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Meschenmoser doesn t seem to have decided what sort of book he was writing A beautiful Jim Arnoskyish sort of nature story A funny story about a squirrel who hasn t seen snow Perhaps Meschenmoser doesn t know much about squirrels, but tree squirrels DO see snow They don t hibernate just ask the ones driving my cats crazy as they frolic in the snow behind my house So Squirrel SHOULD know the difference between snow and an old sock, or a toothbrush.The art is beautiful and skilled, but has minimal child appeal Multiple wordless pages come between short bursts of text, which make the book herky jerky and nix any real note the word real as in real children, the sort you really get at story hour chance of sharing this with a group.The jokes mistaking a sock or toothbrush for snow land badly and don t integrate well to the text In other words, the sort of lovely book that will get raves from adults and yawns from kids Did it get a Caledecott nomination yet Start off with the endearing fuzziness of the unusual and outstanding illustrations, add in some humor, and animals, and friendship, and wintry wonderfulness, and you get this magnificent picture book.Appropriate for a wide age range of kids, and adults too, this is a special book Told in very few words, with some pages taken up entirely by pictures, it has a lovely and humorous story.One animal after another waits for winter snow, squirrel first being alerted by deer So, squirrel and hedgehog and bear end up waiting together They each find what they think is the first snowflake, with very comical results, but finally their impatient patience pays off The story is very cute The illustrations are so unique they re amazing, beautiful, and it s worth taking time to fully appreciate them.I cannot thank the Children s Books group enough This is one of six picture books for this group s Picture Books Club December group reads The theme is winter, and I can t think of a perfect book than this one I m so grateful it won a members votes slot because that s why I made a point of reading it, and now it s a favorite of mine A very, very full 5 stars I found the book funny, comforting, and very pleasing Yes, I m gushing. Herr Eichhorn Und Der Mond SebastianNot Retrouvez Herr Eichhorn Und Der Mond Et Des Millions De Livres En Stock SurAchetez Neuf Ou D OccasionHerr Eichhorn Und Der Mond Livres Herr Eichhorn Est Bien Embte Son Rveil Il A Dcouvert Que La Lune Tait Pose Sur La Branche De Son Nid Quelqu Un L A Surement Vole, Et Monsieur L Cureuil Tremble L Ide De Croupir En Herr Eichhorn Und Der Mond De Sebastian MeschenmoserDcouvrez Sur Decitre Herr Eichhorn Und Der Mond Par Sebastian Meschenmoser Diteur Esslinger Verlag Librairie Decitre Apparemment, Javascript Est Dsactiv Sur Votre Navigateur Javascript Doit Tre Activ Dans Votre Navigateur Pour Utiliser Toutes Les Fonctionnalits De Ce Site Herr Eichhorn Und Der Mond Livres En VO Bons Plans Livre Cultura Propose La Vente En Ligne De Produits Culturels, Retrouvez Un Grand Choix De CD Et DVD, Jeux Vido, Livres Et Les Univers Loisirs Et Cration Herr Eichhorn Und Der Erste SchneeWas Herr Eichhorn Und Seine Freunde Erleben, Bevor Sie Endlich Die Erste Schneeflocke Gefunden Haben, Erzhlt Sebastian Meschenmoser In Unvergleichlicher Weise Mit Hintersinnigem Humor, Beobachtungsgabe Und Der Kunst, Ganz Besondere Geschichten Zu Erzhlen, Macht Sebastian Meschenmoser Jedes Einzelne Seiner Bcher Zu Einem Wahren Vergngen Herr Eichhorn Und Der Erste Schnee Leseanimation Herr Eichhorn Und Der Erste Schnee Beispiel Einer Leseanimation Mit Dem Gleichnamigen Bilderbuch Von Sebastian Meschenmoser, EsslingerIdee Von Pia Lanz Kaiser, Leseanimatorin SIKJM, Pianzkaiser Bluewin Zur Geschichte Herr Eichhorn Ist Dieses Jahr Wild Entschlossen, Nicht Einzuschlafen, Bevor Die Erste Schneeflocke Vom HimmelHerr Eichhorn Und Der Mond Von Sebastian Eines Morgens Erwacht Herr Eichhorn Dadurch Das Der Mond Auf Sein Zuhause Gefallen Ist Er Sucht Schnell Hilfe Beim Igel Und Bock Doch Sie Schaffen Es Nicht Ihn Wieder Zurck In Den Himmel Zu Bekommen Und So Macht Sich Der Sonst So Brave Herr Eichhorn Ernsthafte Sorgen, Dass Er Dafr Ins Gefngnis Kommt Kinderstcke Meinhardt Krauss Feigl Deshalb Beschliet Herr Eichhorn In Diesem Jahr Auf Die Erste Schneeflocke Zu Warten Kein Leichtes Unterfangen Fr Ein Eichhrnchen, Das Es Gewhnt Ist Winterschlaf Zu Halten Jeden Winter Hat Herr Eichhorn Bisher Verschlafen, Doch Dieses Mal Muss Er Wach Bleiben, Um Die Erste Schneeflocke Ja Herr Eichhorn YouTube Eichhrnen Am Baumhr Gibt S Nicht Zu Sagen Squirrel Climbing A Tree Gefilmt Mit Einem Samsund Galaxy S Mini Sebastian Meschenmoser Wikipedia Leben Und Werkbegann Sebastian Meschenmoser Sein Studium Der Freien Bildenden Kunst An Der Akademie Fr Bildende Knste Mainz Bei Klaus Vogelgesang Und Anne Berning My