies, unicorns and .Harry Dresden, professional wizard, has practically become a recluse since he lost his girlfriend A little less than a year ago, his girlfriend was bitten by a vampire Although he retrieved her incidentally setting off a war between the vampires and wizards despite desperate attempts to help her that drive him into near psychosis, he can t restore her humanity But when the sky starts raining toads and the White Council of Wizards comes to town, Harry is forced to snap out of his misery and self loathing The wizards aren t thrilled about the war Dresden set off, and decide that the best way to end it is to throw Dresden to the vampires, unless he solves the case brought to him by a terrifying new client Mab, Queen of the Unseelie Fey To stop himself from becoming a reconciliation gift to the vampires, Harry must solve the murder of the human champion of Summer and prove that Mab is innocent of the crime With only a band of teenage werewolves, a pizza loving fairy, and his friend, Lt Karrin Murphy, to help him, Dresden must solve the crime before the fairies go to war with Chicago as ground zero And of course, that s when things start getting complicated an old flame pops up on his doorstep, begging him for help, a changeling girl has gone missing and Harry s guilted into taking the case, and there s a killer ghoul not to mention a chlorofiend plant monster out for Harry s blood Harry is in for a wild, fantastic, and above all, entertaining ride.

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    2.75ish stars.I hope no one s offended if I call this series a guilty pleasure There s finally some semblance of a coherent plot and as a result this is the best book so far Drinking game for this book every time Harry says the word sensual or one of its derivations.

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    I never considered reading about faeries, but it was a mandatory thing for me to do so because I really like the Dresden Files Harry Dresden is no doubt one of my favorite fictional characters Witty and crazy will always be a perfect match.This novel was about faeries, and thrones I really enjoyed how Butcher portrayed both I ve never read anything faerie related so I had no background knowledge of them Based on the first three novels, Butcher is known for putting his own twists in the supernatural creatures He makes them his own, and it works most of the time I like his portrayal of the faeries, and it makes me want to read of them Main reason would be to know if he made his own shit up again, but also because he made them sound so damn interesting in the first place This fourth installment in the series was face paced and consistent I can t remember any slow points in the middle of the novel The characters were great as usual, with an addition of a few new great ones There were good and bad faeries, and both were great characters I was not expecting to like faeries than ghosts, but Butcher made them seem so cool While the third novel was better overall, the creatures in this novel were a bit better.4.25 5 stars While it was such a fast read because it was so enjoyable, I was still a bit disappointed with the ending I didn t find it phenomenal, but honestly I haven t read a good ending written by Butcher based on the four novels I ve read of his But aside from the ending, there s nothing I can complain about This series keeps improving If you haven t started reading this series yet, then you re missing out a lot.

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    Harry Dresden, a wizard for hire, is in the thick of it He s started a war between the vampires and wizards and the White Council is not happy about it And, there s the small matter of his former girlfriend, Susan, who s been infected with vampire blood.Can he save her from a terrible fate Can he save himself Then, there s Karrin Murphy, the head of the supernatural department at the Chicago PD She s suffering from nightmares caused by the last adventure that Harry brought to her doorstep Will she be able to pull herself together long enough to help the wizard save the world Add to these troubles vengeful fairies, a handful of changelings, pizza loving pixies, werewolves and, of all things, Dungeons and Dragons The Summer Knight is a rollicking entry in The Dresden Files.My one complaint Bob That is all.Recommended for urban fantasy readers, MMORPG players and people who believe or want to believe in fairies.

