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Yay I wont this in a contest and I am so excited I cannot wait for it to come in the mail for me to read The Chaos Numbers, 2 by Rachel Ward was an incredible book The story line was great, and I loved the way she actively incorporated mystery, suspicion and action all into the story equally.Adam has been born with the same genetic gift as his mother If he looks into your eyes he can see the day that you are going to die This has haunted him ever since he was a child When he starts seeing the same dates in almost every one he makes eye contact with Adam starts piecing together what is going to happen Adam can also feel the way you are going to die and what terrifies him most is that all of these people are going to suffer horrible deaths Sarah has been having the same terrible nightmare every night for months now She doesn t know what it means only that some monster is going to kill her baby She see s the fire and the demon who takes her child into the flames to never be seen again Then one day while she is at school she see s the demon, Adam The only difference is that his face isn t horribly scarred.Adam and Sarah are both pushed into a future that involves each other Adam tries not to have romantic feelings for Sarah while she tries to work out her conflicting emotions about Adam This was a truly amazing story I loved Sarah and Adam both equally and they both had such believable personalities that it allowed them to be life like There is a huge twist at the end that I did not see coming but I have to say that it was an astonishing ending The only thing that I did not like was how the story came to a close I wish there was a little about Adam and Sarah s life after every thing that happened Overall it is a great read and I would recommend it to anyone Adam has inherited his mother s ability to see numbers he sees the dates people will die when he looks into their eyes When he and his grandmother move back to London, Adam knows immediately that something s about to go very wrong, very soon Thousands of people have death dates within days of each other, most on the same day, New Year s Day 2027 Sarah has, as she puts it, a small problem that s becoming a big problem She is pregnant, and her father is the cause Also, she keeps having the same nightmare, where she s trapped in a burning house, and a man takes her baby from her into the flames When the two meet at school, Sarah realizes Adam is that man, the one she s been dreaming about And Adam realizes that they were meant to be together Can they somehow stop the catastrophe that will hit London before it s too late I was a bit afraid of reading this book I loved the first installment of the series, and there s nothing sadder than a disappointing sequel but it came through This is an excellent sequel to the original Numbers, but can also stand on its own Like the first book, it has a great combination of action, appealing characters and believable but not mushy romance Also a black protagonist Yay My one quibble Adam, your grandmother is awesome and we all know it So stop with the misdirected adolescent rage, ok Recommended for fans of How I Live Now by Meg Rosoff I enjoyed the second half a lot than the first.What annoyed me throughout was how unnecessarily rude Adam was to his grandma at times and how naive Sarah seemed to be at least in the beginning, but maybe that was due to her whole situation.Overall a solid read, although it took me a while to get used to the writing style. Adam Wilde has inherited his mother Jem s ability to see numbers the dates people will die when he looks into their eyes Adam is very scared because many people, especially in London, have death dates in the first few days of 2027 Sarah Parker has a recurring nightmare of her baby being taken from her and carried into an inferno, and when she meets Adam in school, she is horrified to realize he is the person from her dream Adam is smitten with her, but feels compelled to warn Londoners of the pending disaster I found the book kind of slow and written for a younger audience, but liked the accelerating pace and how things came together in the last third of the novel. The Chaos is the sequel to Numbers, and is a much better book The way the numbers work is explained better and the plot is consistent The Chaos also has the effect of making Numbers feel like a prequel Jem is long dead in this installment, and her son s story has a much larger scope.It s the year 2026, and things are a little different climate change has led to many towns being flooded, and the government microchips people for identification and surveillance Adam has been raised in a country town by his great grandmother, Val When their town is flooded, they move to London, despite a warning from Jem before she died that vast numbers of Londoners are destined to die on New Year s Day, 2027.Adam soon sees these dire numbers too, and the nitty gritty of his ability is explained He can, and Jem could, only see the numbers if direct eye contact is made It doesn t work with photographs, TV, or mirrors Adam has an additional dimension to his power that Jem didn t have Along with the person s death date, he gets an impression of how the person will die, and so he learns that most of the New Year s deaths will involve fire and twisted metal.He meets Sarah, a pregnant girl with plenty of trouble of her own She instantly recoils from Adam she has a recurring nightmare in which he does something horrible amid a fiery cataclysm yet life keeps throwing them back together in spite of themselves.One of the strengths of Numbers was its realistic, gritty portrayal of how society spits out teenagers who don t fit in This continues in The Chaos, and Adam and Sarah face real world obstacles as they try to warn people about the coming catastrophe and, perhaps, change a few numbers How do you warn people, when most of them think you re just crazy How do