reviewing process is very neat and orderly As I read books I place them on my To Be Read shelf, where they are cataloged by those most likely to get a review to those least likely Everything has its place Some titles wait months before I get to them But once in a great while, if I m lucky, I run across a book so spectacular that I have to review it immediately Waiting for Winter was that book Now if I say the name Sebastian Meschenmoser to you, does it ring any bells No Well, the man first burst on the American scene with his touching if strange Learning to Fly about a penguin with flights of fancy But Waiting for Winter, his latest title to be released here in the States, is far accessible to the American market It is smart, clever, beautifully illustrated, and downright funny Each season there is one good snow book that comes out for kids This book should be considered the good snow book of this and any other year Read it Under normal circumstances, Squirrel tends to sleep through the winter However, this year Squirrel has heard from Deer that it s going to snow soon Squirrel has never seen it snow before so he commits himself to staying up to wait for it When merely staying up doesn t work he runs like a madman to keep himself occupied Such energy wakes up Hedgehog, who also has never seen snow before To keep themselves open eyed they sing loud sea shanties which, in turn, wakes up Bear Now all three animals are waiting for snow But what if it has already fallen Taking Deer s description of the element White and wet and cold and soft each one finds an object that might be snow But after looking at their toothbrush, tin can, and sock, a single snowflake falls to the ground and the three are left in a whirl of white And after making a snow creature to be discovered by a confused pair of humans later the three can finally burrow down for a long, comfortable sleep.Meschenmoser s style is mesmerizing Look at the lines closely and they just appear to be the hastily scrawled lines of a palsied hand Back up a little and the lines come together and coalesce into not just recognizable characters, but sympathetic ones After all, what human being doesn t identify with sleep deprivation In this book various characters are so bleary eyed and sleep starved that they look half dead on their feet There s an absolutely wonderful close up of the squirrel sitting on a branch, feet splayed His fur looks like he just rolled out of bed and he s holding his tiny paw to his head as bags form under his eyes This is one tired pookie Facial expressions on realistic animals are also difficult, but when a seriously disgruntled bear hears Squirrel and Hedgehog s explanation for why they re being so loud, his skeptical look askance at the reader is priceless.Pacing is so important too so the author doles out each image beautifully The two page wordless sequences sometimes act like silent comedies For example, on the first page Squirrel and Hedgehog are letting rip some sea shanties, on the second they continue to belt out the tunes, and on the third Hedgehog has launched into a particularly boisterous part using a leaf for emphasis while Squirrel notices the awake and grumpy bear standing nearby Two of these three spreads are wordless, but Meschenmoser renders any need for explanation unnecessary You get where he s coming from The crazy thing too is that in spite of the fact that this is a translation, the writing reads aloud beautifully There s a real wonder to the words here So kudos to both Mr Meschenmoser and his translator One gets the impression that the feel of the original tale has been well preserved here.The little details are wonderful as well For example, Hedgehog initially walks into the story with a couple leaves haphazardly stuck to his spines Near his tail is a nut of some sort And while the leaves do eventually fall off in the course of the story, in the last image when he s curled on top of bear s rump, fast asleep, the nut and one of the leaves remain firmly ensconced on his own backside Meschenmoser also knows how to use his endpapers properly At the beginning of the book the front endpapers show a scene of birds flying south for the winter And as for the back endpapers, they kind of give the book its final joke Turn there and you ll see a snowy woods Two men laden with firewood stand stare at a lopsided snow bear It must be With its sock nose, tin can hat, and toothbrush pipe, the animals have also taken care to use sticks and branches to give it claws and a tail Fabulous.Great snow stories are hard Sometimes I feel like other countries write better snow books than we do Consider Snow Day by Komako Sakai and now Meschenmoser s title What I like about this book is that the author illustrator really knows how to make use of the subject You don t want a snow book where the world looks exactly