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    Fanart and random comics done by me D Please don t sue.When everyone kept telling me to skip the first three books, I didn t believe there would be such a difference No, the series are still not going in my list of favorites, nor are they getting a 5 star rating only time will tell , but my level of enjoyment jumped from 50 to 100 WHAT I LIKE NOW The Narrator of the audiobook is probably one of the best ones I ve ever heard He fits Harry perfectly, and his voice variations and acting are superb I could practically feel every emotion coming through his voice, truly amazing Not sure why I wasn t a fan in the first two books Harry isn t horny all the time any On top of it, he has become a very likable, compelling and 3 dimensional character HUGE IMPROVEMENT Plot, pacing, writing style, world building a hundred times better in the first half Second half kind of lost me HUMOR IS SO GOOD WHAT I DON T LIKE Still not a huge fan of the whole crime genre in general I just find police investigations, interviewing numerous suspects, etc kind of boring, but the book DOES try to balance everything out and I managed to remember than half of the charactersexcept for their names Dammit, I need to start taking notes The book feels looooooooong and not in a good way Second half wasalright Not bad, but I expected so much based on how much I enjoyed the first half.A LOT of books are influenced and inspired by the Dresden Files and I am not surprised That was the main reason why I kept giving the series a chance That, and the cool looking dude on the covers I am super grateful to Jim Butcher for inspiring awesome authors across the world and for never complaining when other series copy elements from his On the opposite, he was always very supportive and agreeable, which is super rare and speaks volumes for his character.CONCLUSION If you didn t like Storm Front aka Book 1 , but you are wondering what the whole hype is all about, then you might want to skip a few books Based on personal experience, you won t miss much and you don t need the first three books in order to enjoy the sequels I barely remember them.Happy reading Click here for full resolution.

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    Buddy read began April 27th on Buddies Books and BaublesLook you know it is going to be a bad day when it starts out raining toads, there is an assassination attempt on your life, you girlfriend is avoiding you she has some changes to deal with , you can t find your good robe for your impending trial with the White Council and Mab shows up at your office.At this point you d probably be better off going back to bed But since you inadvertently started a war between The Red Court of Vampires and the Wizards there doesn t seem to be any way to get around being stuck in the middle.I think that Jim Butcher is getting better at writing this series While I m still not a huge fan of Harry specifically I like most of the side characters enough that it doesn t matter Plus He has a lot of great situations that I loved throughout Meeting Ebenezer who is like a father to Harry I liked him immediately You re the last one I would expect to be telling me to get involved in Council politics Ebenezar scowled at me Oh Yeah In fact, the last time I checked, you told me the whole swill spouting pack of lollygagging skunkwallows could transform one another into clams, for all you cared Seeing Billy the LARPing Werewolf again and seeing how much his little pack has changed Meeting Mab and all the other Fae Queens I do love me some time if Faery and every part of meeting the Queens was fascinating Clandestine meetings at the Super Walmart late at night where Murphy really got to shine This is the Murphy Harry combo I was waiting to see Besides You were lucky I was there The way I count it, I m the one who put on the boots A smile threatened my expression You did what Put on the boots, Murphy said I put on the boots and kicked some monster ass I dropped the ghoul, and I m the one who rammed a chain saw through the head of that plant monster thing Crippled the ogre, too What did you do You threw a can of Sterno at him That s barely an assist Seems like Harry s old flame found him accidentally on purpose again Man Harry has shit luck with women Seriously he is awful with them BOB Nuff said Lea, Harry s faery godmother Well she was at least helpful this time around and less I will turn you into one of my hounds CHANGLINGS Fae Humans I love the introduction of this into the story and last but not least a big shout out to Toot That fairy is hilarious and helpful Plus he loves him some pizza so I m sure we would get along.While it is a great compilation of situations I think JB still has some plotting issues Everything is a bit garbled at times and I actually would have liked the story a bit if the bad guy ended up being someone else in the story But these are so much fun and the humor is getting a lot better, along with all the additional characters I m definitely seeing why this series has such a big following Still waiting for Harry to really find himself though.

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    3.75 stars.According to fans of the series, this is where the Dresden Files supposedly start to get better, and I won t disagree as this was quite an improvement from Grave Peril.The plot in the last book felt quite haphazard Moreover, the character development of Harry, as intriguing as his backstory is concerned, annoyed me as he seemed to be able to ever dig deeper into his power reserves from out of nowhere, powered by rage or something else which escaped my comprehension In Summer Knight, we see Harry having to rely on his friends and other interested parties to assist him in saving the world, which was no less than what exactly Harry had to do With his adversaries being the super powerful, omnipotent Faeries, there was absolutely zero chance of Harry being able to take them down based on his raw power alone The worldbuilding piece around the intricacies and politics of the Fae courts was the highlight of this book for me Without much knowledge about the Fae, except from watching True Blood and speed reading a couple of Sookie Stackhouse novels, I was necessarily intrigued Sufficed to say that the Fae are deeply mysterious, dangerously alluring, wholly otherworldly, and absolutely fascinating Another interesting facet was that of the White Council, whose judgment Harry had to face after the precipitous events with the Red Court of the Vampires in the previous instalment From this plotline, interesting characters surfaced, namely Ebenezar and the Gatekeeper, whom I hoped will have appearances in the future As far as characters are concerned, Agent Karrin Murphy has improved in my estimation of her The delicate balance of toughness and vulnerability emanating from her was handled very well and I can finally say that Harry is indeed lucky to have a friend like her The same can be said of Billy the werewolf a worthy and loyal sidekick to have by his side Dresden Files does seem to keep improving and this is a great volume, but I ll still be hardpressed to call it amazing Notwithstanding, sometimes one just needs a book that is a bit lighter and easier to digest with decent storytelling This series has so far been able to fulfil that This review can also be found at Booknest

