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Newly Engaged, Ellie Is Thrilled To Be Accepted Into The Loving Cooper Clan Which Seems Like The Perfect Family She Never Had Until She Begins To Realize That Dan S Mom, Linda, Is A Little Too Involved Dan And Linda Talk On The Phone Every Day Twice A Day As Dan And Ellie S Intimate Civil Wedding Ceremony Gets Transformed Into A Black Tie Affair, Ellie Begins To Wonder If It S Possible To Marry The Man Without Marrying His Mother As Troubles Mount, Ellie Turns To Her Friends Glamorous Lisa, Who Always Looks Like She S Just Stepped Off A Runway, And Wonderfully Frazzled Trish And Tries To Rediscover The Independence She Once Had, And The Man She Still Loves But It Seems That Having A Child And Saving A Marriage Means Growing Up In Ways She D Never Imagined A Warm, Witty, And Wise Look At Mothers In Law And What They Teach Us About Ourselves, The Other Woman Is Sure To Please Jane Green S Growing Legion Of Fans I only picked up this book because we were banned from using the internet at work and it was a very slow week This has to be one of the most depressing, frustrating, banal and predictable books I ve ever read Ellie is whiney and muchlike her mother in law than she thinks Dan is a pushover mama s boy Dan s mother is controlling There you have it The plot practically writes itself This could have been any family in any country Many women have overbearing mothers in law, but they learn to deal with them Perhaps Ellie was a little too indipendent and unwilling to make the adjustments necessary to become part of a family Overall, a forgettable book that makes me frustrated all over again for having read it when I am accidentally reminded of it. Ellie Black believes she has found the perfect man for her in Dan Cooper, and is thrilled when he asks her to marry him She is relieved that his family seems to like her, and believes that she is finally going to feel a part of a loving family Things start to go awry when Dan s mother completely takes over wedding preparations, leaving Ellie to feel like a spectator at her own wedding After the wedding, Dan s mother s manipulations begin to really bother Ellie, and she doesn t feel like Dan is supportive enough about her feelings on this True resentment sets in when Ellie and Dan have a baby, and the problems with his mother seem to overwhelm all aspects of their lives Ellie and Dan have to figure out if what they have is worth trying to save.I had a hard time getting interested in this book, but at the beginning I found both the characters of Ellie and Dan to be likeable There were points where I felt like Dan s mom was way out of line in her behavior, but most of the time, I felt like the things she did were not really unusual Ellie s own mom dying when Ellie was thirteen didn t give her experience in how to deal with an overbearing relative, making her evensensitive to the things her mother in law did I felt that Ellie was very inconsistent in the way she felt about and dealt with her mother in law Toward the middle of the novel, I felt that Ellie came across as very selfish and dislikeable She became unreasonable in her feelings about her mother in law, and berated Dan constantly about things his mother did and said Earlier in the book, I thought there were times when Dan probably should have stepped in and supported Ellie, but I began to feel very sorry for him and to think that Ellie treated him very badly I saw Dan as mostly confused and caught in the middle between an unreasonable wife and an overbearing mother Toward the end of the book, Ellie seems to begin to grow up and to be less selfish By the end of the book, she had redeemed herself for me I really did not enjoy much of this book, and planned to give it a 2 most of the way through, but I really liked the last seventy five or so pages and would rate that part a 4. I have to say I am a fan of most of Jane Green books There have only been two in which I cannot say I was impressed I brought The Other Woman by Jane Green and took it away with me for the weekend to read and I have to say I couldn t put it down, I was very impressed and thoroughly enjoyed this book I will tell you a little about the plot and what I liked and disliked about this book PLOT This book is told from the main character, Ellie s point of view Ellie has had quite a isolated childhood as her mother died when she was very young and her father didn t quite know how to be there for Ellie Ellie meets her husband Dan who is everything she wanted in a man When their relationship becomes serious it is that time we all dread Time to meet the in laws When Ellie meets Dans mother Linda she is made to feel very welcome and Linda tries very hard to make Ellie feel like part of their close knit family Ellie loves the feeling of being a part of the family and is pleased to have a mother figure in her life Things start to go wrong when they decide to get married, and Linda decides