the same after a snowfall as it did before albeit with the landscape white do you No Snow changes than just how the land looks There s a kind of light that accompanies a snowfall An eerie glow that comes only when the scant light from the sky reflects off of falling frozen particles Meschenmoser plays off of this when he has the fake snowfall dream sequences of Hedgehog and Squirrel When toothbrushes or cans are falling against a dramatic sky, it looks especially silly Then, when the real snow comes down, the silliness is gone The shot of the three animals making a snowbear has this ethereal blue light shining on the scene Any artist thinking of making a picture book where snow falls at night should be required to pick up this book and examine it closely alongside the aforementioned Snow Day and probably Owl Moon too first.The actual medium Meschenmoser is working in here isn t divulged on the publication page, but we can make some informed guesses Graphite, certainly And the orange of Squirrel, the green of some dying leaves, Hedgehog s yellow underbelly, the red of his berry, and Bear s brown highlights are all colored pencil The only time you see any paint here is when the snow in its myriad incarnations comes down against the blue black background that is the sky That sky is painted, as are the flakes that fall So suddenly you have a graphic world covered in thick blue and white paints The result is that you really feel a kind of awe at the snowfall It s special, and it makes everything it falls on special too.The flaw Because every picture book has to have one flaw, right Okay, so the flaw of this book is so minor it s almost inconsequential but I figure I should bring it up just to be fair I can t figure out if this is a problem on the part of the original manuscript or the translation, but the book begins with squirrel finding out about snow from a deer But a quick glimpse at the accompanying picture and that animal squirrel is talking to It ain t a deer A goat, maybe Though what a random goat is doing in the forest is anyone s guess Maybe there are wild goats in the German trees Or perhaps their deer are short and squat with ram like horns Dunno In any case, feels like something got lost in translation along the way.Meschenmoser is probably the best known contemporary German picture book author illustrator published in America today which isn t saying much Eric Carle doesn t count and you might be able to make a case for Ole Konnecke, but that s pushing it Nope, like a latter day Janell Cannon Meschenmoser is our man and if ever there was a book of his deserving of our attention it is Waiting for Winter Touching and funny by turns, this turns out to be not only an idea winter tale, but also a perfect bedtime story too For any kid who has ever tried to stay awake for an important event, this tale rings true A must purchase Can t talk it up enough Ages 4 8. Originally published in German as Herr Eichhorn und der erste Schnee literally, Mr Squirrel and the First Snow , Sebastian Meschenmoser s delightful picture book follows the story of a squirrel who has never seen snow, and who decides that this is the year he will correct the omission His efforts to remain alert, while waiting for winter, awaken a prickly hedgehog, who joins him in his vigil When squirrel and hedgehog s sea shanties bring bleary eyed bear to them, suddenly there are three watchers in the wood Eventually growing tired of waiting, the three decide to search for snow, with some hilarious results But then, in a moment of indescribable magic and wonder, they finally see what they ve been waiting forA lovely tribute to the winter season, and to the wild creatures of the forest, Waiting for Winter pairs a deceptively simple narrative with brilliant pencil illustrations, occasionally enhanced by paint As another reviewer has noted, Meschenmoser s drawings seem rather messy and chaotic, when examined up close, but the over all effect is one of motion and vitality The facial expressions on squirrel, hedgehog, and bear are priceless, and some of the wordless sequences are simply hysterical Squirrel passed out on his branch, bear staring with sleepy disgruntlement these scenes will stay with the reader long after the book has been put away Truly, this is a little gem Now if only they d translate Meschenmoser s two other titles featuring squirrel Herr Eichhorn Und Der Mond and Herr Eichhorn wei den Weg zum Gl ck I d be content I really enjoyed this book about a squirrel waiting for his first winter especially the first sign of winter, a snowflake But with his limited knowledge of what makes a snowflake, he and his woodland friends mistake other things for snowflakes Will the REAL winter ever come Of course, but half the the fun is in the waiting The book is funny and warm and sweet and surprising and just an all