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Rousing Pulp Action And Steampunk Come Together In A Heartbreaking Story Of High Adventure And Alternate HistoryIn The Year , A Horrible Plague Of Vampires Swept Over The Northern Regions Of The World It Is Now And A Bloody Reckoning Is Coming Princess Adele Is Heir To The Empire Of Equatoria, A Remnant Of The Old Tropical British Empire When She Becomes The Target Of A Merciless Vampire Clan, Her Only Protector Is The Greyfriar, A Mysterious Hero Who Fights The Vampires From Deep Within Their Territory Their Dangerous Relationship Plays Out Against An Approaching War To The Death Between Humankind And The Vampire ClansThe First Book In A Trilogy Of High Adventure And Alternate History Combining Rousing Pulp Action With Steampunk Style, The Vampire Empire Series Brings Epic Political Themes To Life Within A Story Of Heartbreaking Romance, Sacrifice, And Heroism

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    Update Book 2 is The Rift Walker Vampire Empire, 2 , it will come out in September 2011, Yeah Review is still below The rambling review of a book fanatic I finished the book and I hugged it Yup, I m gonna admit it I hugged the book It was THAT good You are going to have many reviews for this book that will do an awesome job of detailing what the book is about and they will do a much better job of explaining the story Therefore, I am going to do a funky bullet point list of what I loved about this book and what I did not like.What I loved about this book The characters The book is full of them These are not your superficial I ll put you in to take up pages characters but characters with meaning and a story behind each one You have Princess Adele, the main character of the story In addition to Adele, you have and this is just a few of them Greyfriar but who is he really , Clark the American War Hero again who is he really , Colonel Anhalt I loved him he is so sweet , Lord Kelvin I think he will be big in book 2 , Mamoru such an interesting character , Selkirk, Simon and one of my favorite characters Flay The characters are so well written, I was never confused Trust me, that is saying plenty The combining of genres The book combines horror, romance, action, adventure, politics, war, steampunk, and satire with such ease that you don t even realize you are reading a book outside your comfort zone because it blends so perfectly The imagery holy cow can the authors write can you tell I cant The best I can do is give you an example Adele saw dark mounds scattered on the avenues, streets, and alleys A closer examination revealed that the mounds were piles of dead bodies The city s wide circles and narrow courtyards were heaped with bones The turgid river Thames was at low tide and, as the airship skimmed over it, Adele saw white femurs and rib cages protruding from the muck along the shoreline Nearly all the glass windows in the city were smashed, except amazingly, some of the stained glass of The vampires These vampires are not your typical vampires It would be easy to say they are vile, horrific, simplistic creatures that either destroyed or imprisoned most of the humans in the Great Killing of 1870 but that would be far from the truth I cannot really explain the vampires since one of the rewards of reading the story is learning about the vampires as Adele does Not everything is what it seems.Ok, so I am going to stop now since as the top line states I am rambling I forgot to write about what I did not like about the book It ended.Definitely my favorite book of 2010 A 6 star out of 5 yup, I just wrote 6 out of 5.

