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Juliet, An Ambitious, Utterly Engaging Historical Novel On The Scale Of The Thirteenth Tale And The Birth Of Venus, Follows A Young Woman Who Discovers That Her Family S Origins Reach All The Way Back To Literature S Greatest Star Crossed LoversTwenty Five Year Old Julie Jacobs Is Heartbroken Over The Death Of Her Beloved Aunt Rose But The Shock Goes Even Deeper When She Learns That The Woman Who Has Been Like A Mother To Her Has Left Her Entire Estate To Julie S Twin Sister The Only Thing Julie Receives Is A Key One Carried By Her Mother On The Day She Herself Died To A Safety Deposit Box In Siena, Italy This Key Sends Julie On A Journey That Will Change Her Life Forever A Journey Into The Troubled Past Of Her Ancestor Giulietta Tolomei In , Still Reeling From The Slaughter Of Her Parents, Giulietta Was Smuggled Into Siena, Where She Met A Young Man Named Romeo Their Ill Fated Love Turned Medieval Siena Upside Down And Went On To Inspire Generations Of Poets And Artists, The Story Reaching Its Pinnacle In Shakespeare S Famous Tragedy But Six Centuries Have A Way Of Catching Up To The Present, And Julie Gradually Begins To Discover That Here, In This Ancient City, The Past And Present Are Hard To Tell Apart The Deeper She Delves Into The History Of Romeo And Giulietta, And The Closer She Gets To The Treasure They Allegedly Left Behind, The Greater The Danger Surrounding Her Superstitions, Ancient Hostilities, And Personal Vendettas As Julie Crosses Paths With The Descendants Of The Families Involved In The Unforgettable Blood Feud, She Begins To Fear That The Notorious Curse A Plague On Both Your Houses Is Still At Work, And That She Is Destined To Be Its Next Target Only Someone Like Romeo, It Seems, Could Save Her From This Dreaded Fate, But His Story Ended Long Ago Or Did It From Anne Fortier Comes A Sweeping, Beautifully Written Novel Of Intrigue And Identity, Of Love And Legacy, As A Young Woman Discovers That Her Own Fate Is Irrevocably Tied For Better Or Worse To Literature S Greatest Star Crossed Lovers

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    Is it wrong to list my own book here Probably But seriously, I love this story, and I can t tell you how hard it was for me to sign off on the manuscript and after three years of writing and editing move out of the lush, mysterious world of Siena Would I love to write a sequel You bet I would And maybe, God willing, one day I will.

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    Find all of my reviews at Because LOOK WHAT I GOT I won It s a major award Everything we say is a story But nothing we say is just a story What can I say about Juliet Well, yeah That sums it up pretty precisely Juliet begins with the MC Julie mourning the death of the aunt who raised her and the shocking discovery that said aunt left her estate to Julie s twin The only thing left to Julie A key to a safety deposit box in Siena, Italy Don t worry Julie s not a total butthole She s just always believed the estate would be divided 50 50 and this new revelation comes as a shock Left with no other option, Julie packs it up and heads off to claim her inheritance Upon arriving in Italy, Julie discovers what she has really been left is something known as Juliet s Eyes and also discovers the classic tale of Romeo Juliet might not have been fiction It is up to Julie to unravel the mysteries of the past as well as her part in it.So like the gif above said, if you enjoyed The DaVinci Code Oh stop with the disappointed judgey face The son of a bitch didn t sell eleventy trillion copies by Dan Brown buying them all Like I was saying, if you enjoy Brown s books, this one will be right up your alley As you can tell by my rating, I liked it just fine and the blurb isn t lying when it says the writing is beautiful The main problem I had was it was just soooooo long for not a whole lot of action Yes, there was intrigue and the plot was intricately woven but much like with Brown s works sometimes it felt as though I was on a Tour of Italy Mmmmmmm Tour of Italy Where was I Oh yeah, I sometimes wished the book would get to the point already I guess I m just a dummkopf who likes action with my historical intrigue shrug This was the FINAL selection for the library Winter Reading Challenge You can bet your ass I ll be floating this review once I pick up my awesome limited edition beer mug. In the meantime, go read Shelby s review It s super insightful

