Beard Necessities (Winston Brothers, #7) young adult historical fiction

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I m not much for best sellers of the new age genre, but the title and reviews for this book prompted me to purchase it Unnecessarily wordy, it regurgitates Houston s basic concepts argumentum ad infinitum I like her basic concept and supporting theory with studies, references and other details, yet dislike reading and rereading the same ideas rehashed several different ways and employing different analogies I got it the first time Maybe publishers think readers are incapable of grasping content without multiple explanations, or there s a minimum page count If the text could be distilled to the essence of the present content, total page count would be reduced by 65% For those of us who were adult in the 80 s, this book is outdated and reads as pretentious Nothing is so stale as yesterday s pop psychology spirituality Radical at the time, this seminal work has now been copied, repackaged, and marketed for almost 3 decades by legions of self appointed gurus in the new age business The inclusion of a stereotypical Yiddish accent is a bit twee Why is this done No Asian, African American, Celtic, Slavic or Native American persons share pithy wisdom in thickly accented, folksy quotes that read like comments from early 1980 s Mel Brooks and Gene Wilder comedies If other linguistic groups had been quoted, the chicken soup for the soul routine may not sound so patronizing The exercises in The Possible Human read like busy work for people with too much time on their hands, and for those who make their living setting up expensive workshops retreats I prefer the straightforward honest writing of Pema Chodron to florid new age jargon, pseudo science and neurotic contemplation of the navel any day. S T A Course In Enhancing Your Physical, Mental Creative AbilitiesIn What Has Been Called An Intellectual And Spiritual Feast, Acclaimed Pioneer In Human Development Dr Jean Houston Offers Readers A Tour Of The Great And Unknowable Homeland Of The Human Spirit, While Introducing Them To A Comprehensive Theory And Program For Conscious Creativity THE POSSIBLE HUMAN Is The Book Version Of Houston S Innovative And Groundbreaking Workshops I enjoyed reading this Book by Jean Houstonwho doesn t enjoy her Booksbecause she makes them come aliveShe discribes the Possible Human as someone who can BE anything we set our minds to and she describesmany charactersl think that Jean has demonstrated most of these characters in her own lifefrom a little girl and she continues now