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    Soon he would have to reveal himself to her, and he knew what her reaction would be His numb heart broke at that realization. What to say, what to say, what to saySwashbuckling Adventure Political Intrigue Forbidden Desire My apologies in advance for the sheer amount of quotes I m saddling you with this time I tried to cut back as much as possible, but I was so in love with the imagery through words in The Greyfriar that I had such a hard time choosing what to include and what to leave out My absolute favorite quotes would have been spoilers so I had to sorrowfully dramatic much leave those out I got so many warm fuzzies from this book and this isn t even a warm fuzzy kind of book When blood is spurting everywhere and heads are a rolling, you d think I would find no time to say things such as awww But I did And I think I said or at least thought it quite often You might ask what kind of book is this exactly Let s see if I can come up with an appropriate answer The closest I could probably get to defining a genre would be something along the lines of Alternate History Steampunk with aspects of horror, mystery, and traditional fantasy politicking There is the potential for romance, but the connection between characters dances on a line of want what you can t have, so my guess it that we ll have at least a book or two of heavy sexual tension before any deals are sealed on that front The first half of this book read closer to a traditional fantasy I was enthralled from the get go how can you go wrong with a kidnap scene thrown in almost right off the bat , but a couple of my reading buddies took several chapters before they started to warm up to the story because of the heavy emphasis on wars, factions and racial politicking upfront If you are the type to struggle with this sort of dry information dump, I d ask you to consider giving the book at least a few chapters There is something magical about the interaction between the Greyfriar and Adele which will suck you into the story.Speaking of the Greyfriar and Adele Is there ever a time in the history of ever when a mysterious masked man isn t intriguing and sexy EVER How could you not want to know who this person is It s like V for Vendetta or Zorro all over again JUST LET US LOOK BEHIND THE MASK I wear a mask to hide my true self Plus, the man knows his way around a rapier that s a special skinny sword thing, not a bad sexual act Yes, that would equal double swoon points But then, there s Gareth, the unusual vampire prince holding the princess hostage He s taken a curious interest in Adele What are his motives Is he wanting to protect her or use her It s an interesting take on a vampiric world when you realize that the vampires are the ones holding most of the power I was fascinated that they d used brute force to make humans do all of their work, so that they had no use for knowledge of menial, everyday tasks If the vampires needed something, they d steal or force a human to make or get them what they needed It was so extreme that their society had little use for even the written word or many necessities of human kind We use your clothes because your skin is too fragile to wear Would it insult you if I used your alphabet I don t think I could start from scratch Gareth and Adele s interactions were quite amusing At times I felt like Adele was the teacher and Gareth was not much than a child because his social graces were extremely lacking I was almost vaguely reminded of Tarzan and Jane Well, newborns could well nurse their mothers to death Gareth waved a dismissive hand Things happen Don t worry about the meat It is cow And some horse That is acceptable to humans, yes Horse No Civilized people don t eat horses We ride them Oh God, have you fed me horse Actually, horse can be considered a delicacy in many countries, which means that it might be viewed by some as food for civilized people Not that I would know I have yet to try horse and doubt I ever will I really wish there was a way to explain the way that I felt while reading The Greyfriar Horse meat aside it s almost as if I d been snacking on books which weren t fully satisfying my hunger and then I stumbled upon one which satiated me.The imagery was raw, gory and sometimes beautiful You felt like you were dropped right there in the middle of a scene The palace s decrepit decorations were overwhelmed by piles of bone and hundreds of skulls staring down from broken chandeliers Vampires slouched along the walls, drunk with blood, sometimes with red hands resting on humans who still showed signs of life And did I say there were humorous moments too I m sorry, but watching a vampire talk politics is like putting a gown on an ape and calling it a duchess This book might not be for everyone, but I loved it His whole species was damned, but he didn t care.He looked up, his breath a shuddering inhale I will always protect you Thanks Joan, Crystal, Rebecca and Amanda for the buddy read

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    Whoah my dear book Steady now, you just might make me fall on my arse with all the ROCKING you re doing I m in love I m in love with the story, I m in love with the authors and most importantly I m in love with Gareth My only tiny problem with the book was the POV switching It worked so well for Adele and Gareth, but sucked for the other characters It got me bored But I won t take away any stars from the rating because everything was awesome and I had a great time reading experiencing the book.And speaking of Gareth and Adele I m trying soooo hard to control my fangirlism I really am clears throat Speaking of Gareth and, was I the only one doing this all the time No I m not the only one I KNEW IT

