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Shakespeare S Classic Retold From Another PerspectiveRosaline Won T Let Anyone Or Anything Get In The Way Of Her Future As A Healer That Is, Until She Meets Benvolio Where Romeo S Words Had Been Hollow And Unfounded, Benvolio S Are Filled With Sincerity And True Love Now Rosaline Finds Herself Caught Between Her Feelings, Her Ambition, And Her Family S Long Standing Feud With The MontaguesWhen Romeo Turns His Affections Toward Ros S Cousin, Juliet, Their Relationship Brings The Feud Of The Two Houses To A New Level Rosaline And Benvolio Hatch A Plan To Bring Peace To The Two Families But Will They Succeed

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    Okay, so at the library last night I picked up two loosely based on Shakespeare YA novels I have a weakness, both for Shakespeare and for YA fiction, so it was fairly inevitable I haven t yet begun Ophelia, but Romeo s Ex Rosaline s Story I began and finished last night.My first impressions were moderate the author s use of quasi Elizabethan language seems of a forced affectation than an effective way to tell a story It s understandably simplified for the sake of modern readers I don t really believe in reading Shakespeare s plays watching them and hearing the words spoken aloud leads to a much richer and easier to understand experience , but it still feels pretentious, particularly when lines from the actual play are interspersed in the book always, always, in italics.Until two hundred pages into this 246 page book I was unimpressed, but still sorta enjoying it Rosaline was far of a modern woman than would be acceptable in 1595, and her affections seemed just as fickle as Romeo s seriously, she kissed Mercutio and Benvolio in the same night, each time affirming that she loved the man with all her heart It was nice to see the notion reflected that Romeo and Juliet are foolish, and not the Most Romantic Couple Evah I still remember the arguments I had about that when I was taking my Shakespeare class up in Madison several middle aged women were absolutely aghast at my irritation with the pair But the story lacked heart We re told that Rosaline wants to be a healer when she grows up regardless that in 1595 a 16 year old was considered an adult , but her healing skill seem to involve only patching up Romeo s friend Petruchio yes, he of Taming of the Shrew fame at the beginning, and then noticing with alarming frequency that people Are Not Dead.For a play where Mercutio, Tybalt, Paris, Romeo, and Juliet all end up dead, only two of them are actually DEAD dead when Rosaline comes across them Tybalt is in a coma not from the sword wound, but from hitting his head when he fell Rather than telling the authorities, of course, Rosaline take him back to the healer and tries to cure him herself, while getting a replacement body to be buried in the Capulet tomb While in the coma, Tybalt s ghost watches over Juliet which felt like a very forced way to keep an eye on the Romeo and Juliet part of the story while Rosaline s stuff happens.Don t worry, she didn t kill the replacement body it was a man who was killed by a dog while trying to abduct 10 year old Viola from Twelfth Night she and Sebastian are orphans being cared for by Benvolio.Insert eye roll here but that wasn t even the point where I lost my suspension of disbelief entirely That may shock you, but I haven t yet gotten to that point yet.The story continued to be derivative in unnecessary ways Rosaline had a balcony scene with Mercutio , and planned a fake engagement with Benvolio to try to convince the families to stop feuding.The truly ridiculous part comes directly after for never was a story of woe, than this of Juliet and her Romeo So, Paris, Romeo, and Juliet are all lying dead in the crypt The parents have sworn to call off the feud and erect statues Then, everyone proceeds to leave the bodies there in their varying states of disarray, and go off and do something Benvolio, Rosaline, and Viola for some reason , are there, and they re trying to sneak Tybalt s now actually dead body into the crypt Oh, did I mention that Tybalt s ghosty self went back to his body to die so that he could lead Juliet to heaven because Juliet s ghosty self was full of guilt over the suicide No They get inside and Romeo and Juliet aren t really dead yet Rosaline can tell from some super sense that Juliet is dying, but perhaps she can save them both And this is where I shrieked at the book.Juliet is a breath from dying, Tybalt has been dead for at least an hour, and IN 1595, Rosaline decides she wants to DO A HEART TRANSPLANT.I am not even joking She wants to do a heart transplant using only Romeo s dagger and Juliet s wedding ring for a singular clamp Now, I don t know about you, but having a baby sister who has undergone several heart surgeries no transplants gives me the knowledge that THAT IS DAMN WELL IMPOSSIBLE.After several pages, though, she s convinced to not do it why Because Rosaline doesn t know if Juliet could love Romeo if she had Tybalt s heart.WTF.All of the good reasons she has to not do it like infection, blood types, white blood cells, SANITATION these are people who thought bathing too often made one ill , lack of training, lack of equipment and she decides that Tybalt s heart would prevent Juliet from loving Romeo.So she instead make Romeo puke up all the poison, and he s okay They all sit there in the crypt until Juliet really dies and no one else comes back , and 10 year old Viola teaches herself to read, overnight, from gravestones.Yeah.Then, to teach the Monteagues and Capulets a lesson, Benvolio and Rosaline decide to make them responsible for Viola and Sebastian s upbringing because Viola looks so much like Juliet, it s giving them a second chance.Then Rosaline goes off to study medicine at a university in Padua In 1595.In a mere 46 pages, this book went from meh to WHAT THE CRAP IS GOING ON WHAT WAS THE AUTHOR THINKING I ranted for a good hour yesterday about it ARGH.

