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    What a lovely story this fun and winsome story is It s about a horse who loves roses and lives on a rose farm He goes to the city to get away from roses and loses job after job due to a rose popping up somewhere This is a beginning book from the 60s with P D Eastman here and his digging nest dog shows up in a part of the story The kids loved it and we all recognized him There is a charm here that is timeless The kids loved this story They did They rooted for the horse and they knew when a big sneeze disaster was about to hit When the horse made all the people and things scatter with a mighty blow, the kids howled with laughter and they figured out how the horse would end the last scene This book still charms the next generation I did not read this as a kid, but as an adult, I still enjoyed this book It is a wonder.The niece gave this 4 stars and the nephew gave this 5 I say, if a book from the 60s can still entertain, then it is timeless and I give it 5 stars.

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    Fortunately my allergy to cat fur has never cost me a job Otherwise I do empathize with poor Robert What a ridiculous exciting adorable story Well worth finding if you re lucky enough to have access to a library that hasn t yet culled it.

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    my favourite book from my childhood and it was so lovely and funny to revisit this again

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    First read this almost 40 years ago I liked this book as an young boy because Robert was my name too I especially liked to see everyone and everything go sailing through the air whenever Robert the horse sniffed a rose and sneezed Children s books can be a lot fun than adult books.

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    1 Book Summary Is about a horse and it was his birthday, everybody came out to celebrate with him and when it was time for him to blow out the cake he had to sneeze The sneeze was so bad that they kicked him off the farm and he had to move to the city and find a job Everywhere he went he got fired because of his sneezing He became a police horse and saved the day by sneezing at the robbers who robbed the bank 2 Grade level, interest level, lexile preschool 2nd grade, interest level is 3 7 years old, and the lexile is 100l 3 Appropriate classroom use subject area I was use during reading block free time 4 Individual students who might benefit from reading Any child can benefit from this book especially a child with really bad allgeries 5 Small group use literary circles I could ask key details about what causing the sneezing and the jobs the horse got.6 Whole class use read aloud I could do popcorn reading and let each child read a page aloud 7 Related books in genre subject or content area If I Ran The Horse Show, and A Fish Out The Water8 Multimedia connections audio book, movie available Hardcover, Paperback

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    Robert the Rose Horse is my childhood favorite, by far It tells a story about a horse with allergies who struggles to hold a job because his sneezes tend to blow everything up in the air I just love this story and have read it a million times as a child Now, I read it to my daughter who also loves it Personally, this is a great book that teaches many valuable lesson I d recommend it to anyone with kids It does have a page or two with bank robbers who have guns, but Robert a police horse sneezes on them It s simply a great book written in a time where guns were a somewhat non issue A time when parents got play guns for their kids without batting an eye, or worrying about mass shootings Enjoy the book

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    A good early reader about the sympathetic Robert the Rose Horse My five year old is sensitive, so I was watching him very carefully for reactions to the harsher elements of the story separation from your parents, loosing your nice job, coming across bad guy robbers, etc He held it together although I could tell he was touched by the story We just made sure to flip the pages quick enough to discover the good outcomes All in all a good, eventful story with a happy ending It s a bit long for a beginner reader, but there s plenty of repetition and overall it s an easy read It s a memorable story to read again at some point.

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    My 5 year old daughter really likes this book I purchased it at a library discard sale in 1999 or so and my eldest daughter loved me to read it to her as well she was 3 at the time I kept it when she outgrew it even though it has some dirty pages, though none are torn, and I am glad it is getting use with my youngest daughter She loves to hear about Robert s sneezing and won t let me read kerchoo because she has to do that part She likes that he finds a job he can do and saves the day from the robbers.

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    Danny s the one who always requests this one Another one that has been read to rags partly because Mom bought it used to start out with Tommy likes to point out small details in the illustrations.

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    This is a really cute story The horse is lovable and sweet and the allergic sneeze is enjoyable We ve read this quite a few times It shares a shelf with the Syd Hoff books right where it belongs, imo.