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    Would you like some wine with your pastiche Soulless meets Beauty, shares meaningful whispers and lingering gazes, then elopes to The War of the Worlds, undoubtedly to spawn a trilogy if they sell well.Understand, I didn t mean to read this But it was a recent monthly read, and I m trying to be open minded about urban fantasy Why Because I desperately want to believe in the worlds urban fantasy creates if they weren t so glaringly awful at it This is not awful.This is, however, fairly obvious.The most interesting twist in this world is that the vampires came out of the shadows in 1870, slaughtering millions and overtaking most of the cooler zones of the world The Passage Humanity retreated to the tropics and has slowly regrouped, rebuilding nations along the old lines of the British Protectorates, the USA, China and other various world powers.The humans are finally starting to feel ready to take the war back to the vampires, and a political alliance has been made with an arranged marriage between a British princess and an American Senator As he heads to the Empire to seal the deal, the plucky Princess is riding a heavily fortified dirigible to northern fringe nations on a goodwill mission, and her younger brother is along for the ride Like many heroines, she is Destined for Greater Things, but she has No Clue About her Special Powers Winds of Fate Vampires attack the dirigible, it crashes, and she quickly discovers she and her brother are the target of the attack Shortly after, she meets the legendary Greyfriar, a semi mythical mysterious figure who fights for humanity in the north Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter Greyfriar safely gets her to a village and leaves.MAJOR SPOILERS FOLLOW SO THAT I CAN MOCK THEM view spoiler Heroine is captured and imprisoned in a tower so that the King of the London Vampires can interrogate her The King intends to take over the world Her capture gives her American fiance and her father a chance to rouse the populace to battle under pretext of rescue Meanwhile, we meet a clandestine group of special advisors who attempt to mount their own rescue mission, if no other reason than to assure the fiance she is still alive and further hint at her Special But Unknown Powers During her imprisonment, she gets to know the brooding brother of the Evil Vampire, who has recently returned after self imposed exile Eventually, Greyfriar appears to help her escape She gets away, meets back up with Greyfriar and he takes her off to his castle where she learns vampires are human too Beauty and the Beast There is a side plot where King Vamp s Captain of the Guard has a strange fascination for Gareth, the brooding brother hide spoiler

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    Absolutely loved it Fabulous world building I love the idea of a vampire empire, the characters were great I don t normally read the books one after another in a series, but I plan to with this series as I am so invested

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    This was unexpectedly good and I have to thank Sandra for recommending it time and time again So, what s so good about this one Steampunk A masked hero Which in my head was some sort of crossover between Zorro and Dread Pirate Roberts aka Dreamy A kickass princess Some pretty awesome world building that included the creation of a new Empire around the tropical regions A SLOW romance and zero insta love Can t even explain how happy I am about this

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    I swear I have no words, but dangit I m going to try This book has a little bit of everything There s steampunk, romance the heartfelt kind, not the steamy kind , swashbuckling adventure, horror complete with gore , politics, religion, family issues, intrigue, betrayal, all wrapped up int a giant ball of awesomeness What worked for me The whole secret identity of Greyfriar I actually had a hard time deciding who I liked better Greyfriar or his alter ego, view spoiler Prince Gareth hide spoiler

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    Note I received a review copy of this book compliments of the publisher, in exchange for my honest opinions Thanks, Pyr Prometheus Books Vampires and steampunk The former, obviously, is a topic that s been wildly popular for years and years The latter, as well, has been a subgenre gaining traction in the science fiction and fantasy world lately, hence the fact that I would finally stumble across a book which unites both concepts in the foundation for its story was only a matter of time What did strike me as a pleasant surprise, however, was finding a book that does this so well The Greyfriar is set in an alternate history in which humans and vampires have been locked in a bitter war for than a century In 1870, the blood drinkers rose up to conquer the northern lands, driving the humans towards warmer climes Now, the young princess Adele of Equatoria is to wed the famed vampire hunter senator of the American Republic, their marriage to be the start of an alliance to take back their lands But a month before the wedding, an ambush on the princess airship throws all plans into turmoil Adele s way home now involves a partnership with the Greyfriar, a semi legendary figure who has become a symbol of humanity s fight against the vampires.Notice I say partnership with and not dependency upon , because as princesses go, Adele is far from your dainty damsel in distress and can most certainly hold her own In this book, both the main protagonist and also the enemy vampire warchief are female characters one would not be wise to cross, as each woman has a commanding presence about them in their own way With Adele, I loved her for her independence, intelligence, fighting skills, as well as for her protectiveness and love for her little brother All the characters here are pretty well written, but it s extra nice having a heroine I genuinely like and enjoy reading about.Still, while I m steadfastly rooting for Adele, it s hard not to be drawn to the vampires as well, with their fascinating empire, politics, family conspiracies and infighting among their peerage The vampires in this book are atypical enough not to bore me, with their strange biological quirks allowing their bodies to be lighter and to float in the air, and it amuses me to no end how disdainful they are of human myths like the ones claiming vampires to be their own dead risen to life Their culture is well defined, like everything else in this book s world.My favorite part, though, is the thread of romance woven through the second half of the book Admittedly, as much as I enjoy love stories, romance in these types of books usually make me balk like, seriously, why spoil a perfectly awesome action adventure tale by forcing a contrived and cringe worthy romantic side plot just for the sake of having it And yet, the thing is, the love story in this book could not have been natural and justtotally appropriate, like it belongs I don t know what it is, but perhaps the fact that the authors are a married couple who have been writing and publishing together for years has something to do with it, because the attraction between Adele and Greyfriar felt passionate, gradual, sweet, real and most importantly earned None of that insta love nonsense.Plus, no worries if romance isn t your thing as I ve said, it s not the dominant focus and does not overtake the entire story, and I liked how there were just as many if not action oriented battles and fight scenes in this book In fact, my only wish is that the novel was better paced and balanced After a very bombastic introduction, it wasn t until halfway through the book that my enthusiasm spiked again, but once it did, you can be sure I was completely enad I read the second half all in one sitting, and loved every minute of it.

