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In The Nevada Desert, An Experiment Has Gone Horribly Wrong A Cloud Of Nanoparticles Micro Robots Has Escaped From The Laboratory This Cloud Is Self Sustaining And Self Reproducing It Is Intelligent And Learns From Experience For All Practical Purposes, It Is AliveIt Has Been Programmed As A Predator It Is Evolving Swiftly, Becoming Deadly With Each Passing HourEvery Attempt To Destroy It Has FailedAnd We Are The Prey

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    Crichton is pretty much the king of speculative science fiction From dinosaurs, to diseases, to genetic engineering, to, in the case of Prey, nanotechnology If you read a Crichton book and don t say to yourself, Damn Science is scary , then you missed the point This was not my favorite book of his, but it was very good The thrills, the mystery, and terror all combined for a pretty intense experience One of my issues with it, though, was how bizarre and out there some of the plot twists were These did not make it bad by any means, but super confusing and unbelievable in a few cases it kind of led to some plot holes, too Despite any minor complaints I might have, I can easily recommend this book to someone who likes a good techno thriller Also, if you do like Crichton s other works, you really can t go wrong here.

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    In the vast, hot, sparse dry deserts of Nevada a miracle occursbut not for the good Back in Silicon Valley , in California, everything seems the same, cutthroat as usual, business is business, the weak fall, and the vicious prevail until another stronger one arrivesJack Forman is unemployed, he lost his job six months ago, finding corruption can have hazardous consequences , companies are not happy with whistle blowers A longtime inactive in this competitive place, is a disaster, a man with three children and an ambitious wife Julia, she has a job, is desperate Jack becomes a househusband, not planned, but someone had to take care of the little kids, they are not angels, his wife much too busy at work Technology is king in this prosperous valley, all is possible, dangerous experimentsare acceptable for going forward , making big money the goal Which brings the narrative back to Nevada, a major problem is needed to be solved and Jack is the only person with the knowledge to do it Oddly rehired by his old company,.MediaTronics, and sent to a secret site across the state border as a consultant for his wife s firm, Xymos , with a hush hush Pentagon contract A surprisingly development for the computer programmer swirling, whirling tiny transparent tornadoes, like dust devils, he views outside the lonely plant, full of deadly bacteria and particles, they are alive, bold, brutal, and reproducing Constantly changing shapes, beautiful colors, expanding and contracting, fading in high winds, but always reassembling in the burning heat in the daylights calm sun, still people start to die Growing stronger daily, intelligent and eerily forming solid images of humans, copies of the workers here Especially Ricky, in charge of the Silver State s complex, and Jack s friend, however, it becomes apparent he is hiding something important Jack feels uneasy and has a right to be so The creatures want to come inside the building, why Julia is coming from the valley but he doesn t trust her any Jack and a few friends must travel in the desert s night air and find the dust creatures unknown nest, destroy or be destroyed by them, that is the fact Venturing down a slippery slope into the darkness of a cave, with menacing things below requires big courage, not many haveA great high tech thriller, for the modern reader, as only Michael Crichton writes them, so well.

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    I loved this book It was very creative and imaginative and very strange in a good way I think Michael Crichton is one of the best if not the best Science Fiction writers I highly recommend this book and give it 5 shining stars

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    We think we know what we are doing We have always thought so We never seem to acknowledge that we have been wrong in the past, and so might be wrong in the future Instead, each generation writes off earlier errors as the result of bad thinking by less able minds and then confidently embarks on fresh errors of its own Michael Crichton seems to have a bee in his bonnet about misuse or abuse of technology Jurassic Park, The Andromeda Strain, Congo, Next etc are all cautionary tales about this theme Prey explores the development and possible probable misuse of nanotechnology While it is a cautionary tale it is, first and foremost, a blockbusting sci fi thriller This is what Crichton RIP did, he wrote popular best selling novels, mostly with a scientific theme Prey is about the development of an imaging technology for the military using nanotechnology to create molecular cameras that work together in swarm formations to take photos behind enemy lines These cameras are hard to destroy as they are made up of billions of minuscule nanoparticles The development of this imaging system leads to the scientists combining the nanoparticles with bacteria in order to give them a biological imperative to work together toward a set goal Unfortunately, once these wee machines become critters they start to have their own ideas of what they want to do.The novel is narrated in the first person by the protagonist Jack Forman The first few chapters are mostly about Jack s disintegrating marriage with bits of science expositions thrown in the mix Jack is between jobs and is looking after his three kids while his wife works as an executive at a company called Xymos where they are developing the nano imaging system Then his wife starts acting strange, their domestic strife begins to escalate, and a potential nano apocalypse arises.There is definitely too much soap opera in the first third of the novel for my taste, Crichton should have kept the domestic scenes down to a perfunctory level he is no Thomas Hardy Having said that, the build up toward the nanotechnology crisis is quite good I like how odd little things start happening at Jack s house, an MP3 player suddenly malfunctioning, one of the kids develop an inexplicable illness which clears up equally inexplicably I have to say the child characters are awfully written and irritating, fortunately, they are not featured much in the narrative Jack Forman is a frustratingly terrible protagonist, it seems to take such a long time for the penny to drop for him, that something very weird is going on He keeps noticing odd things then dismissing them through some idiotic rationalization While he is the character that drives the narrative forward he also holds it back I was rooting for the nano things to put him out of his misery.The best thing about Prey for me is the science expositions, they are very well written and accessible Unlike hard sci fi authors like Greg Egan or Stephen Baxter Crichton aimed his science writing at the layman and this is probably the secret of his huge commercial success I actually learned something about agent based computing , how this programming leads to the nanoparticles developing an emergent behavior where the particles work together to solve problems even though individually these particles are brainless little things, together they form a distributed intelligence which enables them to plan and reason What the constantly evolving nanoparticles are eventually able to do after they are fused to bacteria is fascinating.In spite of its flaws I enjoyed Prey tremendously, it is an exciting read that also manages to be educational Learning through fiction is the most pleasant way to pick up knowledge I look forward to reading Crichton soon.Notes Most of Crichton s books are sci fi but tend to be marketed as general fiction To catch the fools who disdain sci fi yet want to read it, I suppose As far as I know, none of his books are set in the future or an alien planet Sphere as aliens in it though It is odd when Crichton is in the middle of narrating the character s domestic strife and suddenly slips in and out of science infodump mode As an SF author he not a patch on the likes of Clarke and Asimov but he probably has a wider mainstream readership Prey was optioned for a movie adaptation years ago, so far nothing If done well, it would make a pretty great movie, I think.Quotes Within fifty to a hundred years, a new class of organisms is likely to emerge These organisms will be artificial in the sense that they will originally be designed by humans However, they will reproduce, and will evolve into something other than their original form they will be alive under any reasonable definition of the word Sometime in the twenty first century, our self deluded recklessness will collide with our growing technological power One area where this will occur is in the meeting point of nanotechnology, biotechnology, and computer technology What all three have in common is the ability to release self replicating entities into the environment They didn t understand what they were doing I m afraid that will be on the tombstone of the human race They reconfigured the nanoparticles to add solar power and memory They rewrote the particle program to include a genetic algorithm And they released the particles to reproduce and evolve, and see if the swarm could learn to survive on its own We think our bodies are solid, but that s only because we can t see what is going on at the cellular level Obstinate egotism that is a hallmark of human interaction with the environment

