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The Stage Is Set For Misunderstandings, Magic, And Mayhem Hermia Ready To Wow Audiences As The Perfect Juliet In Athenwood High S Spring Play Unless They Give The Part To Her Best FriendHelena A Believer In True Love Who S Waiting For Her Soul Mate To Appear She S Worried She Might Have To Wait Forever Until She MeetsDmitri The Mysterious New Guy Helena Is Sure It S Fate, But Hermia Thinks Something S Fishy It Seems The Only One Who Knows The Truth About Him IsAlex Hermia S Best Friend Turned Secret Love Interest He S Smart, Adorable And, Like A Typical Guy, Absolutely Clueless That Hermia Is Head Over Heels Crushing On Him Or Is He

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    3.5 stars I read this aloud to the kids We had gone and seen a production of a Midsummer s Night Dream done by the local high school before starting the book It was fun seeing how the story compared to the original The kids enjoyed it It was a bit suspenseful Though if you were reading it without realizing it was an adaption I think it would have been kind of odd.

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    This Must Be Love Or how I made my midsummer dreams come true is Tui Sutherland s debut novel, and is a brilliant re telling of Shakespeare s A Midsummer Night s Dream which is one of my favourite plays as it has some of my favourite characters.This is a brilliant adaptation of Shakespeare s play It is told from the points of view of Hermia and Helena who are two sixteen year old high school students The story is told through a series of diary entries, emails, instant messages, notes, and letters which pass between the girls over the period of five months The story is split into a series of acts like a play, and even starts with a dramatis personae The story itself sticks pretty close to Shakespeare s play, with a few twists which help to make the story unique to Sutherland You don t need to have read Shakespeare to enjoy this, but knowing how A Midsummer Night s Dream goes definitely adds a level of enjoyment to your read.This is a really fun book Brilliant for a read on the beach, or in the park On several occasions it made me laugh, and it also made me want to yell at some of the characters Both Hermia and Helena were very likable characters though I will admit Hermia is my fave and I thought Sutherland showed their closeness and friendship brilliantly They seem like two teenagers talking about life school, parents and love I also liked the fact that even though they were friends, they were very different personalities I loved the way Sutherland wrote Hermia and Helena and their relationship feelings about Alex and Dmitri it was quite brilliant the way they danced around one another I also want to say that I loved the character of Theo Duke, Athenwood High School Theatre Artistic Director and English Teacher, and Nick Weaver was adorably cute.I liked the way This Must Be Love focuses on the relationships of The lovers in Shakespeare s play Hermia, Helena, etc and the rest of the cast act as a sort of backdrop to their story I particularly enjoyed the way The fairies were used in the story, and how Sutherland used them to further the story I also enjoyed the fact that the book uses Romeo and Juliet as a means of bringing everything together.This is definitely a book you should try, whether you are a Shakespeare fan or not, if you like reading romance books Or if you re looking for a light summer read, then you definitely should give this a go.Originally posted on

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    This Must Be Love is about two girls, one who refuses to date until she finds her soulmate , the other who can t buy a good boyfriend At the start, they both think they ve found the One, different guys, thank goodness, I m not a huge fan of the whole choose one storyline and are trying to get their attention Very funny I loved Hermia and Alex Alexwhy is every hero named Alex That s MY hero s name too Darnbut I love the name, so it s ok, haha and thought Helena wasok Maybe it s because I can relate to Hermia so much better because she wears her emotions on her sleeve, and Helena spends too much time worrying about looking elegant That doesn t mean I didn t like Helena, it just means Hermia was exciting I really did enjoy reading this, but I don t think I ll reread it.

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    Honestly, I was pissed by how Helena thought she could get Dmitri that way She almost ruined her bestfriend s life How could someone be that foolish to betray her best friend, she s so selfish after being treated like a trash by Dmitri Though, in the end, of course everything fell into a magical perfect ending wherein, Helena end up with Nick and so Hermia with Alex Okay Just go start read the book Wah I bought this book in year 2011, read and finished by just this month of April, 2015.

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    This Must Be Love is an entertaining book I m not a big fan of romance myself, but this almost feels like satire with how over the top these girls can be about love Either way, it s a funny book, and I can at least support the relationships I m meant to support The characters don t blend into each other and are likable when they re meant to be likable It s a good, easy read.

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    This book was okay, it is just that I couldn t understand some of the emails and letters they kept sending each other but other than that, it was fine I enjoyed it It was about teenage life and other things to look up for.

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    It s kind of boring I can t stand on both main characters

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    It was kinda of boring book for someone who doesn t like reading.

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    Maybe This Must Be Love just an ordinary story about the friendship between two girls and they lovers But somehow, the way Tui tells the story is so interesting and the characters re so lively XDI love Hermia s Character especially she s incredibly nice, energetic, kind hearted, and pure a.k.a no pretense she just the way she is.i didnt say that i dont like Helena s character she have the positive personality too, like she know how to behave, and how to control herself, also she s not arrogant even she s almost perfect.i bet many guys like her, if she s real.But i dont like the part when she accuse Hermia that she seize Dmitri erghh..some girls become so stupid shen she fall in loveand dimitri character is a bit complicated, he s a bit brazen and cocky.he s too narciz and too manipulating, also everyone wouldn t know what inside his head because his feeling is eazily changed but anyway, i guess dmitri just like unsingle girl its make sense.The story itself is predictable.we all know except helena, because fall in love make her eyes blind, or maybe she can see but she pretend to be blind that Dmitri is a bad guy, and from the beginning i knew it that Nick like Helena, because the way he acted some guys do awkward when they like girls, right and even the story isn t long and simple, but i do love their conversation, letters, and the way they talk.its really encouraged

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    Cheesy I ve got to stop reading books like this The worst part was Helena, who proclaimed herself a true romantic but obviously didn t do her research Let me give you a few quotes Dmitri was a little distant on our last date, and I think perhaps if there were other people there to talk to it might be lessawkward not that things are ever awkward, of course, because that would be absurd, soul mates simply don t have awkward moments At least Dmitri never calls me Hermia HE appreciates my unique and subtle nature At least, I assume so he has yet to call me anything, but I caught his soulful eyes gazing in my direction than once, let me tell you Three times, in fact, to be specific You get the gist of it Maybe Tui I was tempted for a second to bump this book up a star as a consolation prize for her name but thought better of it thinks it s funny, I don t Also, it almost entirely consisted of the protagonists writing and school bulletins but A they weren t so realistic I mean, who writes four page e mails and B occasionally she switched to narrative as if she realized that she couldn t get it all in that format.