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    Here s what the blurb on the back says, In the year 1870, a horrible plague of vampires swept over the northern regions of the world Millions of humans were killed outright Millions died of disease and famine due to the havoc that followed Within two years, once great cities were shrouded by the grey empire of the vampire clans Human refugees fled south to the tropics because vampires could not tolerate the constant heat there They brought technology and a feverish drive to reestablish their shattered societies of steam and iron amid the mosques of Alexandria, the torrid quietude of Panama, or the green temples of Malaya It is now 2020 and a bloody reckoning is coming Princess Adele is heir to the Empire Equatoria, a remnant of the old tropical British Empire She is quick with her wit as well as with a sword or gun She is eager for an adventure before she settles into a life of duty and political marriage to a man she does not know But her quest turns black when she becomes the target of a merciless vampire clan Her only protector is the Greyfriar, a mysterious hero who fights the vampires from deep within their territory Their dangerous relationship plays out against an approaching war to the death between humankind and the vampire clans The blurb did little to prepare me for the ride that I was about to take OK Hype, hype, hype I know, but I think the book deserves all the hype it got when it was released Here s why I think vampire lovers steampunk lovers YA lovers should read it NOW Three words Alternate World History. Not enough How about vampires and not the sparkly kind either They re merciless and they re in control Enter Adele and the mysterious Greyfriar It is impossible, impossible, I tell you, not to fall in love with the lot of them The writing is superb so much so you just want to root for them, because you totally understand what they want and where they re coming from So, merciless vampires meant action was a given but the hints of romance were freaking KICK ASS READ IT READ IT NOW

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    WOW Starting from the gorgeous cover, the setting, the characters, the fights this book is absolutely amazing I honestly don t know how to write a review of The Greyfriar without spending hours praising its originality, world building, character development and so on Imagine people on steam powered ships fighting vampires in the air with some extra cool gadgets that only human imagination can conceive Or Vampires who can decrease their bodies density so they can float on air and who have driven the Europeans out of their lands and made London into their main stronghold where humans are kept as cattle or used as servants since vampires are no good at GAH I can t even write a cohesive sentence without sounding like a total fangirl Oh And let s not forget the flashy bearded Americans with the white cowboy hats, the British here, known as Equatorians and their obsession with etiquette, the world wide politics, the kick ass heroine who has her weaknesses and fears, but is brave and strong minded nevertheless, the Vampire princes, did I mention the awesome plot twists in the beginning Dammit, ok, so, obviously, I liked it But then, why am I not giving it a 5 stars rating As much as I loved the whole idea of the book, there were a few major problems for me 1 Sometimes it felt like I was reading two completely different books one of them is this epic adventure of two future rulers trying to prevent war, while the second one was a very slow, kind of cute, romance that was just tooOk, I liked it, but it felt like it was trying to keep me away from the better, action packed parts of the book I couldn t wait for the I hate like hate love hate not sure like etc you part to be over so I can get to the fun.2 view spoiler What the HELL is Greyfriar Gareth doing Why is he putting the lives of so many of his subjects at risk for one princess without even knowing her yet Not once, not twice, but three times he takes the princess to some human friends, only for them to be massacred because of her presence afterwards True, this didn t happen in Edinburgh, but it could ve I found his actions to be appalling and stupid and it took away from my enjoyment of the character hide spoiler