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Great audio book, wonderful steampunky magicky world building and characters, and a nice rollicking plot that did run out of, ahem, steam a little in the middle, but picked up again at the end Wonderful stuff Really enjoyed this podcast book interesting setting, intriguing characters, complex plot and subplots The one thing that kept me from giving it the fifth star was that although the author generally writes beautifully, the book overall was in need of some judicious editing Some descriptions and word use just struck the wrong note or fell into what, as an editor, I think of as trying too hard In reaching for the perfect description, the reach goes too far and feels forced This is not a reason to skip this book, however It was very, very good the need for editing just kept it from being really great Definitely recommended for anyone who likes steampunk fantasy adventure. Jonathan Andrews, Initiate In The Seekers Of The Arcane Unknown, Joined The Society Two Years Ago With The Hopes Of Protecting The Secrets Of Magic From The Greedy World Beyond However, A Ravening Shadow Appears With A Hunger For Seekers And Jonathan Finds Himself Out Of His Depth When Jonathan S Friend Is Attacked And The Young Initiate Is Assailed With Apocalyptic Visions Of The Future, He Must Find A Way To Uncover The Past And Stop The Beast Before It Tears His Group, And The World, Asunder It S A Ripping Tale Of Magic, Adventure And Gunfights I stumbled across this audiobook free at the authors website It s somewhat long, a little over 23 hours, but well produced and read The author Alex White reads most of it himself, but his wife Ren e White reads the female voices Both do an good job giving each character a distinctive personality It is not simple to place The Gearheart in one genre, because it is a genre cocktail, part dieselpunk, part fantasy, but mostly serialized pulp I don t mean that in a negative way If you like pulp, then this is pretty good stuff It is fast paced, and has enough twists to keep one wondering to the end In short, it is well written pulp.The Gearheart may not be that deep, but it is fun and exciting, which is what it sets out to be Alex White uses the cliffhanger form very well, most of the chapters are 20 30 minutes long and always end in a suspenseful moment, so I got through the whole book in a rather short time One might argue that the last three chapters, and perhaps especially the last chapter start to stretch the form, being so much longer than the rest, but it still works for me.So I have to say I liked The Gearheart I have already downloaded the next Gearheart story and am looking forwards to listening to it. Listened to this book as I worked Good listen and very engaging There were times when the details were extensive and I zoned out for a minute but overall a great capture of events in order to visualize the world of the gearheart I m also really into the commercial skits hilarious Action packed and thrilling I loved this crazy adventurous book Alex and Renee White you did a great job on the Podcast adaptation A big THANK YOU I loved this book, and if you have a chance to read it, I would highly suggest you take it An amazing steampunk ride, that as engaging as it is imaginative. Don t expect to understand what s going on at first This is a rich setting with a long history that is only explained in pieces, only as much as is necessary for the immediate plot I fell in love with the characters right away and can t wait to hear of their adventures A poignant, exciting, tragic adventure of a book. Alex White has written quite a yarn with this book, and I really enjoyed myself The story is 1 part Doctor Strange, 1 part Indiana Jones, 1 part steampunk, and the other part is a mixture of the Chronicles of Amber by Zelazny The whole genre feels pulp style, and the audiobook production lends itself well to that.Is The Gearheart a fantasy Well, magic is a focus of the story, so check Is Gearheart steampunk I would say it s late era steampunk some folks draw the line at the petroleum internal combustion engine s being included, but I think that is a quibble The gears, brasswork, and elegant details are all steampunk.Is The Gearheart a romance Yes, there are romantic elements and they are satisfying.Is The Gearheart a spy novel Yes, there is plenty of intrigue and cloak and dagger stuff.Is The Gearheart an adventure tale Yes There s audacious combats that seem like they were choreographed by Jet Li There are explosions There are descriptions of buildings collapsing There are chase scenes We get planes, automobiles, ships, and automatons.Is The Gearheart a super hero story Something of that There s bad villains and good heroes There s the hero at war with himself, there s turncoats, horrific villains, and crash bam boom action You can see, in White s flowery prose, the trenchcoats flapping in the breeze, the swarm of shadows, the shower of sparks My only quibble about the book is that it really pushes literary fireworks to their breaking point and There were several analogies used that made me cringe a bit and not in a good way If I had not been feeling charitable towards this book from the beginning, a few of those in the onset of the story would have made me shut down immediately I see what you re doing there, I wanted to tell White, But I don t think the reaction you re getting from me is what you were wanting My feeling is if an analogy makes you pay attention to it, instead of what is being said, then there is a problem there The writing at the beginning of the book is not as good as the writing at the end, and I would encourage a re write at some point to address this.But so what I can forgive much in the way of wordy excess when the story is solid, when the characters are interesting, when the plot is compelling When the sentiment in the story so finely tugs at my heartstrings, when there are scenes such as a three way sword fight on the roof of a building that s being shelled by artillery, when there are likable characters, there is believable dialogue, and scenes of pathos that brought a tear to my eye.Well done, Sir Well done, indeed.P.S Using your wife s voice for the audiobook s female characters was very well considered she was good at evoking the moods and emotions of the characters. I have posted my summaries of each episode on my blog as I went with this one , so I m only going to share my over all thoughts.which is AMAZING I found this through a great author I ve been following with great books and podcasts Tee Morris had mentioned the music by Alex White on Twitter one day, so thought I would go check it out When I went to the site, I was stunned and MESMERIZED by the character pictures The pictures obviously had visible magic in each one That caught my eye right away The pictures I have used in my summaries of each episode, to show them to you They were stunning, and beautiful to me I have to mention I just love the looks of these and normal people like you and I modeled them I listened to the first episode, for fun while cleaning I found myself sitting down to listen closer and note a few things Before I knew it, I was three episodes in and craving So I started sharing each episode here I liked the action, and magic included with these characters I had found a character I loved in the very first episode, Cog And I was mesmerized by the different voices and music.I love Alex and Renee s voices and those they create for the characters It s just the two of them, and technology The authors wife did the female voices COOL Each character has a different sound to their voice, and the inflictions really add to the feel and growing excitement, or heartache I can t go without mentioning the music in the background The music sets the stage with your thoughts and pulse.I kept listening to get of Cog, which I did, but got curious of other characters and the bad guys I wanted to know what was so special of Isabelle and what of the prophecies from the Seeress And above all to see the magic again and again This series is action packed through out the story, and magic is ever present too.I am not one to like audio books For some reason I have a hard time getting into the stories But, podcasts are different, and draw me in than ever Alex White has done an amazing job of that in this story and world he has created I will say, if you listen to books do give this series of podcasts a try Really I will be listening to of Alex Whites works very soon He has Maiden Flight up and completely ready, and I will be looking for great things from him in the future as well.