to take over with the wedding plans, and Linda calls Dan every single day, talk about needing to cut the apron strings Ellie falls pregnant and when she is in labour things go from bad to worse when Linda holds the baby before Ellie Ellie is so angry with Linda who always has to be in control and this anger grows inevents which occur during the book which puts a strain on Ellie and Dans marriage What I Liked I could not put this book down I was very shocked as I got into the book and found that the Other woman was in fact Dans mum I was expecting this whole affair based plot so this made a surprising change Each of the characters were described very well giving enough information to get an image in your mind of each character Ellie is described as such a loveable character and I could relate well with her I have a lot of the same problems with my partner and in laws so whilst reading this book I felt like parts of it was describing episodes of my life Right up until the end of the book I felt like the story could take any number of turns I did not feel the book is in anyway predictable What I didn t like I can only think of one thing for what I didn t like about this book and that is the ending I got hooked on this book but when it was coming to the end it felt like it was rushed With such an enjoyable story line I think the ending was a big let down for the book Overall I would give this book an 8 out of ten It was an enjoyable read but lacked a good ending I feel it is one of Jane Greens best books and would recommend this to any chic lit lovers Read a couple of the reviews and some were quite negative Most thought it was too depressing Jane Green did a fantastic job of capturing the essence of marriage She kept it real Every day is not going to be rosy And you re not going to always like your mother in law Green took us from the beginning of the relationship, to the middle and end You really began to wonder if this couple will make it It s hard to be in a relationship with a man who is a mamas boy I ve never heard of Jane Green before this and i will definitely pick up other novels by her. This is not my favorite Jane Green book But, it was OK Very good the beginnings then a little dull half way through the book Ellie Black meets Dan Cooper they fall in love an marry Ellie s mother was an alcoholic and dies when she was a child Ellie always want to be part of a close knit family so she is thrilled when she meets the Cooper clan She soon finds Dan s mother controlling and manipulative, Dan s father hen picked Dan s mother Linda Cooper just takes over the wedding like it s hers then after they are married tries to take over their life Dan is caught in the middle of the two women he loves most in the world Ellie considers her mother in law the other woman. Tedious, predictable story of a British woman, motherless, who deals with an overbearing mother in law Presented as light, humorous chick lit, but isn t funny or entertaining at all. WARNING, SPOILERS BELOW This was my first Jane Green book, and this is the first of manyto come I absolutely adored this book and the storyline behind it I related to some of the characters and I really liked Ellie I sympathized with her a lot especially when she had to deal with her emotions regarding Linda her mother in law Although I felt Ellie was over reacting at times towards Linda, I couldn t help but feel sorry for her She had some sadness in her life and in looking for love and acceptance in Dan s her husband family, she gotthan she bargained for I don t think Linda was too bad except when she had that accident with Tom How horrific I can not even imagine being Tom s mom at that moment The storyline really flowed perfectly in this book The author has a very strong ability to make this all come together in a delightful read It was a very fast and easy read because of her ability to make it all mesh together so well I really enjoyed that this story was pretty much about life and the ups and downs and trials and tribulations that comes with it It had a little bit of every emotion I found myself feeling Joy for Ellie when she became a mom and yet also sadness for her when she separated from Dan I recommend this to all women It is a cute summer read or an all year around read J But for some reason just feels like Spring or Summer read to me A EXCERPT Dan and Ellie Ellie and Dan Mrs Dan Cooper Mrs Ellie Cooper Ellie Cooper I trill the words out, thrilling at how unfamiliar they sound, how they will be true in just over a month, how I got to have a fairy tale ending after all And, as I m tapping the coffee grounds into the spoon to start making the coffee, I find myself thinking about spending the rest of my life with only one person I should feel scared Apprehensive at the very least But all I feel is pure, unadulterated joy Any doubts I may have about this wedding, about getting married, about spending the rest of my life with Dan have nothing whatsoever to