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read for senior sem uhhhhhh big uhhh about this ultimately this book is about colonization and also reconnecting letting yourself be a part of your family and it s definitely moving and well written uhhh It took me awhile to finish this book It was not so engaging in the beginning but picked up midway through the book A lot of history and factual events included. The Circle Of Myth, History, Longing, And Grief In Song Of The Water Saints Will Envelop The Reader As It Does The Lives Of Nelly Rosario S Beautifully Realized Characters Maureen Howard, Author Of A Lover S Almanac Poetic, Transporting, And Heartbreaking, This Debut Novel Traces The Lives Of Three Generations Of Courageous Dominican Women First There Is Graciela A Young Girl Rebelling Against The Strictures Of Her Poor, Rural Life In The Dominican Republic In The Early S, She Searches For Her True Destiny Even As It Lures Her Away From Her Husband And Baby Daughter Then There Is Mercedes, Passionately Devoted To The Church, Who Rears Herself After The Death Of Her Beloved Stepfather, Eventually Marrying And Moving With Her Husband To New York City, Where She Will Bring Up Her Granddaughter Coming Of Age In The Freewheeling S And Bringing The Story Full Circle Leila Has Without A Doubt Inherited The Restless Genes Of Great Grandmother Graciela The Intimate Details Of Life In New York And The Dominican Republic, The Broad Strokes Of History, The Subtleties Of Familial Connection Amid Changing Notions Of Home And Obligation All Are Rendered With Grace And Gritty Realism In This Remarkably Accomplished Novel Lyric and lush It was easy to fall in love with these characters and to trust them as they moved through generations. SO I read this because it was assigned in my Novel on the Globe course We are basically reading a bunch of different novels from places that arent first world or western.This one takes place primarily in the Dominican Republic Following three or four generations of women through their struggling between the poor and oppressive society environment they grow up in and their attempts to realize their dreams and desires Sound like some corny shit Well, its actually not Its just really boring and predictable I appreciate the attempt to exhibit life in the D.R since the beginning of 20th century, its relation to the U.S and the strange culture that has been created from years of Spanish Catholic colonization However, this book is essentially written by a 2nd or 3rd generation Dominican who lives in Williamsburg Her attempts of showing the interesting contours of dominicain life with the language and idioms of popular american english was jolting Not to mention that every bit of imagery and foreshadowing felt like it was out of How to write 101 Brief moments of brilliance came when dealing with the internal thoughts of women characters Not entirely horrible, not memorable nor significant either This author may do best with a novel taking place in a contemporary rese a en Took me a while to figure out what this was about, because I thought it had to do with the relationship between Haiti and DR, but it didn t Good story about three generations of Dominican women I could see my grandmother, my aunts mothers father oddly enough, and cousins reflected in each woman presented Had a slow start and felt like Leila s story was rushed compared to Mercedes and definitely compared to Graciela s Conflicted between 3 stars or 4, but I ll give it 4 Biggest problem didn t like how the women s narratives were centered on the men present or absent from their lives There is We are Also super interesting how she uses s when people talk in English but when people talk in Spanish. eh, it was okay also read this for Caribbean Romances I wasn t enad by the prose, it was pretty expected setting aside these one or two really weird ghost dream paragraphs that almost get lost in the rest of the novel really, i just felt like it was nothing too exciting, and the end was so goddamned cheesy the beginning was interesting i guess it starts off with this postcard of a uhm, Caribbean Romance Haha but it doesn t really go too deep into what is interesting about photographing these romances. 2.5 It is always challenging when reading a novel about a different culture, this being set in the Dominican Republic, that one has not enough knowledge to judge the book or the writing style In this case I liked the writing, Rosario has a choppier style of writing, often small paragraphs, yet was able to make me feel as if I was part of that culture I often felt like a voyeur Like I was there only to observe Also from these description we get a view of the political situation on this country, though the main story concerns the women.Beginning of the twentieth century, and Graciela wants nothing to do with the usual roles of wives and mothers, she wants to experience things She does not want to settle I really liked her, she was a very colorful character She does have a daughter, and eventually the daughter and her daughter end up in the United States Seems that all the women have inherited Graciela s lust for life I would have rated this higher, but at times I felt the sex, which was extremely gritty was not necessary, unless it was to provide a shock value, which was to imply that the life these women led was shocking I honestly don t know Also while the story was interesting, it did not provide a cohesive story, and the pacing was very uneven with the first part taking the longest and the rest seemed to go quicker.Yet, I cannot say I will never read this author again, I think she has an amazing talent and it may just be me and the culture, the style of writing I think she has a talent that bears watching. This book started slow for me, but it picked up speed and heart as the characters and situations unfolded I loved the author s approach to sharing Dominican history via fictional narrative, and I felt a special connection to the novel as I was reading it while in the DR While I know that there are limits to how we can come to know the world through fiction, I long for novels that compel me into the pages, into the lives, into the world I never came to care for Rosario s characters their motivations seemed to elude me.