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    Rosaline is NOT in love with Romeo that simpering, lovesick, ANNOYANCE In fact, she has no interest in falling in love or getting married or any of that Nope She s going study medicine Commit herself to science And she isn t going to waste her time on the feud between her family, the Capulets, and their archenemy, the Montagues, either.She really couldn t care less about of the Montagues.That is she couldn t until the brawl Where she gets hit on the head And rescued.And now, well, there is ONE Montague she would rather not just call her FRIEND.A fast paced, tongue in cheek novel with plenty of action, heartache, and drama to keep both serious Shakespeare fans and casual dabblers entertained To quote one particularly ridiculous, yet enjoyable line I boughteth it

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    What s most impressive about this book is how many of my pet peeves it manages to combine in one place The despicable romantic hero who has slept with every woman in town but says it will be different with this girl because now it s not just about sex, the obnoxious plucky heroine who anachronistically wants to have a career before starting a family, the incredibly annoying first person, present tense narration with shifting narrators, the pseudo profound imagery that immature writers erroneously think makes them sound smarter than they are, the completely inexplicable decisions i.e., the adults decide to send a young child who was just barely rescued from being sold into prostitution out alone on a longish journey through dark, bandit infested woods in the middle of the night, and no one in the book seems to find anything wrong with this , the failed attempts at imitating Shakespearean language, the cliched and unoriginal plot points and stock characters, the unsatisfying ending all are present and accounted for Seldom do books annoy me as much as this one did.In sum avoid, yaar.

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    The I mull this one over, the I dislike it.Any sort of literary pastiche is, in essence, fanfic It goes back to Dante and beyond, no shame in that Some great work has come from reworking the stories of others But Romeo s Ex is less Baker Street Irregulars and message board that s probably going to give you spyware The premise certainly had potential, but Rosaline just ends up being Juliet But Better older, prettier, wiser, braver She s a Capulet too, but all three Montague boys are pining after her Sadly, all of the characters in love with her is hardly the only Mary Sue checkbox ticked here Yet another YA heroine whose problems derive from being just so darn perfect Le sigh The ending didn t quite go as far into shameless fix fic territory as it threatened to, but there was definitely a moment where I put it down, rolled my eyes, and said aloud, quite involuntarily, Are you kidding me The language is a good attempt, but falls flat Fiedler, like so many others before her, doesn t understand that the dosts and goeths and thous actually have a grammar, and ends up throwing them around to the point where her characters sound like the Elizabethan equivalent of lolcats And then there s the occasional decidedly anachronistic word that comes in and plops the lofty language flat on its face Upchucks will shine on in infamy, but was hardly alone in that Ultimately, it wasn t the worst way I ve spent three hours, but it s not something I d particularly recommend.

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    Wow I expected so much out of this one While I still do think that the cover art is absolutely gorgeous, the text inside is rather pitiable While I respect the attempt, using quasi Shakespearian language half the time mixed in with modern sounding dialogue was a lost cause It came off as ridiculously funny, which I rather fancy was unintended Tis not thou tis I pg 20 laughable, yes Too, in my opinion, one should either stick closely to Shakespeare s story or be very far off this half and half nonense just doesn t work for me here My other bone to pick happens to be with the characters but it would be too much of a spoiler to lay that one out on the line.

