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Twelve Year Old Ethan Blackwood Has Always Known Exactly What He Wanted To Win The State Soccer Championship, Get Into The Best High School, And Become An Astronaut Then He Meets Madison And Felix, Who Tell Him Something Insane They Claim ThatYears Ago, Aliens Took Over The Earth, And Everyone Past Puberty Is Under Their Mind Control Ethan Doesn T Believe It But Then He Sees For Himself The Aliens Monster Bug Robots And The Incredible Way That Madison And Felix Have Learned To Fight Them So Ethan Blackwood Has A Choice He Can Go Back To His Normal, Suburban, Protected Lie Of A Life Or He Can Become A Resister

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    Modernized John Christopher s Tripod series, where boy joins fight against aliens exerting mind control Gory brawls build to local battle Setup is clumsy, but asks for answers worth exploring Hero has standard to reach from cowardly start, to girl I like better now Kids have deadline to puberty, then struggle and weapons change I read serieses for ages above and below mine, but disremember seeing any overlap niches.Starts like a video game, where kids take on weapon set by climbing inside giant insectoid suits Ethan Blackwood 12 dons stainless steel soccer frame, ignores Grizzlies coach tactic Superior long range strategy wins over superior immediate tactics p 73, 209, hydraulically kicks 300 from goal p 6 Out of place teens Madison and Felix kidnap Ethan, show him wasteland, minerals harvested, protected by drones, giant insectoid monsters Fifty years ago, alien Ch zar Collective absorbed human minds above ground Some were far underground and were shielded from their mind powers p 32 and must stay below after puberty to stay separate, safe Automatic cameras see everything All the time p 74 All the kids were prisoners, watched 24 hours a day p 75 Dad advises Not so much a lie, but not giving away any real information either how to lie Ethan s suit of armor is a wasp p 54 whose telepathic bond threatened to supersede his own will In some cases the insect mind actually dominated p 205 Madison zooms inside a dragonfly Felix in a beetle I don t know what an I C E system stands for and don t care Twice Ethan runs away from truth False suburban neighborhoods feed high grade potential leaders to Collective Upper schools are fake Ant lions spewed out stinking gray green ichor p 179 Ethan rips off a locust head Goo and brains squirted over the school courtyard with a wet splat p 185 Two enemy rhinoceros beetles lumbered toward him p 185 A dozen rhinoceros beetles landed in a V formation were Resisters in midnight blue armor A swarm of yellow and black striped Infiltrator wasps engaged enemy red wasps and drones p 186 Beetle is Resister, or not wasp is Infiltrator, or not A giant midnight blue rhinoceros beetle landed It had better be friendly p 189 How does fighter tell their team Not even vision screen with computer lights colored for friend or foe Ethan has run away from battle then rushed into a fight against direct orders p 207 Ethan s sister Emma, on fast track, among those headed to out of town higher school aboard zeppelins are bait for Resister attack After Colonel Winter rejects his battle plan, Ethan heads in alone, charged with treason on return view spoiler Ethan is most reckless pilot but can coax and ICE suit into stealth mode for hours at a time p 198 Ethan s suit was from Madison s older brother Roger wanted one last mission, but the wasp suit rejected the grown up above ground Resisters follow Ethan according to his plan and take down a zeppelin stuffed with maybe a hundred artilllery ant lions camouflaged p 191 Two pilots and six suits injured one Ethan s Infiltrator wasp in critical condition p 196 His school was leveled p 189, so some children see titanic robots fighting a war questions The Ch zar couldn t cover it up with convenient lies p 192 Wanna bet Film special effects gone wrong Military tests misdirected Our wish that one day we ll all be reunited under the open sky p 202 Blackwood family, smaller than 8 9 kids usual , vanishes, leaves note Could my italicized phrase be clue to follow hide spoiler

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    Young Ethan Blackwood had a normal life until he s grabbed by two other kids, a boy and a girl, and forced to face uncomfortable truths He doesn t believe their story, it s too crazy, until they show him the proof.Fifty years before, aliens had seized control of Earth, blanketing the Earth with mind control the instant they achieved orbit What this race hadn t counted on was that children that hadn t gone through puberty weren t controlled Gathering them into camps until they did didn t work either They needed a normal upbringing until that time in order to be functional in the new order.So small towns were placed all over the world where children were raised until the time, where they were then sent to prep schools That was what the kids believed.There is a resistance though A small group in an underground bunker originally set up to preserve plant and animal life in case a nuclear war broke out As long as the adults remained underground they were safe.So children became the warriors, fighting in giant, mutated insects, cyborgs with computers, a cockpit, weapons, stealthware, and armor built in.Ethan is destined to be one of the fighters, in his wasp armor, and later to be one of the leaders.A lot of fun this one Even for an old young adult like me.

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    Eric Nylund who I know as the guy who writes the good Halo books sets up a new series about elementary school kids who use sentient mecha bugs to fight off the aliens bugs who have taken over our planet While it does sound like a pretty standard plot with kids substituting for adults since it s book for kids , but there are a few things that set it apart We start off with our main character, Ethan Blackwood, playing mecha soccer which is weird because even though the book is just beginning, it never really sets off the This is the future alarms I would have expected it to by that point Ethan kids abducted by two kids his doesn t recognize, who reveal to him that all of his whole life has been a charade The Collective has taken over the planet and is draining it of all its resources All of the adults have been brain washed and are part of the Collective s hive mind When kids reach puberty, the spores that the Collective spread begin to affect them as well and the turn, too There aren t too many surprises, but I won t go and ruin any The Resisters is a children s book, easily topping out at a middle school level With this, the plot is writing is simple and there is little character development The plot feels pretty bare I wish it was fleshed out, because even though it really isn t a new or novel idea, it does have some interesting elements that kept me reading The target audience will probably enjoy it, but I felt a little let down.

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    Haven t received yet, just received notice I had won 4 27 11Received Saturday I think I plan to start after my current read is done 5 2 11Started and finished Saturday 5 7 11Ethan is the captian of his soccer team even though he is younger than most of the other players He thinks soccer is the ultimate battle until he meets Madison and Felix He is then thrown into a battle that only children can fight to save humans minds from alien control I thought this book would be a fun read for my nephew who loves Halo even though I feel he is too young for it and is too young for those books I wasn t expecting to like it as much as I did though A different take on alien abduction domination It is great for boys, because it adds sports, fighting and bugs.

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    Good for 5th 6th grade boys Reads like a combo of Power Rangers and Transformers Who wouldn t like giant symbiant bugs with full weaponry

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    A few interesting ideas, but so massively formulaic and one dimensional that I can t recommend it to anyone There are much, much better books to spend a day or two with.

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    Kidnapped by a pair of strange kids after his soccer game, Ethan is shown the truth about his once peaceful world aliens have invaded and taken over the minds of teens and adults, and it will take his skills and the help of the Resisters to fight back Nylund begins and exciting series that takes great characters to new heights with plenty of epic action and cool tech Can Ethan truly trust the Resisters, or would it just be safer to live in the lie

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    Kid discovers he s living in a dystopian society where mind control aliens are brainwashing all the adults, joins a resistance that pilots bug mecha suits to fight them This middle grade book had a fun premise and some cool action scenes but I really felt like the characters had no personality Sort of gave me Animorphs vibes, which just made me think I could be reading Animorphs instead of this

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    I wanted to read this book for awhile,when i first saw it in middle school.I got to say this book is amazing,and i recomand it for sicfiton people.

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