the police treat you when you re seen as a juvenile delinquent and all of your forebears had a rap sheet too The disaster, when it comes, is frightening and the tension nearly unbearable Rachel Ward does a great job of keeping it personal and showing us intimate, human scenes rather than panning out and going for spectacle It s rather predictable that Sarah s dream comes true rather differently than she thinks it will, but it works anyway.The only disappointing aspect of The Chaos is the ending, which is abrupt and leaves many questions unanswered I wonder if it s the setup for a third book Tyler ArmstrongD Block November 18, 2012 Book Review of The ChaosThe book I read was The Chaos by Rachel Ward I would recommend this book to a friend because it has a great plot line and interesting characterization The first reason as to why I would recommend this book is that both main characters are in bad and very serious situations with their lives This makes the book extremely interesting and makes the reader want to read One of the main characters, Adam, is sixteen years old and lives with his grandmother He is always getting into trouble One day he was involved in a fight and the fight got really bad and then there was an explosion Adam fled the scene with severe burns to the face A few weeks later the police came to Adam s door, Son, we have a warrant for your arrest for the murder of Junior Driscoll on the sixth of December 2026 265 Junior was one of the kids in the fight with Adam, not knowing Adam had fled the scene and Junior had been killed On the other hand, Sarah, the second main character has her own fair share of trouble Sarah is the same age as Adam and is pregnant Afraid of her parent s thoughts, she runs away When she has the baby she has nowhere to live so she lives with a drug dealer who brought her in off the streets Because of these harsh conditions, the baby is taken away from her by Child Services In her outrage, Sarah attacks the officer who took the baby away As a result, she is taken down to the station and, charged with assault, yay 252 So as you see these two may seem like delinquents and bad role models However, I believe it allows the reader to connect with the characters better It also enhances the book and makes for an interesting read The second reason as to why I would recommend this book is that it has a lot of strong and meaningful language Throughout the whole book there is a lot of profanity used I am not going to say any of it because let s face it I would be saying expletive a lot Some people would say that the absurd amount of profanity makes the main characters look like bad role models therefore blaming the author for poor characterization I say that the profanity is a good thing because it allows the reader to see the true personality of the characters and shows an example of what not to be like because of all the bad and serious situations the characters are in The profanity allows you to feel what they re feeling and honestly I kind of did Overall, I think a lot of people just take profanity for a bad thing right from the start What they don t realize is how the language makes the book better Besides all the profanity, there is also a lot of meaningful language I can tell that the author has a very good sense of what it would actually feel like to be in situations like the characters in the book As a result, I feel that readers can get a better knowledge of the novel The third reason as to why I would recommend this book is because there is a lot of action and there s always something happening In The Chaos, there are two narrators, Adam and Sarah A lot of people would argue that the plot line is confusing because there are two narrators Meanwhile, I say that the two narrators make this book what it is I believe that because of the two narrators there is rarely a dull moment, and that is what young adult readers want For instance, Adam could be breaking out of jail while Sarah is trying to save her newborn baby from disaster and they do all of this while the world is coming to an end around them When the two characters personalities clash, I feel those moments are the best in the whole book If you re looking for an action packed thriller with a futuristic outlook, then you have it with this book As you have now learned, this book could be very offensive to some However, I say that all of the critics of this book should put themselves in the shoes of a young adult reader who is looking for an exciting book that they can relate to because of age, and then tell me what you think of The Chaos. In NUM8ERS we met Jem a teen girl who by staring into a person s eyes can see their numbers The numbers are their date of expiration or the day of their death.Adam, is Jem s son and he was born with her same gift ,or curse, as he sees it Adam can not only see the numbers of the person s death but he can also feel whether it ll be a painful or peaceful one When he starts noticing that most of the people around him will perish in January 2027 and he feels that they will be horrible deaths he has a feeling that something big will happen something chaotic and life changing.The story is actually told in dual narrative Along with Adam s story, you also meet Sarah Sarah is a young girl who eventually crosses paths with Adam She has been having the same dream over and over and only knows that a man will take her baby from her and run off with her in his arms into a fire She doesn t know who this man is but she will do anything to avoid coming into contact with him And then she meets Adam the man in her dreams.I actually really liked Adam s story much better than Jem s As the imminent threat of 01012027 draws near, you can feel the tension and the anxiety grow in these characters I really liked both Adam and Sarah and although sometimes I felt exasperated by their situation, I kept that thread of hope that somehow it would all work out in the end They were both