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    I m in love with this book That s not an understatement, I would probably have picked it straight up and read it again but, I m so behind schedule that it wasn t an option although I might have to stick a post it on the front to remind myself in future I ve always been the stereotypical woman who has swooned appropriately at Romeo Juliet so I picked this book up thinking it would be a fun modern re write that I could forget about soon after Turns out though that this was so much it went beyond the Shakespeare tale and was the better for it and mingled pastlives, romance, destiny, soulmates, history, crime, mystery, adventure, betrayals and all the fun stuff to make a book that I want to re read immediately I m a sucker for all that so it s like the book was written exactly to my own specifications, which I clearly cannot complain about at all Also added bonus, every chapter is prefaced with a RJ quote how can you not appreciate that It s set for the most part in Siena and the descriptions of the town makes the locales easy to imagine even for someone who has never been there and I almost want to go and book a holiday to Siena solely to experience some of it The two tales modern and past blend together beautifully and it says a lot about the author that I was equally invested in both stories, even though I knew that one was going to end tragically The premise involved Julie travelling to Italy on a quest to get something her mother had bequeathed her after her aunt died, in the belief that it will be worth a lot of money and clear her debts after she was written out her aunt s will unexpectedly In Italy, she travels under her real name, Giulieta Tolomei and discovers that her family is at the centre of an ancient feud with another family and that her name holds some medieval weight nowadays Her inheritance turns out to be some books and a crucifix, and disappointed begins to read in the hope it explains where the treasure is and the book turns out to be a diary that talks about Giulieta and Romeo, her ancestor and her lover who were the inspiration for the early Italian tellings of Romeo Juliet before Shakespeare got ahold of it.It was a wonderful book, and although I m sure there were aspects of it that people could find fault with the characterisation of Janice was maybe a little ott and a little out there, but I didn t really mind it that much tbh I just didn t mind it that much, and I honestly didn t have any complaints It checked every box that I could possibly want it to check and the balance just felt right.The film rights to this have been sold already As a person who loved the book as completely as I did, I m delighted to have another way to enjoy it but I just really hope they do it justice No crappy casting choices just to have some big name in the role who is completely unsuitable, and although I love her, no Amanda Seyfried either If they are going to botch up the casting, I d rather they just left it personally.Now I m just sad that this was a new release it means I m going to have years for the author s follow up book.

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    I saw great reviews about this book in several places, including at least two magazines So I gave it a go But now I m left with the confusion that comes when you don t like something that everyone else seems to love.The story follows the modern day ancestors of the real life Romeo and Juliet, who believe themselves to be victims of a curse that has plagued the families for 600 years, ever since Romeo and Juliet were not allowed to be together The book provides some insight into the historical family feud from the 14th century, on which Shakespeare based his play.However, there were things in the book that did not make it past my suspension of disbelief I find it hard to believe that the Virgin Mary would curse a family for 600 years just because she didn t get her way with the original Romeo and Juliet I also didn t like how the ancestors of Romeo and Juliet seemed to have this Well, you re named after Romeo and I m named after Juliet, so we re supposed to be with each other and fall in love attitude It was weird and I didn t find it to be the least bit romantic And I found it infuriating the way that none of the characters were ever straight with each other on anything until the very end And while the climax of the book was satisfying, a great portion of the book left me rolling my eyes.If you have a deep love of Romeo and Juliet, can buy into the idea of your life being controlled by fate and curses, and have sappy notions about romance, then you might like this book Otherwise, I recommend that you pass it up.