do with Dan And everything to do with his mother ABOUT THIS BOOK Newly engaged, Ellie is thrilled to be accepted into the loving Cooper clan which seems like the perfect family she never had until she begins to realize that Dan s mom, Linda, is a little too involved Dan and Linda talk on the phone every day Twice a day As Dan and Ellie s intimate civil wedding ceremony gets transformed into a black tie affair, Ellie begins to wonder if it s possible to marry the man without marrying his mother As troubles mount, Ellie turns to her friends glamorous Lisa, who always looks like she s just stepped off a runway, and wonderfully frazzled Trish and tries to rediscover the independence she once had, and the man she still loves But it seems that having a child and saving a marriage means growing up in ways she d never imagined .MY THOUGHTS I love Jane Green s books, and The Other Woman is no exception Green writes in a way that has you tumbling into the book rather like Alice down the rabbit hole , and becoming part of it all Green is very perceptive about relationships family relationships, friendships, whatever she just always seems to hit the nail on the head She has written an captivating tale of the changing family dynamics with the introduction of a new person into the family unit The jostling for positions, the need for give and take, the expectations, the disappointments, the settling into the new relationships are all dealt with by Green in her usual warm and insightful style Remember the old adage be careful what you wish for, you may get it Green has used this to great effect in The Other Woman There is a lot to be learned from The Other Woman It should be required reading for all brides to be and mothers in law to be Thank you Jane Green for yet another wonderful read THE AUTHOR Jane Green s eighteenth novel, Falling, is soon to be released with Berkley Penguin she is the author of sixteen previous New York Times Bestselling novels, and known as one of the world s leading authors in women s fiction, with over ten million books in print, and translations in over 25 languages Previous novels have included The Beach House, Second Chance, Jemima J, and Tempting Fate.She joined the ABC News team to write their first enhanced digital book about the history of Royal marriages, then joined ABC News as a live correspondent covering Prince William s wedding to Kate Middleton A former journalist in the UK, she has had her own radio show on BBC Radio London, and is a regular contributor on radio and TV, including as well as regularly appearing on television shows including Good Morning America, The Martha Stewart show, and The Today Show.Together with writing books and blogs, she contributes to various publications, both online and print, including anthologies and novellas, and features for The Huffington Post, The Sunday Times, Cosmopolitan and Self She has taught at writers conferences, and does regular keynote speaking, and has a weekly column in The Lady magazine, England s longest running weekly magazine.A graduate of the French Culinary Institute in New York, Green is bringing out her first cookbook Good Taste , with Berkley in October 2016 She is a storyteller for The Moth radio hour on NPR, and lives in Westport, Connecticut with her husband and their blended family When she is not writing, cooking, gardening, filling her house with friends and herding chickens, she is usually thanking the Lord for caffeine filled energy drinks A cancer survivor, she continues to raise awareness for Malignant Melanoma, Hashimoto s Disease, and Lyme Disease.DISCLOSURE I own my own copy of The Other Woman by Jane Green All opinions expressed in this review are entirely my own personal opinions Please refer to my profile page or the about page on for an explanation of my rating system This review and others are also published on my blog Re The Other Woman by Jane GreenThe word for this book is banal By that I mean it had no depth It was what I call house wifey The writing style did nothing to redeem the boring plot which boiled down to an over bearing mother in law.I agreed with Anna s GR review of this book at was in Anna s review that I came across the word banal and said to myself that it was a perfect name for one of my GR book shelves So I created that shelf to include among My Books.At first I was drawn into the mother in law problem, but after a while it became boring and ridiculous The story bogged down into boring domestic details which I try to escape from when I read The story was too shallow it lacked depth there was nothing thought provoking about it.I did enjoy reading another book by Jane Green, The Beach House It had a muchinteresting plot, even though I d still call it chick lit, which I m usually wary of My review of that book can be found at m not sure if I will try another book by Jane Green I guess they all can t be winners PS I won t rate this book with any stars because I didn t finish it.