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Liz is excited for the weekend She ll be spending it at Ridley Hotel, where she works A famous mystery writer will be there for the murder mystery weekend that was planned.Liz has a role in the murder mystery, too She is to discover a body in room 1927, a room that is supposed to be haunted.And when it is time for Liz to play her part, she goes to room 1927 and finds a body, but it is not the body of one of the actors.I think this is a pretty neat idea for a book a murder mystery weekend and then a real murder takes place I wasn t really sure who the murderer was, but I wanted to find out It was a page turner, a very enjoyable read and it even had a touch of paranormal mixed into the story, which I think made it even better.It s needless to say, but I loved this book and I kept trying to guess the whole time who the murderer was This was definitely a great read. I read this Book 2 without reading the first book in the series, which I gathered from this read was the lead up to establishing Mary Elizabeth as a teenage sleuth, through her help in solving her first crime.In this installment, the hotel at which Mary Elizabeth worked was hosting a murder mystery weekend, where a mock crime will be enacted and participants try their hand at solving the mystery When an actual murder takes place during that same time frame, the lines between real and pretend blur, and it becomes increasingly difficult to tell suspects and actors apart I like it that during the execution of the murder mystery enactment and through the investigation of the real crime, the characters muddled their way through that it was not all neat and or convenient, but that mistakes were made and setbacks incurred this made the storyrealistic and so muchenjoyable because the reader did not have to suspend disbelief Read for the 2018 Around the Year in 52 Books reading challenge task A book nominated for the Edgar Award or by a Grand Master author For Fans Of Gillian Flynn, Caroline Cooney, And RL Stine Comes The Weekend Was Murderfrom Four Time Edgar Allen Poe Young Adult Mystery Award Winner Joan Lowery Nixon Mary Elizabeth Can T Wait For The Weekend To Begin At The Ridley Hotel, Where A Famous Mystery Writer And A Troupe Of Actors Are Coming To Enact A Murder Mystery ForAmateur Sleuths Mary Elizabeth S Role Is To Discover The Body In Room , Which Is Supposed To Be Haunted But Nothing Prepares Her For The Real Body She Finds In RoomA Masterfully Constructed, Engaging Read That Is Ingeniously Plotted, Fast Paced And Lighthearted Publishers Weekly Fans Will Love Wading Through The Myriad Details And Placing Bets On The Outcome Kirkus Reviews Mystery Fans Will Enjoy Trying To Solve The Various Crimes School Library Journal From The Trade Paperback Edition The premise of this one had so much potential a group of people get together at a hotel to solve a pretend murder, only for a real body to be found at the crime scene We don t judge stories on the premises, though We judge them on the story itself and it s there that this one falls flat Instead of watching our main character solve the mystery, we mostly just watch her wander around trying to hide what really happened from the guests who are trying to solve the fake murder Why Because they don t want to guests to know for some reason How they manage to keep all 150 people in the dark while the media is there and real police are swarming around, I can t even begin to fathom You d think that people would at least turn on the TV at night or read the paper because this story takes place over a full weekend, meaning that there was plenty of time for someone to find out the truth.I will admit it was funny at first as it leads to some ridiculous scenes where people talking about the real murder are pounced on by those playing the game who think it has to do with their murder Where that falls apart is that they then fit the things from the real murder into the fake one to keep the immersion going It s bizarre and gets old pretty fast By the end, I felt bad for the fake sleuths.Then there s the murder itself The culprit is not set up and, when they were discussing what happened, I honestly thought that was just a child s wild guess that was going to quickly be disproved I didn t believe that it was the actual answer and, even now, I m annoyed by it.There s also the fact that the murder takes place in a haunted hotel room and the ghost doesof the solving than the sleuth does It s a bizarre element that felt completely out of place This is supposed to be a murder mystery, not a psychic thriller Mystery means solving through brain power and clues, not waiting for a ghost to play charades with you.It s not a bad book for a kid to read, but for a serious mystery lover it was a letdown. The book called The Weekend was Murder was about a sixteen year old girl named Liz, and she worked at a very expensive hotel called the Ridley s hotel There was a roomer that was spreading saying that the hotel was being haunted by a ghost in room number nineteen When the ghost was a male human his wife killed him by breaking a big vase on his head She did that because she was on a drug and she was very mad.His wife went to the hospital to get rid of