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    Shakespeare bu kitab okusayd hi mutlu olmazd , nk kendi hikayesinden daha heyecanl , daha h z nl ve daha ger ek iydi Kitab n kapa n kapad mda, son 100 sayfada nefes almay unuttu umu fark ettim ve derin bir nefes ald m O kadar farkl o kadar heyecanl ve etkileyiciydi ki yorum yapmak bile ok zor geliyor ok fazla yorumunu g rmedi im bir kitapt Tamamen isminden etkilenip almak istedim Farkl bir hikaye kaca n , s rpriz yumurtam olaca n elime al nca hissetmi tim Ger ekten de yle oldu, Romeo ve Juliet in hikayesi bamba ka bir ekilde anlat lm ve muhte em bir ustal kla g n m ze ba lanm Tarihin en duygusal a k hikayelerinden biri anlat lmas na ra men okurken Dan Brown kitab okuyormu gibi hissediyorsunuz nk i inde aksiyon bitmiyor, s rekli bir s r ve merak yuma n zmeye al yorsunuz Hikayenin h z nl a k k sm o unlukla 1340 y l nda anlat lan olaylarla s n rl kalm Bir b l m 1340 y l nda ge en olaylar anlat rken, sonraki b l m g n m z olaylar n anlat yor ki hikayeninde her b l m n n sonunda bir a rma nidas size e lik ediyor Yazar bu kadar eyi nas l toplam , bu kitab yazmak i in ka y l ara t rma yapm ok merak ettim okurken Bu kadar g zel bir kitab n tek ufac k k t yan , ok a r ilerliyor Normalde g nde 1 kitap rahatl kla bitirirken bu kitab resmen yeni okumay renmi birisi gibi okudum Nedeni ilk ba larda talyanca yer mekan isimleri, ki i isimleri, mekan tasvirleri vs ok fazla kafa yoruyor, hatta ortalar na do ru bir ara beynimden duman k yordu sanki Bir de paragraflar ok uzun, 560 sayfal k kitab n her sayfas dolu dolu sanki Uzun paragraflar, 1340 l y llar ve yabanc isimler sayesinde kitap ak c l n bir par a kaybetmi san r m Ama hikaye o kadar heyecan ve merak uyand r c ki sayfalar buna ra men yutmak, kitab hi durmadan okumak istiyorsunuz Sonuna bakmamak i in ok ciddi aba harcad m okurken K sacas biraz romantik, fazla aksiyon, gizem, s r ve farkl bir kitap ar yorsan z bence ans verin bu hikayeye Ben bir s re sonra tekrar okumak ve iyice sindirmek istiyorum kitab Bir de ke ke bu kitab n bir filmi ekilse dedim, talya sokaklar n , mekanlar , s rekli pe inde ko tu umuz hazineyi o kadar g zel anlatm ki ben hep film izler gibi g z mde canland rd m okurken Siena da elimde kitapla gezmi gibi hissettim Kitap Goodreads te 2010 En yi Tarihsel Kurgu se ilmi , buna ra men ke fedilmemi bir hazine Ayn Juliet in g zleri gibi Arkada olamamam z ok fena Bu Alessandro i in yeni bir haberdi Arkada olamaz m y z Tabii ki hay r Sen bir Salimbeni sin, ben bir Tolomei yim D man olmak kaderimizde var G l msemesi geri d nd Ya da sevgili olmak Ah, hay r Sen bir Salimbeni sin ve Salimbeni, Shakespeare in Paris ydi Juliet gizlice Romeo yla evlendikten sonra onunla evlenmek isteyen zengin adam Ah evet, art k hat rl yorum zengin, yak kl Paris O ben miyim G r n e g re yle Bu rol sevmeye ba lad m Aram zda kals n, her zaman Paris in Romeo dan ok daha iyi bir erkek oldu unu d nm md r Bence Juliet aptal n tekiydi Korkar m ki hayal k r kl na u rayacaks n O, u anda d nd n Romeo ya hi benzemiyor Kafiyeli beyitlerle sevi mez O ger ek bir pisliktir E er senin yerinde olsayd m, bu sefer balkonumu Paris le payla rd m Balkonumu ikinizle de payla maya niyetim yok Tek istedi im cencio yu geri almak ve g rd m kadar yla cencio yu almak i in sebebi olan tek ki i Romeo Bence bunu o yapmad Ama bu Romeo su suz anlam na gelmiyor Romeo nun elleri kanl nsanlar onun lanetli oldu unu d n yor Herkes onun ld n d nmeyi tercih eder lmedi ine nas l bu kadar eminsin Bunu hissedebiliyorum Pislikleri hissedebiliyor musun Rakiplerimi hissedebiliyorum Sen tam bir pisliksin Alessandro Ge mi in k t l klerini telafi etmiyor muyuz Her eyi d zeltmiyor muyuz Mutlu bir son yazm yor muyuz Akl m elme Neden nk seni sevip kaybetmektense b t n bir hayat boyunca sana neredeyse sahip olmay tercih ederim Kollar na yerle mi ken, Ger ekten lanetlere inan yor musun diye f s ldad m aka ma do ru, L tuflara inan yorum, diye yan t verdi Her lanete kar l k bir l tuf oldu una inan yorum

