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It S Easy To Count Three Of Something Just Add Them Up But How Do You Count Zero, A Number That Is Best Defined By What It S Not Can You See It Can You Hear It Can You Feel It This Important Math Concept Is Beautifully Explored In A Way That Will Inspire Children To Find Zero Everywhere From The Branches Of A Tree By Day To The Vast, Starry Sky By Night

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    This is poetry than math Zero is the sound of snowflakes landing on your mitten 0 sounds

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    This is a fabulous and fun way of teaching about the concept of zero, the number zero.There are short descriptions on every page for Zero is with various things that apply to children s everyday lives and things in nature with which children are familiar Children see zero nothing, none, absent.The paintings are wonderful, especially those that include the natural world and a cute one at a swimming pool with various children.The tone ranges from awestruck to funny to just a bit melancholy to straightforward.I enjoyed it for its art and its cleverness in helping teach about the number zero, but I think that this book is best for young children just beginning to understand the number zero Older children who count and can use the number zero correctly, are probably not going to have a huge interest in this book.

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    A poetic meditation on the concept of zero, something defined by the absence of value, rather than by its quantifiable presence, Betsy Franco s Zero Is the Leaves on the Trees takes an idea that can be rather complicated witness the fact that children s counting books tend to start at 1, not 0 , and simplifies it beautifully for younger readers Essentially a list of things that zero is the leaves on the bare, brown arms of the oak tree 0 leaves the sound of snowflakes landing on your mitten 0 sounds Franco s simple but effective narrative is accompanied by Shino Arihara s lovely gouache illustrations, making this a concept book that is both informative and beautiful.I don t know that I ve ever really considered how the idea of zero might best be presented to young children and I have no recollection of having learned about the subject in school, although I must have, at some point but Franco s book seems like an excellent place to start Her repetitive narrative reinforces the idea that she is trying to communicate, while the artwork creates a sense of fun and adventure, subtly conveying the impression that mathematical concepts are a natural part of life, and have significance beyond the classroom All in all, a sweet little book, one that is definitely than a zero

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    Very zen Shino Arihara s illustrations have beautiful, calming colors and movement The scenes on every page each tell its own story I like the rhythm of Betsy Franco s words and storyline.

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    I adore this book and, importantly, my 2 year old son does, too It has lovely illustrations, running through a cycle of seasons using everyday situations in life and nature to explain the concept of zero It s a quite complicated idea, this symbol for none or null or nothing This book illustrates it beautifully The math geek in me loves the idea of a picture book about zero the same way the jazz geek in me loves Chris Raschka s Charlie Parker Played Be Bop Sophisticated ideas presented in just the way to grab a young child and absorb him in a new understanding.

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    Open Book Reviewswww.openbookreviews.orgZero is the Leaves on the Tree is a simple picture book that provides tons of examples for what exactly zero means It shows kids in a clear and understandable manner that zero represents the absolute presence of nothing.In the book, Zero is the Leaves on the Tree, each page provides a concrete example that any child will understand means nothing For example, the text mentioned that zero is the number of bikes on the last day of school Another time, the text says zero is the amount of sound you hear when snowflakes fall on your glove during a snowfall.Although this text is simple, my teacher mind was spinning as I was reading I could definitely see a teacher utilizing the book in the classroom in order to help students have concrete examples of the abstract concept of zero Understanding zero is difficult for young students, and I thought this book gave simple, yet clear examples.To expand upon the text, I would then have my students create and illustrate their own depictions of what zero represents to them For example, in my house, zero would be the amount of pizza left after my husband comes home from work There is no doubt that young students will be sure to come up with some creative examples of what zero means to them.

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    Genre Informational nonfictionReading Level Early Primary K 1 This book was a great way to teach kids about the value of zero One of the things I liked about reading this was that it made me think about how we do not talk about the value of zero We dod not often thing about things that have a value of zero.

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    A quiet, thoughtful book showcasing the number zero Early math in action

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    This book is amazing and provides great visuals for a difficult concept.

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    Different ways to illustrate zero see zero in daily life.