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Illus In Full Color In This Gentle, Moving Story, Elfie, A Dachshund, And Her Special Boy Progress Happily Through Life Together One Morning Elfie Does Not Wake Up The Family Grieves And Buries Her The Watercolor Illustrations, Tender And Warm In Color And Mood, Suit The Simple Text Perfectly School Library Journal After the death of our pet, I was looking for books that would help my child deal with the loss This is a gentle book that shows a dog growing older and eventually dying not traumatically There is a pet funeral and the family is sad.I liked how this book handled a sensitive subject realistically and that it did not point to getting a new pet right away as the solution to grieving What I didn t entirely love is that the child in the book feels better knowing he told his dog I ll always love you every day I thought this might make some kids feel guilty if they had not always been the perfect pet caretakers Still would recommend to help open up conversation if you are dealing with this tough situation of pet loss. As picture books that deal with deep sadness go, I ll Always Love You isn t the most crushing heartbreak out there The Scar by Charlotte Moundlic and Harry Hopper by Margaret Wild are far heartrending, stories of such beautiful, pure power that it s hard to think of many better books ever to see print in the case of Harry Hopper, I m not sure I can think of even one Yet I ll Always Love You, while a few notches below some other similarly themed picture books on a scale of raw emotional intensity, is nonetheless a lovely, captivating, and powerfully moving story of the love a boy feels for the dog he grows up beside, and how recalling his unfailing expressions of that love soothes the boy s injured heart when the inexorability of time catches up to the dog and takes her from his life This is a story about Elfie the best dog in the whole world , the narrative begins, reflecting the way we usually feel about one as special to us as Elfie Elfie and her boy were young together for a time, playing make believe and romping indoors and out, blowing out candles to commemorate birthday anniversaries and snuggling together to drift dreamily away on lazy afternoons Elfie may have been the family dog, but everyone knew she really belonged to her boy, and the two of them belonged together they just did There was no need to figure out how or why the pieces fit together perfectly as they did, just a mandate to enjoy the fit while it lasted, for as long as the fickleness of time agreed to keep boy and dog together and happy Such closeness rarely endures as long as we expect, and never as long as we desire For what marker short of eternity could possibly fulfill our need for a loved one Old age catches up to Elfie long before her boy even reaches adolescence A little rounder, a lot slower, and much creakier in the joints than when she was a puppy, Elfie s downhill slide steadily lessens the enjoyment of favorite activities she has long shared with her boy As Elfie nears the end and her loyal young owner has to carry her up the stairs so she can sleep with him, or pull her in an outsized little red wagon so they can go places together, the only family member who has no reason ever for regret in his treatment of Elfie is her boy, who never hesitated to put into words exactly how he felt about his dear friend, reminding her on a nightly basis that he loves her and always will The rest of the family felt the same, but they weren t demonstrative of it in the same way Elfie s boy was, night in and night out When at last the curtain draws closed upon a dog at peaceful slumber slipping away painlessly into forever, the final parting of little hands from warm, loving paws excruciatingly reluctant no matter how necessary, the boy finds it difficult to comprehend that the frisky, happy, affectionate puppy he adored since infancy is about to be lowered into the lifeless ground Yet even through the prism of grief, distorting and redirecting intense thoughts and emotions as it is wont to do, the boy recalls his nightly affirmation to Elfie of how he felt about her I ll always love you Elfie never went a moment of her life with any doubt that she was loved by the boy she belonged to, and the surety of that awareness is a surprisingly effective comfort during the sorrow of their parting Life goes on for a boy still several years from becoming a teen someday he may even select a new pet to frolic with and keep him company in times good and bad, and he knows Elfie wouldn t mind But no matter what kind of pet it might be, the boy won t forget to speak his feelings to it every night, as he did for Elfie, saying, I ll always love you And he will never regret saying those words The loss of a loved one is so profoundly felt and has such a damaging impact, it s hard to think straight when it happens Love can end quickly and shockingly, with no hint of the devastation about to inflict itself on one s life What feels certain to be an intimacy that will last for years can disappear in an instant, before we have time to assess the way we treated the one we loved and decide if we were as good to them as they deserved Did we open our heart and let them know in no uncertain terms that we loved them, that our life wouldn t have been as good without them Did we make sure to express our feelings for them even if vocal displays of affection aren t in our DNA, because we knew it would be a tragedy if ever they forgot how deeply we cared for them Elfie s boy doesn t have to wonder if his dog knew he loved her, and that s an irreplaceable comfort during one s time of greatest grieving We never know how long we ll have to wrap our loved one in a big, tight hug and whisper in his or her ear, I ll always love you The moments we decline to take advantage of are like gifts tucked back under the Christmas tree for later years, but who knows when the tree itself will be discarded I ll Always Love You is an unforgettable reminder that the lifetime we sometimes envision as an eternity falls far short of that, and there s nothing important to do in the time that s left than remind our own dogs and boys that we love them with all our hearts, and always will I, myself, did so just tonight Hans Wilhelm uses simple words to form big emotional realities in I ll Always Love You We get vivid splashes of every color on the palette of human feelings in this book, which focuses as much time on the boy s happy days with young Elfie as it does on the somber yet hopeful conclusion to her life as an old dog This isn t a story that will leave one s thoughts anytime soon after reading the emotion stings quite a bit, and the book s message is imperative, and discomfiting in a positive way for those who aren t careful to clearly express their love as often as they should For individuals who find themselves in that camp, I hope you ll regard I ll Always Love You as a life changing gift, as it is for us all I love this book, and I m giving it three and a half stars We re lucky to have it. We played this one out live action for the rapt audience that parents often are uh huh and my sister, being the little hawk eyed harbinger that she was, insisted on being the dead dog I buried her in a yellow laundry basket and wailed I ll always love youuuu probably while wearing a cape I pretty much assumed that a cape was THE little black dress of costumes and deployed it with abandon during drama sessions. This book is so sad but it is a realistic story about what some children go through with their dogs These dogs are not just animals but they are family A young boy and his dog Elfie do everything together they have always been by each others sides But one thing is Elfie grew old and bigger then his boy and as time passed it began to get harder for Elfie When he passed everyone was sad because they all loved Elfie and would miss him very much and no one would be able to replace him This is a great book about feelings and when a child has a loss of a family pet This will show them that everything will be ok and that even when they are gone you can still love them and when the time is right you can open your heart for another one The art in this book is is very cute it shows the life of a puppy as it goes through life.