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    Some Fairies, Puck, Oberon, Rob Anybody, Tinkerbell, Rumpelstiltskin, and Jareth gather in the Never Never to play Dungeons and Dragons and discuss Jim Butcher s 2002 Harry Dresden novel Summer Knight.Puck Jareth, has anyone ever told you that you look like David Bowie Jareth I get that all the time, you have no idea.Puck So what do you know about the fourth Dresden book, Summer Knight Rob We dinna know anythin Tinkerbell tinkle Rumpelstiltskin I liked it actually, plenty of action, some explanations of the Fairy lands in Butcher s Dresden world building, very entertaining.Oberon Indeed, the knave Butcher is no dunce with the pen.Tinkerbell tinkle tinkle tinklePuck Very interesting take on the series, Tink, so are you saying that Butcher s fourth excursion with Harry Dresden is a jump the shark play for better sales among the urban fantasy crowd or was this an ambitious harkening back to magical origins What do you think Rob Rob t s no oour fault We wuz only standing there an someone else did it and ran awa Oberon We are Oberon Lord of the Third Race Ruler of Avalon We have come to chew gum and kick ass, and we re all out of gum Rob Ye re only picking on us cause we re blue We always get blamed for everythin The polis hate us We wasna even in the country Oberon Ill met by moonlight, proud Dresden Puck OK, did you two even read the book Rob Aw crivens There wa so many letters, an words, an I much prefrd the audiobook.Rumplestiltskin I have to say I did too, except I think Dresden s snarky one liners were sometimes of distraction than amusing Rob Aw wailey, wailey, wailey I dina like it a mooch a his las stories.Tinkerbell tinkle, tinkle, tinkle, tinkle, tinkle, tinkle, tinkle, tinkle,, tinkle, tinkleall pause and reflect on Tinkerbell s succinct yet exhaustive statement on the novelPuck Wow, Tink, I could not have said it any better Rob A fair word, wee hag Cuna doon bet r meself

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    Before I start gnawing on the book, let me first say that I enjoy Butcher s writing overall He does good character, a romping pace, and makes me care about his protagonists In fact, Butcher s a good enough writer that he enters the good enough to realize his mistakes, which makes it so frustrating when he misses them category Soyeshe s quite good.But.This is definitely the lesser of the 1st four books I m muchly bothered by the severe escalation of the power scale in this book, as Harry is now immersed in an all out war between faeries that threatens to change the very fabric of reality This goes a LOOOOOONG way towards Dresden entering the class of the Not Very Special At Allwhich is something to be avoided.And Dresden s habit of being in way over his head got a little tedious, especially as the character kept actually talking about being in over his head too many times, and how it would eventually mean his end Yesit would And when I m on the 40th or 50th instance of Dresden only has a one in a thousand chance of survival I start to wonder about the man making those odds, and I also start to yawn And when Dresden puts down Yet Another Foe Against Whom He Has No Chance, I start to get reeaaalll sleepy Also spoiler alert..I have been trying very very hard to just enjoy these novels and look at them as fun gothic horror adventure, and NOT somebody s idea of a kickass gaming night put down on paper, the kind of thing where someone acceded to the wishes of their gamer friends who kept saying, Dude Our campaign mega rocks You should write a BOOK about it and make our sweeeeeeet characters FAMOUS That became impossible to do at the end of this book, which ends with yikes.Harry Dresden setting down to a table in an apartment, with a group of young werewolves, to eat pizza, drink soda, and.yeshave a role playing gamer session Yepa wizard sits down with werewolves to have a roleplay session Awesome I feel like I m sixteen again Except, you know, I m not.