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Oh this was such a fun read I loved the behind the scenes story with a witch from Macbeth as the central character She was complex, interesting, and developed Surrounding characters were just as full and dimensional, and the concept of the story a delight to Shakespeare fans From setting, dialogue, clear conflicts, central goals, and various character relationship struggles, this is a wonderful read, and I m so happy I found it hiding in a search result. The concept for the book is very interesting Using one of the witches to narrate the story of Macbeth is a completely novel idea, and with the proper execution, it could be a spectacular story There were a lot of things that I really enjoyed about the novel I absolutely loved Shakespeare s Macbeth, and I thought it was clever and imaginative of Rebecca Reisert to merge her story with the classic tale It is a daunting task to transform the mystical into plausible events, and the author s ability to realistically tell both stories was extremely impressive.The rest of the novel, however, is less than satisfactory The main character is very single minded and unappealing Her arrogance and rudeness make her difficult to relate to, and her obsession with revenge is repulsive The character development is ineffective as she is quick to relapse at the slightest opportunity for revenge, and there is not even an attempt to develop any of the other characters Aside from the lackluster characters, the pacing was appalling The scenes dragged on interminably in some places, while the exciting and important scenes took place all at once, allowing no time for the significance of the events to permeate with the reader It became difficult to follow the plot at some points, and the tedium that came between made it increasingly challenging to continue The vast majority of the novel was spent waiting for something interesting to happen, which becomes very boring after the first thirty pages or so While it does make sense that the author had to include the proper spacing to cause it to fit in with Macbeth, there are far too many useless scenes that do not develop the characters or further the plot, which cause it to be boring. Gilly The Half Savage Heroine Is A Young Girl On The Edge Of Womanhood, Who Lives In A Scottish Forest With Two Older Women, Scraping A Living From Scavenging In The Woods And Robbing The Dead On The Battlefields Of A Terrible, Endless War She Lives Only For Revenge Against The Man And Woman Who Destroyed Her Young Life And Drove Her To Be An Outcast The Warrior King, Macbeth And His Ambitious Queen Disguising Herself As A Boy, She Finds A Way Into Their Castle, Just As They Prepare To Seize The Throne Of Scotland I absolutely LOVED this book It may help that Macbeth was one of my favorite Shakespearan plays, but this wonderful twist on that tale is strong enough to stand on its own Told by the third witch of the bubble, bubble, toil and trouble scenes, this is an involving, fast paced tale of revenge oh so fitting in Shakespeare s tale of someone who gets exactly what he deserves for his crimes Of course, it was written by an English teacher who had taught the play for several years It had to be Don t let that put you off Even if you no nothing about Macbeth except Lead on, McDuff pick up this book If you have read Macbeth, then you absolutely, positively have to read this novel You can thank me later. This was a great quick read Love when another author tries to step into an established story the new layers can either be intriging or cumbersome.I enjoyed the read Although, I thought the ending did not do justice to the entire work, in fact, I thought the last three pages ruined the entire toil of Gilly s journey Her choice was the good one, just the options Come on I was hooked from page 1 and couldn t put this book down I did not lose interest in a single paragraph.The author who has been teaching William Shakespeare s Macbeth for decades has provided an exciting flip side if you will of the play, with the story of Gillyflower, a teenage girl, who is adopted by two old crones who live in the woods and are involved in herb lore and the like This is not the first time , having viewed several movie versions of Shakespeare s Macbeth where the third witch is young and fairly attractive.Gill is obsessed by her singleminded quest to kill Macbeth in revenge for the destruction of her homestead and the end of her idyllic childhood when she was a little girl We are to find out a great secret of her parentage later in the book.Gilly gets herself a job as a kitchen hand after disguising herself as a boy, the girl being disguised as a boy a common theme in many of Shakespeare s comedies.Thereby we get to see something of what life would have been like for common folk, including the servants and serfs of the castle which Macbeth lived in, at the timeThe narrative weaves in and out of the play , but in all parts we are rapt with attention to see that happens next until it all comes together like a jigsaw puzzle.Gilly s plans help to put some very horrific acts by Macbeth into place, including murders and destruction of those she cares for.It was quite difficult getting to grips with the benign presentation of the witches in Macbeth giving their own long speeches and dialogue which present a different story but the author too has an explanation for this. In this re imagining of MacBeth, Gilly pursues her revenge against Him, the man who destroyed her family But revenge has its consequences After the beginning part, which I found a bit repetitive, this book was really engrossing I liked the way that MacBeth was retold in a new way, and it was interesting to see things through the eyes of a castle servant who wanted revenge This book is kind of the tragedy of Gilly but with a somewhat hopeful ending Definitely recommended for Shakespeare MacBeth fans. Wow this was great What a smart novel to write I felt like I was right back inside Macbeth as if Shakespeare wrote this himself I think he would agree completely with the events of this novel Even though you should