likable, believable, and easy to connect with As with Ms Ward s previous book in this series, she does not hedge around dark topics rape, drugs, prostitution, runaways and even controlling governments, are all in the mix This was a very fast paced and exciting story The last 100 pages had me glued to my seat What an epic finale For fans of the series or those of you who have read its predecessor and are on the fence about it, I recommend you read Numbers 2 The Chaos I personally enjoyed it much than Numbers For readers who haven t read the first in the series, I still recommend you read this one as it can very easily be a stand alone novel I look forward to Numbers 3 Infinity scheduled to release June 2011. Like Numbers, the characterization is excellent, but for me the scenery and events lacked visual details.It is 2026 Jem died of cancer leaving her teen son, Adam, to be raised by Nan He has inherited his mother s gift of numbers, which she lost during pregnancy When he looks into someone s eyes he sees the date of their death He also experiences visual flashes and traumatic emotions He journals the details including names, dates, places and circumstances He hopes this exercise will relieve his anxieties, but it does little to soothe him Similar to Jem, Adam is unable to see his own number This is a constant stress for him, since he is continually haunted by death His anger issues are understandable His personality can best be described as defiant He and his great grandmother are forced to flee their coastal home due to flooding On the train to London he realizes many passengers have the same number, 1 1 2027 Fifteen year old Sarah enters the story As her father drops her off at school, he reprimands her for being a truant troublemaker He drives off in their posh, gas guzzling car Sarah s introduction to Adam her classmate , who she perceives as the devil, is quite dramatic Apparently she s had recurring nightmares about Adam, whom appears to be incinerating her baby My first thought was Don t have a baby Adam loves his Nam, but they have a strained relationship He is angry and resentful and misses his mother Adam learned to keep his ability secret after he unknowingly blurted out his mother s numbers as a child He vowed not to share anyone s date and hid his gift from everyone including his great grandmother Nan informs Adam she knows about the numbers She gives him a letter, left by his mother, which reads London isn t safe 01 01 2027 Don t go to London Angry that she has brought him to London, he has a temper tantrum and takes off Nan reports him missing It doesn t take long for the police to find him They microchip him and return him home This is the future of Big Brother , where everyone is micro chipped like dogs The invasive government portrayed in this novel feels very realistic and frightening Everyone at Adam s school is given a palm net, similar to a tablet with apps It would be awesome if books were installed on a portable device and heavy text books no longer had to be lugged about Unfortunately the palm devices serve the ulterior purpose of tracking everyone There are also Mp5 players lol There is no mention of a reliable alternative energy source The electricity in London powers off several hours during the evenings There are still no flying carsIt is soon revealed that Sarah s baby has already been conceived, and it wasn t a moment of teenage passion She was raped by her own father She is starting to show and plans to run away As Sarah observes Adam from afar, she realizes he is hot beautiful was the specific wording used in the book , and convinces herself he is not her hideously scarred nightmare boy Before she begins her journey she shares a moment with Adam during art class After meeting some seedy people, Sarah is introduced to Vinny a nice drug addict yes they do exist He invites her to live at his squat She worries he has an ulterior motive, but he is simply empathic to her situation because his own sister died from a botched abortion Concerned by her absence from school, Adam visits Sarah s home He soon discovers her father is a sleazy, mental, nutcase who admits Sarah has left home Adam has ongoing issues with Junior, a bully from school Junior and his pals swipe his book He ends up in the office where school faculty demands the book Adam grabs the book and makes a break for it The book is protected but he is suspended for six weeks giving him an abundance of free time Sarah gives birth to Mia on her own in a bathroom The delivery could have been a little drawn out, exciting, realistic Eventually Adam gets the face of Sarah s nightmare The details were a bit vague He has a fight with Junior Adam falls on a fire, and burns up half his face Junior either falls on the knife or the guy trying to end the fight accidentally stab hims Nevertheless a sharp object is involved and Junior dies, just as Adam predicted he would.Nan seemed a bit selfish relocating them to London, but she soon announces she believes Adam has a purpose in London as a prophet Adam is inspired to prevent the events of 1 1 2027 Norman, his buddy from school, shows him a website where someone has painted a mural with their depiction of what will happen on this day Adam travels to the mural and discovers Sarah is the artist After giving him a nice gash on his head, she reluctantly invites him inside He reveals his gift for numbers He meets Mia Her date is 1 1 2027.Sarah was forced to take Mia to the hospital when she developed an infection at the site of the umbilical cord She was abruptly micro chipped Sarah used a false name at the hospital, but this does little to prevent them from locating her Cameras tracking microchips are placed everywhere The social worker is not impressed by their living conditions and threatens to return at a later date After she sees Vinny and his pals geared up to do a batch of drugs, Vinny is arrested and Mia is taken away.With nowhere left to go, Sarah