Beard Necessities (Winston Brothers, #7) urban planning

The Magickers Chronicles, Vol. One (The Magickers, #1-2) –

Just pure entertainment kids learning they have magic in them some adults trying to teach them evil ones with magic trying to kill them fun types of magic and situations come into play very easy to get sucked into the book where that is all you are thinking about Apparently Emily Drake had written these books over the last few years I found this one as Volume 1, which contains her first two books of the 4 book series the second volume, dealing with the last 2 books comes out in October. A fantastic read for anyone who is wanting a littlemagic in their lives after harry potter. I really wanted to like this, but I couldn t even finish it I started reading it expecting magic and instead read 300 something pages about a kid going to summer camp Maybe it got better after that, but I could not stay interested enough to find out. Not quite the next Harry Potter series, but still a fun read. Long Ago, A War Was Fought Between Two Opposing Groups Of Magic Practitioners The Magickers, Who Believed In Using Magic For The General Good, And The Dark Hand, Who Felt That Magic Belonged To Them And Should Only Be Used For Their Own Benefit Now The Magickers Are Looking For Young Recruits To Their Cause For The Final Battle Will Soon Begin