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    DNF at page 175 369.Dear book, It s me, not you I was really into you in the beginning, but you lost me when you got too technical That s when I lost my interest in you There was no coming back from that While I found your premise fascinating and terrifying at the beginning, after you lost me, the premise wasn t interesting to me any This is purely me, and is not your fault You see, I have an addiction to the Kate Daniels series I was spending time with you while waiting for the buddy reread I m doing of Kate Daniels to be ready for the next book You didn t stand a chance When I m in KD mode, not much lives up to par I m sorry for the one star rating I m giving you I debated not rating you at all However, I always rate DNFs with one star, so I would ve hurt the rest of the shelf s feelings if I didn t I m really sorry Maybe one day we can resume our relationship.

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    Artificial intelligence morphing into artificial life, threatening life as we know it Nano bots and their hive mentality, swarming and learning Sounds like a winner, but it didn t even reach mediocre for me The uber thin characterizations capped it I remember liking this author s Jurassic Park and The Andromeda Strain, but this one didn t do much for me.

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    I remember I first learned that Jurassic Park was actually a book that was sometime last year Well, I read it this year, and Jurassic Park turned out to be one of the best books I ve ever read And then I saw Prey by Michael Crichton the genius behind Jurassic Park and figured There s no way this is as good as Jurassic Park After reading it, though, I found out that Prey is another home run by Michael Crichton, a spectacular book comparable to Jurassic Park, and probably a top three book I ve ever read not counting The Series of Unfortunate Events, of course.Prey is a first person story about Jack Foreman, a former employee at MediaTronics sorry if I mess up the plotline I finished the book in January Jack, unfortunately, got fired from MediaTronics and now, Jack is a stay at home dad Jack s wife, Julia, works at Xymos, a rival corporation, and Jack believes that Julia is having an affair with Ricky, who owns Xymos Eventually, Julia shows Jack a new creation at Xymos a cloud of nanocameras that works as one big camera that Julia says are meant for medical purposes Soon thereafter, Ricky invites Jack to the Xymos laboratory in Nevada to help fix a problem The problem is, one of the camera swarms got loose And it is learning and adapting and soon enough, it starts killing off the Xymos scientists Throughout the adventure in Nevada, Jack learns the truth about the nanocameras, the truth about Ricky and Julia, and Jack even gets to meet some of his former employees Prey starts off slow, setting everything up but once it gets going, it doesn t stop Prey is an extremely exciting and adrenaline packed book It has a lot suspected affairs, killer nanobots, explosions, and the like and it is all extremely fun to read The book is also written in Michael Crichton s informal style, and that makes Prey that much exciting and fun to read The book does a spectacular job making you actually develop feelings toward the characters, and I found myself rooting for Jack in the final scene against the bad guys Also, I found myself feeling dislike for Julia and Ricky throughout the book And, being Michael Crichton, you get to learn stuff, and you get to have fun doing it So all in all, Prey is a spectacular book It is not as good as Jurassic Park, but Prey sure comes close The energy, pacing, and action of Prey, as well as the sheer entertainment value, make Prey one of my favorite books of all time.

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    It was always going to be asking too much to go 3 for 3 5 star ratings for both Jurassic Park and Timeline This was still a fairly entertaining book I think the science was there, for some reason Crichton fails to add in the element of horror or fear This results in a big So, what factor Still a good book, but read Timeline or Jurassic Park firstTimelineJurassic Park

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    My second and last for a while thriller by Michael Crichton.What I learned Keep your hands off of semi intelligent nanoparticles, especially when they were programmed with a modified predator prey algorithm, unless you want to erase humanity in which case it s an efficient method Authors should not write program code and include it in their novels Never There are two small snippets here and both are utter rubbish and doesn t make sense at all that usually applies to film makers too, with the honorable exception of Ex Machina Use thermite to fight termites or similar creatures Yes, I got the pun, Mr Crichton.