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I liked this but I didn t like the ending It was very interesting from the history side He writes well It held my attention because of the red herrings and I didn t know until the end who was up to what that s the bottom line in a mystery not knowing who dunnit until the very end and having it make sense so I gave it 4 stars. 2 10 This wasn t badly written and it was moving along at an alright pace, it just didn t grab me, what s the point in making myself read something when my to read list has lots of books on it I know I would rather be spending my time on Personal taste not a reflection on the book at all. In Th Century Europe, A Secret Organization The Fool S Guild Existed To Influence Events Behind The Scene, And One Such Manipulation Was Recorded By Shakespeare, In Altered Form, In His Play, Twelfth Night But Now, Many Years Later, The Duke Of Orsino Is Murdered Feste, A Jester With The Fool S Guild, Must Return To Once Again Match Wits With His Adversary Malvolio Agent Of Saladin And Sworn Enemy Of The Guild I read this due to a recommendation by author Laurie R King at is the first in a series and many of the characters whom she mentions do not appear in this book, but I found it very enjoyable I have read other medieval based mysteries and this holds up very well The tone reminds me of the Sister Frevisse and Joliffe serieses seria by Margaret Frazer although those are set a bit later.The plot of this book is based on Twelfth Night 15 years later It begins with notification that Duke Orsino has died and explores the marriages that took place at the end of Shakespeare s play Since I didn t remember the entire plot of the play, some of the plot points were lost on me I remembered the shipwreck and the cross dressing, but not that Toby Belch was in it or what Malvolio s role was but that didn t make it hard to follow this.I m looking forward to reading in the series Unfortunately the Balti County library doesn t have them so I need to reserve through Marina and hope they come in order. Thirteenth Night takes Shakespeare s Twelfth Night a step further and weaves a really cool secret organization out of the Fool s Guild I was not familiar with Twelfth Night at all, and while you don t have to be familiar with the play, I think at least reading a summary of Twelfth Night adds depth to the book.Feste, the main character, remained a vague figure for me and I didn t really get into the story until over half way through The writing is quick and witty and low on description, and I think that s why the main character never really took shape in my mind Still, it was an enjoyable read, and was a nice spin on the classic mystery style. The premise of this series is that the fools have a secret guild which serves as a sort of superspy agency to maintain equilibrium in medieval Europe Feste that s how we know him here anyway , the jester from Twelfth Night is a dozen years older, and he s fallen into his cups a bit When a message comes that Duke Orsino has died from a suspicious fall, Feste disguises himself as a merchant and returns to investigate, suspecting that Malvolio is back and after revenge on Orsino, Olivia, Viola, Sebastian, and the others.The premise is a bit silly, but this book was quick reading and grew on me as I read it Feste is highly sympathetic and there plenty of clever wordplay and hijinks, with just enough gravity, particularly as the book progressed, to give the story some pathos There are interesting details about the celebration of holidays, the skills of a fool, alchemy, and theatrics that made the book historically interesting From my understanding, later books in the series quit trying to re use the characters of others, which I think might actually be beneficial Gordon does just fine creating his own version of Europe and its inhabitants. A medieval mystery in modern vernacular, and an imaginative sequel to Shakespeare s TWELFTH NIGHT, with the Fool s Guild full of multi talented jester spys assassins, maneuvering power behind the thrones view spoiler I find it difficult to imagine Malvolio to be such an evil character, since in the play his energy were spent in such unprofitable direction, and all ending in failure Nevertheless, I guessed the culprit about 2 3 way through the novel hide spoiler Years after the events of Shakespeare s Twelfth Night a man once known as Feste is told that he must return to Orsino, because although his work behind the scenes on behalf of the manipulative Fools Guild led to a happy ending for some happy endings don t always last forever.The Duke has been murdered, and it is up to an old fool to find out who did it It s a light, well written mystery with interesting characters and some interesting world building. In this delicious debut, Alan Gordon imagines a Fools Guild operating across medieval Europe whose members acrobats, jugglers, and spies are inserted into the palaces and retinues of the wealthy and powerful in hopes of influencing world events in favor of peace, averting wars, solving hidden crimes, and dispensing justice.In Thirteenth Night, we learn that the name Feste was merely an alias for the Fools Guild veteran known privately as Theophilos 15 years after the events of Shakespeare s play, having foiled the plans of Saladin s agent, Malvolio, Theophilos is sent back to the Duchy of Orsino to investigate the murder of the late Duke A case which happily reunites Theophilos with the Duke s widow, the spirited Viola, who is destined to become apprentice, partner, wife and soulmate to Theophilos throughout the series, in their many adventures on behalf of the Guild.Who doesn t want the Fool to get the girl This is by far the most delicious wrinkle in Gordon s audacious design This is a wonderful launch to what is now an 8 volume series Despite its fictional inspiration, the series is deeply rooted in the history of its age the dawn of the 13th Century. This is a sequel to Shakespeare s Twelfth Night, a mystery novel from the late 20th century.Fifteen years after the play, Feste hears of the death of the Duke of Orsino, and goes, in disguise, to see if he can find out who killed the Duke However, Malvolvo, Feste s chief suspect, has been planning revenge on Feste for a decade and a half, so he has to move carefully If you enjoy mysteries set in the thirteenth century, this will be a book you are likely to enjoy.