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All The World Is Here It Is There It Is Everywhere All The World Is Right Where You Are Now Following A Circle Of Family And Friends Through The Course Of A Day From Morning Till Night, This Book Affirms The Importance Of All Things Great And Small In Our World, From The Tiniest Shell On The Beach, To Warm Family Connections, To The Widest Sunset Sky

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    Here s what I know There is no such thing as perfect Really But this picture book by my friend Liz Garton Scanlon and Marla Frazee comes close Liz has written a marvelous poem, but one that s hard to picture Marla has drawn a lovely narrative, but one that doesn t make complete sense on its own Together, those slightly imperfect pieces make a perfect whole or as nearly as is humanly possible to create.As I said in my mention last week, All the World is a work of epic beauty inside a picture book package I love this book for its size, its cover, its lime green endpapers, its flap copy and author illustrator info, its words and its pictures I love it for its lyrical, song like qualities, for its generosity of spirit, for being so simple and yet so terribly complex that a week later, I remain gobsmacked I love it for its pictures that wind along the California coast, for its inclusiveness mixed race and same sex couples made me especially happy , for its ability to show that all the world is all of us.I have heard this book described by others as an immediate classic and a book with Caldecott potential boy do I agree not that I have any influence over these things, but man Bloggers whom I know to be highly articulate were brought to their knees at the thought of talking about this book, because it is difficult to know how to do it justice If you ve experienced this book, I m guessing that you know whereof I speak, and that you also want to do it justice and quite possibly feel inadequate This book is that good.This is a book that sings to places in your soul and that manages to completely engage you whether you intended to be engaged by it or not Perhaps you opened it to humor a friend or see what the fuss was about, but most likely by the you reached the end, you found tears in your eyes without having realized that you were becoming emotional Most likely you realized midway through that Marla Frazee s illustrations were moving through a particular imaginary, as it turns out landscape, and you wanted to go back and look through it again to see how the camera flowed along Most likely you felt changed, somehow maybe in a quiet way, maybe in a profound way like those of us who are middle aged might have done for a brief moment when we first heard We Are the World or Do They Know It s Christmas , or if we stood next to friends, neighbors and strangers holding hands for Hands Across America , when something inside felt that upswell of realization of interconnectedness and good will our own particular Ebenezer Scrooge moments, when the shackles and fetters drop off, if only for a moment, and we realize that life is good and we resolve to keep Christmas in our hearts every day It is, in short, a revelation.Go Buy it Whether you share it with the people in your life or hug it to your chest and remind yourself that there is good in the world and that we are all connected, this book will do you good If you re still on the fence, check out this review by Jama Rattigan complete with gorgeous spreads and quotes and this interview of Liz and Marla at 7 Imp, with backstory on the development of the illustrations and spreads.

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    The illustrations are beautiful, big and beautiful The rhyme that makes up the story is excellent and the story expresses lovely sentiments about the world and about loved ones The story of a not perfect but wonderful day with family, and maybe friends too, is told fully but with very few words Made me a bit melancholy those extended families look like fun But, overall, it s a very uplifting book I could recommend this for children ages 2 8 it has wide appeal Gorgeous and gift worthy.

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    4.5 out of 5A lovely, heartwarming poem about all sorts of connections though perhaps a bit human centered for my liking, especially the last stanza.Yet the best connection in this picturebook is between Liz Garton Scanlon s text and GORGEOUS Marla Frazee s illustrations

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    I actually prefer this Caldecott Honor to the winner of its year, The Lion and the Mouse It s original, contemporary, and important, as our world gets and crowded with people who don t understand that we are all one global community and each of our choices affects multitudes of others Would that we all lived as these people do, in harmony, with courage.And besides, it s poetic, appealing, engaging, full of fun funny details I hope you all get a chance to read it Btw, I have enjoyed everything Frazee s worked on so far, and will continue to watch for works by her.

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    My favorite children s book I ve encountered as a mother so far The message is even beautiful than the lovely illustrations.

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    One of the things I have always thought was odd about hard line Waldorf School philosophy and before you email me, let it be known that I have one marvelous little cousin and one fantastic grown up niece who are Waldorf products, and I have no problem at all giving the Waldorfers some of the credit for how beautifully they have turned out so far but as I said, one of the odder dicta of Waldorf founder Rudolf Steiner, and he had a LOT of dicta, guy was just Mr Ruley Rulemonger, and some schools are all like, Yes SIR Mr Steiner sir we ll build our classrooms with NO CORNERS, and some schools, like my cousin s school in Hawaii, are all kind of like, Oh yeah, but knitting Oh, brah, it s hot here like, we don t really need knitwear How about we teach em all how to juggle and that works for them But one of the Waldorf things is that there should be no shadows in a child s early life And hence, there is no black crayon in the crayon box at a Waldorf school.Actual review as opposed to my Waldorf inspired ramblings on Pink Me

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    Normally I don t rate story time books as I read so many each month, but my god this was so beautiful and I just adored it I want to buy a copy for everyone I know Actual story time was so so on it, but it s not great for large crowds, I think Perfect for small groups and families.

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    This book blows me away The debt Frazee owes to Virginia Lee Burton is deep But this book made me think Burton had died and been reincarnated with a wisdom from looking at the intervening 45 years since her passing in 1968 The expansive double page spreads are up there with the best of Burton s compositions Life Story is probably my favorite for this Once again, there is a kind of switching between complementary and counterpoint illustrations in this book that is unusual for today s author illustrator pairings Because Scanlon is from Austin, the West coast small town look is obviously Frazee s, but it s a fascinating take on a text that probably wasn t envisioned with a coastal scene I was just as smitten by Scanlon s words, and had a hard time remembering that this book was made by two separate people The abstractness of the poem reminds me of jump rope or hand clap rhymes where the purpose is not narrative, but rather rhythmic and symbolic Because I reviewed three of Frazee s books in just under two weeks, I m just amazed by her work again I can t wait for God Got a Dog to come out this year, another collaboration between Scanlon Frazee

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    No wonder this was a Caldecott honor book The poem by Scanlon is beautiful I wish they had printed the whole poem on one page at the end.Frazee s pictures, done in colored pencil, are soft and lovely, describing a day on the seashore for several groups of people In many of the scences, Frazee cleverly draws, way off in the distance, the next place that will be visited close up in the succeeding pages My favorite picture of all is that gorgeous 2 page spread, done in purple, gray, black and pale yellow, of sundown at the seaside Beautiful and highly recommended I must have a copy of this for my personal collection.

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    The lovely poem has even lovelier paintings illustrating it The large size of this book gives Frazee the ability to do several smaller vignettes, and interspersed with dramatic double page spreads Her black pencil and watercolor paintings not only ably illustrate the words of the poem, but extend them by following several families around As one family leaves the shore, the reader can see in the distance the farmer s market they will soon be visiting And at the farmer s market, the reader sees several people who will also show up in the following pages Her use of color is brilliant, as the book goes from bright daylight to dark night This book is a gem