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    For never was a story of woe than this of Juliet and her Romeo We all know the tragic story of the young, star crossed lovers But what of Rosaline What is her story What role did she play in this famous drama Never actually seen in Shakespeare s play, she is nonetheless extremely important For if not for Romeo s crush on her, he would never have crashed the Capulet masquerade ball in the first place.If true beauty comes from within, then Rosaline is truly a beautiful person She is kind, courageous, gracious and thoughtful She goes out of her way to help those in need Extremely intelligent, Rosaline has dedicated her life to healing and has decided to forego love and marriage in favor of studying medicine In fact, it s while helping the wounded Petruchio that she first meets Romeo.Benvolio is a minor character with great impact on our story Romeo s cousin is not as bloodthirsty as his companions and, in fact, tries to keep the peace on than one occasion Not just a pretty face, he is kind, thoughtful and brave When he first sets eyes on Rosaline during the duel in the town square, he has no idea who she is Although drawn to her physically, he immediately recognizes her bravery and selflessness when she attempts to save a child who has wandered into the midst of battle When she is accidentally struck down and knocked unconscious, it is Benvolio who moves through the fray to rescue both Rosaline and the young boy and get them to safety When Mercutio leads Rosaline to believe it is he who saved her, and Rosaline confesses to Benvolio her newfound admiration for the known womanizer, Benvolio to his credit does not correct her Instead, he accepts her offer of friendship and even goes so far as to agree to dance with her at the masquerade.Rosaline soon learns of Mercutio s deception and comes to have true feelings for Benvolio Unlike Romeo Juliet, Rosaline Benvolio are a few years older and have life experience Being comfortable with who they are as individuals, they make a better couple because they each bring something substantial to the relationship Rosaline is a strong, self assured young woman who knows what she wants and is willing to sacrifice her immediate desires in order to accomplish her long term goals Practical to a fault, I particularly loved her reaction to Juliet s proclamation regarding suicide should she not be able to be with Romeo Rosaline unapologetically slaps her face She sees Juliet as an immature, na ve, child and tries to get her young cousin to see the error in her judgment Rosaline views suicide not only as a sin, but as a weakness, a defeat, and the path taken by a coward She tells Juliet the best way to prove her father wrong would be to live There is nothing mighty in quitting life The only victory is summoning the audacity to stay I was than pleasantly surprised by this book Rosaline and Benvolio both have depth, are well rounded and fully fleshed out I like Lisa Fiedler s take on how Rosaline Benvolio band together to try to save Romeo Juliet I also like that Benvolio doesn t try to talk Rosaline out of pursuing her dreams He loves her for who she is and supports her even at the risk of losing her Above all, he s a gentleman.

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    This adaption of Romeo and Juliet focuses on Juliet s cousin Rosaline, a healer, who Romeo is pining for at the beginning of Shakespeare s play Told in different points of view, Rosaline watches as her cousin and Romeo rush towards their tragic end, all while pining for Benvolio.I enjoyed most of this book it was a very clever twist on Romeo and Juliet and put things a lot clearer for me for example, I somehow missed that Paris and Lady Montague died in the play The plot was very creative in creating backstory for the known events such as why Tybalt and Mercutio were both in the tavern The incorporation of real phrases from the play also lends authenticity What I did not enjoy, however, is the ending First, Romeo actually lives, unbeknownst to the principals This, I felt, greatly cheapens the story, although it was done so that Romeo could realize that his love with Juliet was impetuous lust, not necessarily true love The other part I really didn t like was Rosaline rejecting Benvolio for years so she could go off and study medicine It seemed like a contemporary mindset shoved in to this time period and didn t feel authentic Then she just shows up years later expecting Benvolio to drop everything I just didn t like that.

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    We never actually see or hear from Rosaline in Shakespeare s play, but she s still an important character without her, none of the other action would have occurred.This book imagines the story from Rosaline s perspective, how she reacted to Romeo s declarations of love, how she felt about the Capulet Montague feud, how she helped the young lovers.The language is that of the 16th century though not in verse , so it could prove troublesome for less dedicated readers I liked running into lines from the play it was like a little game Benvolio gets a good deal of the spotlight, and Mercutio turns out to have layers Even Tybalt comes off as than a quick tempered jerk Paris is as I ve always suspected stupid, and Rosaline herself is worthy of Romeo s worship, even though he s not really worthy of her.The author is mostly faithful to the play which, as a freshman English teacher, I ve read about fifty million times but there toward the end, it seemed like she was going for something so outrageous I considered throwing the book across the room Fortunately she reined it in, but it was close.

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    I thought that it was interesting the way the author worked in plays by adding Characters from both Twelvth night and The Taming of the Shrew Though it is true that Patruchio is indeed from Veronia anyway and so was not hard to work in.But I did not like the lack of Continuity Juliet s sleeping potion is the same one from Fiedler s earlier book Dating Hamlet But in that book the potiion needed a waking potion to counteract it instead in this book Juliet merely awakens on her own it also made me sad to see how much of a victim Juliet really was It wasn t her idea to get married and the Frier is the one who gave her the cursed potion and her Parents weren t any good at all.Of course we knew these thing from the Play but what makes it sad seeing how her best friend Rosaline keeps trying to plan everything and not listen Juliet True Juliet is only Thirteen but everyone was planning her life and not asking her what she wanted.

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    My sister s choice, but I thought it looked intriguing ignore the somewhat lame title It was well written overall and makes good use of both Shakespearean language humor does get edgy and the Romeo and Juliet story My main criticism is that it gets chaotic especially as the Romeo and Juliet story hits its dramatic point , switching between perspectives and changing directions a little too often, and sometimes the characters are a bit inconsistent although I do like the way she extrapolates them from Shakespeare s clues It also mixes modern sensibilities with the 16th century setting in a way that sometimes works and sometimes reveals itself as incongruous it s from kind of a feminist standpoint But I guess she does that on purpose It s a good story with a pretty good message.