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    So, where to begin The first page is wonderfully crafted the first page I thought, wow, this is going to be really wonderful And I still love that first page, but the other 446 pages not so much I wanted to love all of it, I really did O, I am fortune s fool to have believed in you, first page There are two main stories running throughout the book The modern day one is about the search for a priceless treasure which will possibly lift the curse on the two houses, Shakespeare s Capulets and Montagues or the Salimbenis and the Tolomeis from the historical version The other story is a re telling of the story of Romeo and Juliet, supposedly the actual historical people and events I don t know if it is the real story or not, but I do know it s far entertaining than the modern story I don t know if the real Juliet or Giulietta had a twin sister I kind of hope that s historically accurate because the sister character in the modern parts was a huge problem for me and I d have preferred not to have her in the story She didn t add anything, nor did she move the plot along She seemed like a very cardboard character tossed in for no real reason She is presented as this selfish, self centered almost evil creature, always grasping and taking from her twin sister, very rapacious and greedy Juliet doesn t like her or trust her or want her around, but she shows up in Italy anyway Juliet is angry with her for a bit and then they work together They are now just good buddies Wait What WTH This person has made her life miserable, ruining everything all the time, making sure anything that Juliet dreamed of was put down, stomped on There is not any resolution of this, other than Juliet thinks she actually looks contrite a time or two Really Really Someone has made your life a misery and you just shrug it off because she looks a bit sad or sincere Hogwash Poppycock Balderdash I didn t quite get into the character of Juliet, either Her attitude toward men seemed odd She behaves or thinks like an uptight spinster which seems somewhat odd for a woman of twenty five I get that she had to remain a virgin for the plot, but her attitude that all men are wanting her for some kind of prize made me think she thought pretty highly of herself while at the same time she would be remembering that people only ever noticed her sister And while we re on that subject of the characters, how about describing the people just a bit I ve finished this and I still have no idea what Juliet or Janice look like I don t know their eye color, hair color, nothing Oh, one has princess hair and one has bear hair what the heck does that mean I know Allesandro has green eyes and dark hair and a lean, muscled physique, I guess I could understand the non descriptions if everything was that way, but the buildings and places and scenery are almost overly described so I don t quite know why the main character still remains such a blank There are descriptions of palazzos and towers and cathedrals and castellos and fields and alleys so I know the author does enjoy describing things I guess just not people.The romance of historical Romeo and Juliet was beautifully told and that was what kept me reading The twists and turns and the way the author wove in the Palio horse race and the conflicts between the powerful families was really well done The historical part was page turning and heartbreaking until toward the end when it becomes a bit too much telling and not enough showing, but there are centuries to be closed up so I understood that.The romance in the modern day, sorry to say, didn t work I could feel the author pushing this romance forward, but it felt very forced I think she was going for witty banter, but instead what appears is too many distrustful question and answer sessions and I didn t feel anything happening between them Even the love scenes, if you can call them that, are very flat I wasn t even sure what had happened when they finally got together in the physical sense Not that I need a play by play, but I wasn t even sure it had taken place Okay, rumpled sheets, did they sleep together or did they sleep together If you re going to write something about Romeo and Juliet, then although it s a tragedy, it s the romance that folks remember or now, you need the story to be romantic The romance is somewhat central to the story, both historical and modern, so it really needed to soar I m sad that it didn t do that and sad that I felt somewhat blah about it I really wanted the modern story to get out of the way so I could enjoy the historical one and since the majority of the story is the modern one, that isn t good.In the last chapters, there is tons of backstory which took away a lot of the urgency of the plot I know there was a need for all the information, but I wish it had been presented in some different way It s like the story suddenly got in the way of it s own plot Yeah, I know that seems confusing, but it s the only way I can describe it.The ending was okay However, there is something introduced on the last pages which leads me to believe there will be a sequel or related book at some point in the future I don t know whether or not I d read it This one was a bit of a slog to get through The historical story was brilliant and full of emotion the modern one, not so much.