read Macbeth and definitely need it to really appreciate his novel, I also think this can function independent of the original play The only reason this isn t 5 stars is that Gilly annoyed me throughout the whole thing, was pretty obnoxious and ungrateful for everything she was putting everyone through But I guess in the end she did good. Do you like Shakespeare Specifically, Macbeth More importantly, are you a fan of alternate retellings How about medieval Scotland If the answer to these questions is yes, then there s a chance you might like this book Unfortunately, there s also a chance that you won t I m pretty much the exact reader this type of book would be targeted toward, and this book just didn t work for me This was the kind of book I should have liked I do, in fact, have an appreciation for Shakespeare, and Macbeth is one of my favorite Shakespeare plays Not only was I an English major in college, my senior research paper was actually written about Macbeth Even better, it was about the character of Lady Macbeth in summary, it made an argument about why she was a complex and sympathetic character, an argument that without giving too much away definitely connects to some of the themes in this book.Beyond that, I am typically a big fan of alternate retellings, particularly when they bring something new or exciting to the table I m also a history buff who is at least somewhat interested in the mundane details of medieval Scotland This book should have been right up my alley.This book isn t a total disaster, hence the two stars There were plenty of things that I thought the author did well The writing style, for example, is well done and pleasant to read Sure, the antiquated style is perhaps a little disorienting at times, but I felt that the outdated language Tis, Twas, etc was important to capturing the time period and, importantly, Shakespeare s style The time period was captured well, and I was impressed by the author s knowledge of how medieval castles were organized and the different roles that various servants played As Shakespeare s version of Macbeth centers solely on the nobles, these details were all completely new to me, and I thought they were implemented well into the story without seeming too info dump y I also became attached to many of the side characters The author mentioned in her interview at the end of the book that she was drawn to the possibility of being able to flesh out some of the many side characters that are only briefly mentioned in Shakespeare s play As a result, Macbeth and Lady Macbeth are the ones reduced to side characters, and instead, the reader gets much detailed presentations of people like Lady Macduff and Fleance There are also several characters pulled completely from the author s imagination, including Lisette, an elderly French born wafer maker, and Pod, a slow but gentle hearted young boy I was particularly attached to these last two and genuinely cared about their fates over the course of the book.I wish I could say the same about Gilly, the narrator My dislike for Gilly, I think, was the main reason preventing from enjoying or even fully connecting with this book Gilly is annoying and often contradictory It s good for characters to be complex I can get behind a troubled anti hero I don t need my characters to be perfect I prefer flaws, in fact But Gilly is beyond flawed she s flat out annoying During the first several chapters of the book, she spends most of her time shouting about her need for revenge on Macbeth, giving characters the silent treatment, and knocking items out of people s hands The reader is supposed to understand that Gilly is desperate for revenge and is frustrated by the fact that the two other witches, Nettle and Mad Helga, have seemingly gone back on their word to help her I got that sentiment, but I felt that it was overdone to the point of being silly Gilly is supposed to be a teenager, and yet she acts like a young child throwing a constant temper tantrum Maybe if I have time later, I ll go through the first few chapters and count the dialogue tags in order to compare how many times Gilly shouts and yells at people rather than speaks normally.I think one big reason why I felt so annoyed with Gilly was that, early on, no reason is ever given for her single minded need for revenge on Macbeth The author hints at the fact that Macbeth deeply wronged Gilly, and she mentions that she has no family, but no further details are given The truth about what happened is not revealed until one of the final chapters I understand that authors often save a book s big reveal until later to prolong suspense, but I felt that it was a mistake here Maybe I could have sympathized with Gilly earlier on if I had a clearer understanding of why she hated Macbeth so much As it was, her hatred towards him felt immature and unnecessary, especially since the book begins seven years after the event that incurred Gilly s wrath That s a long time to hate someone so passionately.As the book went on, I had another problem with Gilly s need for revenge it was strangely inconsistent At the beginning of the book, it felt like she had no character traits other than wants to kill Macbeth And then, over the course of the book, she flip flops multiple times Sometimes she feels like she doesn t really care if she kills him, other times she acts like accomplishing her goal is the only thing that matters, even if she has to die or lose someone close to her in order to make it happen About two thirds or three quarters of the way through the book, a major, life changing event happens view spoiler Macbeth s soldiers massacre Lady Macduff and her family, with Gilly failing to stop it hide spoiler I picked this up on a whim at a thrift store many years ago I am not a fan of fantasy witches but I am of Shakespeare, so I thought I d try to expand my horizons a bit I found the story interesting and the writing good, although I actually thought view spoiler that we were going to find out that the affair between Gilly s mother and Macbeth had been going on for so long that he was actually Gilly s biological father hide spoiler