the drugs, but the ghost which was the man who got killed still remained at the hotel Also, at the Ridley s hotel was an annual called Murder Mystery Weekend That was when the author of the book which was Mrs.Duffy came to the hotel and makes her book come to life Mrs.Duffy picked different people who worked at the hotel to play the characters for her book One of the people who was picked was Liz, and she had to run out the elevator next to room nineteen which was the haunted room When Liz went to do her part for the book, she had realized that room nineteen s door was open.The she went inside to see why it was open, and then when she did there was something on the floor I really liked this book a lot I liked this book because there were lots of cliffhangers which made me want to keep going and it grabbed my attention.I am also a big fan on mystery book anyway so I knew I would LOVE the book The book gave some really good details and was very descriptive I also like this book because it was mysterious.This book was interesting as well The book The Weekend Was Murder, by Joan Lowery Nixon, is about a girl named Mary Elizabeth who is working at a hotel called the Ridley Hotel for the summer A famous mystery writer is coming to the hotel to host a murder mystery or all of her fans The writer is bringing along wig her a troupe of actors Mary Elizabeth is acted a role Her role is to find the body in room 1927 which is supposedly haunted But when she finds a real body in that room, the whole game changes Mary Elizabeth is working at the Ridley Hotel this summer to earn some money She is working with her friend Fran At the hotel she heard that the room 1927 was haunted Fran and her went to go check out the room While they were exploring the room they heard a voice They figured it was was the ghosts voice so they bolted out of the room.Their boss told them that a famous writer was coming to the hotel to host a mystery murder game for her fans The writer was bringing a group of actors that would help with the game Mary Elizabeth and Fran are casted parts Mary s job is to discover the body The game begins She is up in the suite of room 1927 when she discovers a real body Police and investigators show up at the hotel to try and solve the murder While Mary is in the room 1927 the ghost appears and gives her a clue to help solve the murder Some things I disliked about the book was the plot The author made it very confusing for me to follow I got confused at parts but caught on I didn t really like this book maybe it s because it s not my favorite genre I thought however it kinda kept me on my toes This is a book that I wouldn t really read again but I would suggest it to another person who likes mystery and can keep up with a confusing plot. Cute but mediocre sometimes It s funny because I wasn t aware this was a young adult until I received it Figured that out fast when I started reading it.The mystery isn t much of a one, but the idea of the mystery weekend was a fun touch and you can t help but like the heroine s clumsy personality Her mom on the phone could grow cheesy sometimes Other characters were fine and I was surprised to find a ghost thrown into the mix, even if it s done briefly The famous author was interesting and also cleverly humorous The cast was laughable and this turned out to be a young adult mystery that leaned heavily on comedy and cutesy situations.A mystery was there but the heroine doesn t really solve it, so it turns out to beof a book where a crime took place and we just find out the ending due to other events taking place.Nixon keeps the writing easy in flow and wording since it s geared toward younger audiences Suspense is realistic but that s not what the book is aiming for It s an enjoyable experience but nothing too exciting, and although the characters are likeable enough, they didn t leave lasting impressions. With the books I read so far by her, you start to like them but then find you re already getting near the end and wantThis one is no exception I was like, oh already wrapping up, okay then It seems Mary Elizabeth should be a detective or assistant to Jarvis or something, shouldn t she What with being entangled in yet another one and Jarvis being the one to solve it right The title around sums up what this one s about A murder mystery weekend, in theme to Clue and all the other shows or movies with a similar premise One that comes to mind was that Golden Girls episode Anyway, this one was pretty good,like 3.5 though Not bad or anything but still pretty good And Fran can be adorable and supportive at times Though I like first book better,for the sort of creepy atmosphere At times however it can get a little corny Still, these are fun reads none the less. i thought that it would be really stupid and boring cause mrs.Smith gave it to me to read and it is really good While I like many of the characters in the Mary Elizabeth books, including our heroine Liz who seems like a believable teenager and the charming Fran, I felt the supernatural aspect of the story was just too much, too unbelievable especially because the first Mary Elizabeth book did not take this direction view spoiler Plus, the ghost basically helped Liz break the case eye roll hide spoiler