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    1.5 stars This book has garnered a lot of hype Many have called it a woman s DaVinci Code I can somewhat buy the comparison but only a little bit First of all, in DaVinci Code, the exposed secrets are much further reaching than the true story behind Romeo and Juliet Many complained about the terrible writing in DaVinci Code but, to be honest, the story was intriguing enough that I didn t notice it too much Such is not the case with Juliet First of all, the author uses had before everything had spoken, had said, had started Why not the last time I saw you versus the last time I had seen you There were some pages where had something was used twenty times or , so much so I couldn t even focus on the words between them All I saw was had, had, had For such an active book the writing was incredibly passive I can t believe her editor, or her agent for that matter, let her get away with it.Also, the author over explains everything For example, one character clearly makes a sarcastic remark, which the author tags with, he said, meaning the opposite Gee, thanks for dropping that mad knowledge, lady And the dialogue Atrocious, awful People do not talk like the characters in this book What bitchy, privileged twenty five year old American woman exclaims at a pivotal point , Creepers Ack Creepers, indeed There is also holy cow and hates my guts and taking the love train to cherry town, to name a few And the word friggin is used way too friggin much The author lived in the US for many years but apparently didn t hang out with too many actual people It s like some European teenager s idea of how Americans speak Further, the main character e.g modern day Juliet , is flat and not believable in the slightest We know nothing about her other than she has credit card debt and is the nice sister, versus her twin who is the mean sister I didn t care about her journey because she wasn t even a person to me, which was not helped by the aforementioned dialogue issues Apparently I really disliked this book I didn t even realize it until I started typing this review I will give it points for concept and a fantastic setting Siena Also, the author clearly did a ton of research I do think it will be a massive bestseller because it seems like the type of book a lot of people like I imagine book clubs all over the world picking it Hopefully mine does not.

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    Bleh Really predictable Juliet reincarnation genealogically speaking story Think Letters for Juliet movie mixed with The DeVinci Code and you get the picture.It started out strong with an interesting and sympathetic heroine But once the hero was introduced the dialogue got really, really corny Like roll my eyes corny And the heroine was TSTL in one of my pet peeve ways She d miss tons of tons of really obvious clues, and then think to herself, wow, I feel stupid It would have been so much easier if I d gotten all this in the first place Yes It would have Especially since I figured it all out and kept wondering why you hadn t.Which leads to the next problem Everything was SO contrived That the heroine was TSTL and couldn t put two and two together allowed the plot to continue Otherwise the book would have been must shorter.The ending was hugely disappointing There was a big explanation scene where all the bizarre happenings are explained by one character Only it all felt so silly Clearly the character behaved as he she did to make the plot interesting and not because what he she was doing made any sense whatsoever The happenings at the country estate were just bizarre Anyways, this book was hugely disappointing, especially since the author is a decent writer and she did a great job with the history and setting of Seina It is the story and plot that need help.