ends up at Nan s house Adam is subsequently arrested for Junior s death He left behind too many suspicious appearing records of Junior s death date on his dad s laptop, his palm net, etc On 1 1 2027 Adam is enroute to a different facility Desperate to protect Sarah and save Mia, he attempts to escape He slugs his guard Suddenly London is struck by the disaster , ripping the van off the road The aftermath of the disaster was painted well, but I am unclear on the exact cause As the pace of the book sped up, so did my reading, so I may have missed something I assumed it was the shifting of tectonic plates a possibility mentioned earlier Earthquakes led to flooding and fires The mention of rockets was a bit confusing, but I ascertained those were part of the New Years celebration and not bombs Everything is chaos The entire city has literally been torn apart The guards from the van are dead and there is no one to heed Adam s escape He manages to reach Nan s house only to discover it has been flattened A neighbor informs him Nan and Sarah left the house alive Using deductive reasoning he figures Mia is at her grandparents so he heads there Everything happens the way Sarah visualized it in her dreams except Mia makes it out of the burning house alive When Adam looks into her eyes he realizes her numbers have changed to Nan s, 2 20 2054 Nan s body isn t discovered, but she is apparantly dead since her number has been stolen There is a short preview for the next story I am unsure about the premise Sarah appears manically happy that Mia can have anyone s number and could potentially live forever I got a sort of Rosemary s Baby, Damien the Omen vibe lol Is she going to age or become immortal like Dr Who s Captain Jack or the Face of Boe Hopefully it will make sense I will miss Nan s character. Adam Sees Numbers When He Looks In Peoples Eyes He Can See Their Death Dates, Just Like His Mum Jem Used To Adam Has Trouble Dealing With His Awful Gift, And When He Realises That Everyone Around Him Has The Same Series Of Numbers, He Becomes Deeply Afraid Of What Might Happen In Desperate To Find Out What Could Be About To Go Wrong, Adam Spends Hours Researching Possibilities War, Nuclear Accidents, Killer Viruses He Knows Something Big Is Coming, But What And Is There Anything He Can Possibly Do About It In my review of Rachel Ward s first book, Numbers, I talked about how impressed I was with the story that she had crafted, and the raw, unflinching feel of it Book 2, The Cha s, continues in this same thread, but with a few twists The Cha s alternates POVs this time around, following Adam, Jem s son, and Sarah Adam is similarly gifted as his mother was he can see the Numbers, people s death dates when he looks into their eyes But he also sees than that He actually feels their death for a brief moment, experiences it along with them A lot of these Numbers and death dates seem to revolve around 1 specific day New Years day, 2027.Sarah, who has led a much cushiony life than Adam, has problems of her own to say the least as well as an ability of her own she has a vision of a horrific event one in which Adam plays a part The date of her horrific vision New Years Day, 2027 These two stories play off of each other and slowly weave together in a very skillful way.Rachel Ward upped the stakes in The Cha s in some really interesting ways In Numbers, Jem and Spider were on the run, and that really provided all the tension you d need not that that was all the tension their was, but it provided plenty In The Cha s, tension is built through a number of things Adam, like his mother, cannot see his own death date, and with a huge cataclysmic event coming, he s worried he ll be one of the twenty sevens and there are things to support the idea that he just might be This, coupled with Sarahs nightmare vision, provides a strong baseline for the tension and unease of the novel, and creates a sense of immediacy But other things the idea of the cataclysmic event, the increase in Big Brother style governement, tensions between Adam and Sarah, and tensions of a wholly different sort with a boy who targets Adam all of these work together to keep the reader feeling anxious, knowing that any minute, the other shoe is going to drop It just has to.I loved this Rachel Ward can keep you on the edge of your seat for sure Side note This was a read in one sitting type of book for me No matter how many times I told myself that I needed to go to bed, I simply couldn t stop until I knew There were a few drawbacks for me There were times, especially in the beginning of the book, where things mirrored book 1 to the extent that I wondered if it was just going to be a rehashing of the same story Adam has anger issues, as Jem did, and the way it sometimes came out of nowhere and he just had to act out and break something or freak out and then later, when Sarah had to do the exact same , just started to feel a littel hollow to me Like Ward couldn t find another way to show her characters angst But it was something that was either righted at some point, or I got so caught up that I failed to notice it, because at some point in the book, I was completey invested and not aware of any hollowness or repetition It also could have just been a symptom of me reading the two books back to back, come to think of it It certainly wasn t enough to keep me from recommending these books, or to keep me from adding the final book, Infinity, to my wishlist.All told, this a strong and complex continuation of the Numbers story, made interesting by the addition of a 2nd point of view something that s normally tricky and can weaken a story, rather than improve it The dystopian post apocalyptic element was much stronger in this one, so readers of Numbers who were disappointed with that aspect in book 1 will be pleased with book 2, I think With The Cha s, Rachel Ward has cemented herself as an author to watch for me, and I m eager to see how the story turns out.