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This Is The Second Title In The Hugely Popular Series About Ramona Quimby Ramona Doesn T Think She S A Pest She Knows That She Isn T A Pest On Purpose So How In The World Does Ramona Get In Trouble Why Does Davy Run Away Whenever Ramona Comes Near Him And How Does She Manage To Disrupt The Whole Kindergarten Class During Their Rest Time Beverly Cleary Is One Of America S Most Popular Authors And Has Won Many Prestigious Awards, Including The American Library Association S Laura Ingalls Wilder Award Ramona The Pest Is Being Published To Coincide With The Publication Of The Lastest Ramona Title, Ramona S World I just reread this as part of an informal Ramona will save us, as she always has book group with a friend It is, by no accident, the one I reread most as a kid, in which Ramona begins school, has an actually lovable teacher, and decides to drop out after determining said teacher doesn t love her Somebody please, like, knight Beverly Cleary The woman aspires to sainthood.Although I should probably regret the fact that I relate this much to a five year old, I continue to take comfort in the commonalities, as long as the five year old in question is my girl, Ramona Quimby. Ramona the Pest Ramona Quimby 2 , Beverly ClearyRamona the Pest, by Beverly Cleary, is the second book of the Ramona series and the first to focus on Ramona Quimby as the protagonist This children s book chronicles the adventures of Ramona s first few months at kindergarten The book s title is derived from the characterization of Ramona as a pest by many, including her older sister Beatrice, known as Beezus Ramona the Pest was first published in 1968 and featured illustrations by Louis Darling 2005 1378 148 1381 9646641865 1387 9789646641860 2 1382 167 9643690016 1389 9789643690014 1390 1391 I read this book out loud with my middle child the currently 5 year old Gwennie.So Gwennie, what did you think Gwennie Great Dad How many stars should I give it G Uhhhhhh 4 D Why 4 G Uhhh 4 4.4.4 Because I liked it a little.D What did you like about it G I liked abouuuuuuut it When she Uh Kindergarten Drop Out.D That was your favorite part Gwennie nods D Tell me about something that happened in the book, but it can t be something that happened today G What What did you say I don t remember what you said Said Said Said Said G W E N That spells Gwen.D Gwennie, this is what I said tell me about something that happened in the book, but it can t be something that happened today.G When her tooth fell out.D Where did that happen G It happened ooooonnnnnnn chapter 7 D But where Where was she G Oh She was at school.D Yesterday you told me your favorite part was something else Do you remember what you told me yesterday G I don t remember What did I told you yesterday Blah Blah blah blah blah etc ad infinitum D Here s a hint I m the G OH YES THE BADDEST WITCH IN THE WORLD D Did you like that part G Oh yes I LOVED that part Even than you, I loved that part.D Do you mean that you loved that part than I loved that part, or do you mean you love that part than you love me G I don t know What Oh Oh oh oh I loved the part than you loved the part.D Do you love the Ramona book than you love your dad G Laughs No I love you , Daddy.D Smiles G Starts singing a mix of Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, the Alphabet song and Frozen songs.D Is there anything else I should add to this review G You should add Gwennie, Gwennie, Gwennie, Gwennie.D I mean, why should people read this book G Because it s good D Good enough for me. No matter what others said, she never thought she was a pest The people who called her a pest were always bigger and so they could be unfair Ramona the Pest, P 10 Things had such an unexpected way of turning out all wrong Ramona the Pest, P 79 This book far exceeded my expectations of how good it would be For many years Beverly Cleary has proven herself to have a striking understanding of exactly what it means to be a kid, and she succeeds with perhaps or at least equal stunning skill in the pages of this book than in any other that she has written I have never been a Kindergarten girl, but I identified with Ramona s problems and joys just as closely as if I not only had been a Kindergarten girl at one time, but still was one Beverly Cleary has a rare and special ability to bring the emotions of her characters home to the reader, no matter who that reader might be, because anyone who has feelings will recognize their own misunderstood parts in Ramona s personality Ramona the Pest is quite funny, and touching, as well, and the story is constructed so deftly and with such heart that it is hard to imagine a reader who would not be won over by Beverly Cleary and Ramona I might still slightly favor Ramona Quimby, Age 8 , but this one is right there in the same discussion Ramona the Pest is a nice, easy flowing read, and a book that I will remember fondly for a long time As the tagline says on the cover, Anyone who calls Ramona a pest just doesn t understand Ramona I am happy to say that I think I do understand Ramona, and I would not think of calling her a pest People who called her a pest did not understand that a littler person sometimes had to be a little bit noisier and a little bit stubborn in order to be noticed at all Ramona the Pest, P 162