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    This book started out with a good hook the sad sack Julie is viciously cut out of her dead Aunt s will and her sister gets everything But Julie gets a key to a safety deposit box in Siena that will be in a completely obvious literal and metaphorical sense the key to her past I was with Fortier at this point I couldn t really get a handle on Julie yet as a character but there were still about 400 pages to go so I thought the book would get there That s where the problems for me started It seemed like I kept turning pages and nothing was happening that made me interested in Julie or her quest I don t believe a main character has to be likable to make a story work However they should be interesting in some way intelligent, clever, tough, stubborn Julie was nothing I think Fortier wanted to create sympathy for Julie by making her the meek, lost counterpart to her outgoing, abrasive twin sister But instead Julie was presented as someone with no personality who was just letting life carry her along she has no career, massive debt, and her participation in war protests is only a result of her desire to prove to her sister she can do something It just didn t work There s no reason to care about Julie The story is told through her point of view, and since Julie doesn t have a real point of view, or at least not one that she can t be talked out of in two sentences, it makes the book read flat Her emotions toward the events in the story do not read true because Fortier never gives us a sense of what is driving them At best she seems ambivalent toward discovering the truth about her past She just doesn t have anything better to do The twin sister is horribly characterized If Fortier wanted to make her evil, she should have just gone for it You can have a character who is a jerk and give them redeeming qualities Janice seemed to have multiple personality disorder I think Fortier was trying to create a character who was headstrong and street smart but also protective, but if this was the case it did not come off She was very mean and blunt, and then suddenly she was loving and protective It did not read like a true person I found it unbelievable when she suddenly popped up in Siena I also found her disguise hard to swallow One of the few physical descriptions we get of a main character is that Janice is curvy Julie asks her in the beginning of the book when she got her most recent addition, referring to her chest So could a buxom woman put on a leather jacket and pass for a man I m not so sure I also don t buy into the idea that she knows how to drive a motorcycle There is some mention of Janice being interested in cars, but how does that translate to riding a motorcycle We are not in Janice s head, we are in Julie s, so Janice s true thoughts can only come out through her dialogue And that was the biggest problem of the book for me.Janice s dialogue is so jarringly off base it made me wince I m a 25 year old American woman, I m almost offended creepers, Cocco Nut, Womeo, driving the love bus into cheery town that last one was part of the most ridiculous sentence I ve ever heard Many have pointed out that Fortier is not American, but I cannot let her off that easily As an author, you should understand that your strength is not American slang, and don t use it I think it would have been successful if Fortier had written it as she would have said it in her native langue, and then strip it of any colloquialisms But it s not just Janice The modern day dialogue between all the characters was stilted and jarring and came off as very immature Usually characters had no than two or three lines of dialogue at a time, and it never carried the plot forward The love story between Julie and Alessandro is laughable, or better yet, invisible Fortier did a pretty decent job building a little tension between these two, but she gives no real reason why Julie, who never seems to have had a relationship in her life, suddenly falls in love with him There s never a reason for him to fall for her either She never shows any kind of pluck or intelligence or charm that would have attracted him to her At least none that felt believable And their strange marriage ceremony and wedding night was just bizarre I think you can successfully write around a sex scene, but after so much was made of Julie being a virgin, and so many references to virginity throughout, it felt like that scene should have been given weight I also find it hard to believe that a woman of 25 wouldn t have a deep reaction to losing her virginity The mystery part of the story was too drawn out and convoluted to really follow, as were some of the final wrap up conclusions I found the historical parts of the novel to be the best written, however I did have issues The 1340 is supposed to be a journal entry but it doesn t read like one It seemed like omnipotent narration I think she dwelled too much on them at the expense of characterizing her modern day characters The real story of Romeo and Juliet is interesting, however the problem with spending so much time on it is we already know the end Even if we don t know the details, we know or less what happens What we don t know is what will happen to the modern day characters I found myself rushing through the historical parts in the hopes that something interesting would happen between the modern day characters It never really did The end was predictable and it did not feel very modern Julie just drifts through life until a man saves her and marries her One author once suggested to aspiring writers, don t be satisfied with using your first idea Try to give it a little of a twist A lot of this novel, especially the end, felt like it was the first idea I would warn people before they started this novel that it s not a very rewarding read.

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