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What Do The Three Funniest, Sexiest Aliens In The Universe Want From Earthlings Sex, Drugs, And Rock N Roll, Of Course Linda Jaivin, Who Staked Her Claim As The Queen Of Close Encounters With Her Bestseller Eat Me, Introduces An Even Eye Popping Round Of Pleasure Seeking Escapades With The Extraterrestrials Extraordinaire In Rock N Roll Babes From Outer Space Look Out, Because Here Come Baby Baby, The Nymphomaniac And Wannabe Rock Star Doll Parts, The Gutsy Punk With An Eye For Earth Girls And Lati, The Turbo Chick With A Dangerous Habit Of Mooning Asteroids Once They Flee Their Dreary Home Planet To Experience Every Hedonistic Pleasure Earth Can Offer, Their Explosive Misadventures Become A Cosmic Tribute To Girl Power And A Hilarious, Unforgettable Ride Its funny that the nineties now seem so retro Looking filthy in their animal print minis and leathers, the babes of the title come to earth for sex, drugs and rock and roll Oh and of course to save the world They steal the headline act from the conflicted Bosnia and in the process amusingly and sexilly expose the sexism of a particular type of live music culture as well as a risque antenna or two. This book often pops into my head when I am walking down King St in Newtown It helps me remember a time when Newtown wasn t so trendy and I paid two thirds less rent Fantastic I might be bias because I m an Aussie who has hung around the places mentioned in the book and I loved the 90 s but this book had me hooked by the first few pages.By page three I had already laughed at some of it and by page six I had decided that I would have to read the rest of Jaivin s book after this one.It s such a fun, fast paced novel that really packs a punch The use of slang and innuendo s are hilarious and make for an evenentertaining read It has a lot of sex, drugs and music and I think that s what so great about it, because even though it has aliens it represents the 90 s subculture so well Plus the Aussie slang makes it really refreshing, well for an Aussie, to read I don t know how it would go over with someone outside of Australia though You might want to get your hands on a slang dictionary just in case but I highly recommend it, given Jaivin s creative and amusing imagination. sex, drugs n rock n roll,. How can you ignore a book with a title like this It s a bitter sweet tip of the hat to poor taste, but a lot better than I expected Reminded me a lot of 70s Vonnegut, and parts of it were amazingly amusing Rock on , 1405 , . I was looking for something escapist in the sci fi realm with a quirky twist, like quarks, but this is pathetic First of all the plot is over simplistic and lacks imagination, maybe written for a junior highschool adolescent, ie over hormonal, reader. even the jokes and premises are pretty clich and not able to keep my interest The only real wisdom I was able to glean from trying to read this trashy attempt at a sci fi sex romp was this, ayles alien women have multiple vaginas as opposed to multiple orgasms Although the story hints at alien abduction, I fear that may be a reflection on the author s in experience, and it is my hope that she has hadthan one actual sexual experience on earth or any other planet The brightest Doodoodoodoo being, On the news, the government announced new laws making it illegal to laugh at the foreign minister or any other members of Cabinet, no matter how risible they became Knowing this about Australia is indispensable to understanding world politics as they exist today Then there s this take on God, the ole arshole Jahweh hisself, who thinks he s the only one , an old joke I remember from Eve and the Fire Horse which was a charming and sensitive independent movie contrasting Buddhist and Christian beliefs On a scale of 1 10, I give this a minus 3 something maybe Beavis and Butthead may have come up with on an off day Anythingto say would be a waste of words I special ordered it and blew 30 on some promise of erotic fantasy It s not even Gay. I feel like this book went into my head like the alien girls do , messed around with things it shouldn t have, made me smile a bit, and left me with a sadness that probably won t last long After having read quite a few novels of questionable literary merit recently, this one clinches it I need to read something solid and slow and of unquestioned quality I need to rest.Baby is sweet, with a personality like all of the Spice Girls rolled into one, but Doll is a jerk, I think, and Saturna and Skye are very annoying.And yet, this is the book I wish I had written minus some bits, certainly but with cleverness and so much rock n roll.And also, view spoiler I did want B and J s romance to have a happy ending And by that, I mean together forever As it was, I made no sense of the ending at all hide spoiler Drei Alien Frauen landen auf der Erde und kidnappen Exemplare der m nnlichen Spezies um an mit ihnen ein paar sexuelle Experimente durchzuf hren und palavern derweil oder auch zwischendurch mit dem Leser ber alle m glichen komischen Dinge, die ihnen auf der Erde so aufgefallen sind.Bin nicht ber Seite 10 herausgekommen, ist mir zu bescheuert und ich frage mich wieso ich das vor ca 10 Jahren mal gekauft hab selbst wenn es nur ein M ngelexemplar war Schon allein der Klappentext h rt sich bl d an.Update Nachdem ich hier bei BC nach dem Buch mal gest bert hab und viele Leser es anscheinend umwerfend lustig fanden hab ich dem Buch eine zweite Chance gegeben Diesmal bin ich bis Seite 70 gekommen, zu mehr war ich dann doch nicht motiviert Anscheinend wirklich nicht meins Naja, ist ja nicht weiter schlimm.