around delight to read I loved the details and the humor and the gentle message of friendship and patience and understanding I especially enjoyed the hedgehog The illustrations might not have been my usual cup of tea, but I just loved them here and thought they were so expressive and warm and vibrant I also loved the shift from the pencil illustrations to the paint sorry, I don t know the exact artistic terms here when it started to snow That was lovely and really helped evoke the mood of snow, I thought.Anyway, a real winner and I m so happy my library had a copy this year and that I read it with the Picture Book Club over at Children s Books here on GoodReads The whimsical illustrations of the three lovable, scruffy characters tell the story of waiting for the snow Infused with humor, animal expressions that are nearly human, and an unexpected twist My nearly 6 year old and my 3 year old loved it. Waiting for Winter is a book both my daughter and I enjoyed As I mentioned before in a previous review, she had seen snow for the first time this year So she loves anything snow related right now It was a humorous read We enjoyed the animals waiting to see the first snowfall It was hilarious to see their different ideas of what snow might be I wasn t sure at first about the illustrations but as it went on I understood I especially enjoyed the last illustration which in my book was part of the back inside cover The snowman covered with the things they thought might have been snow How clever The man in the illustration I imagine could be Sebastian Meschenmoser himself There isn t much text to this book, but it certainly doesn t need it I will read this book again to my daughter when she is older This is another gem found in the picture book club This month s theme is Winter The font is large, the pictures details small But I laughed out loud several times Sea Shanties and right now my husband is reading it and laughing out loud and reading bits aloud He appreciates that the scruffy drawings are a lot real, re the animals, than a lot of picture books that make the animals look too cute or too human I appreciate, especially, the wordless pages Like the previous Meschenmoser that I read, Mr Squirrel the Moon, it almost doesn t need text but the text is wonderful and adds a layer of delight.Ok, the two of us loved it But much of what we loved we did from an adult perspective Would children like the book I believe so I believe they d feel the suspense of trying to wait for snow to come trying to find the first hidden snowflake, watching the antics of the critters and I see by other reviews that, yes indeed, children are loving it Edited to add I also handed it to my 20 yo son and he, too, laughed out loud several times His aww was a little less enthusiastic than ours, but then, he s not a parent He especially appreciated the last endpaper.I will continue to look for by the author. I was reading this book for the Children s Book Group and I will admit it was an extremely cute book Waiting for winter is a children s book by Sebastian Meschenmoser which is about how a squirrel, a hedgehog and a bear trying to wait for snow to fall for the winter Waiting for winter is a truly irresistible book that you just cannot put down anytime soon When Squirrel heard Deer saying that winter is almost here and that it is going to snow, Squirrel wanted to know what snow is and so he tries to wait for snow to fall while hedgehog and bear later on came by and waited for snow to come with Squirrel.I honestly enjoyed this book because the illustrations and the story were both very cute Sebastian Meschenmoser has certainly done an excellent job at writing this story in a simplistic yet hilarious way as it details how squirrel, hedgehog and bear tried everything to stay awake to find snow and even tried to find snow themselves I thought it was cute that squirrel, hedgehog, and bear all wanted to stay up to see snow since they have never seen snow before and that is seen as a way a child is excited about seeing snow for the first time in their lives, which made this book slightly realistic in displaying actual emotions for the characters Sebastian Meschenmoser s illustrations are truly beautiful as the book is displayed with mostly white backgrounds until the last six pages where it is truly colorful, just like what happened on the last page in another children s book Fletcher and the Falling Leaves and I also loved the images of the squirrel, the hedgehog and the bear as they look scraggly and yet look cute at the same time.All in all, Waiting for winter is a truly cute and beautiful story about discovering new discoveries about the world and I am sure that many children will enjoy this book for many years I would recommend this book to children ages four and up since there is nothing inappropriate for younger children.