Beard Necessities (Winston Brothers, #7) cities

Prime The Longest Night –

It Is The Longest Night Of The Year, And The Snow Lies Deep All Through The Forest, Animals Long For Dawn S Warmth Strong And Clever Creatures Boast That Only They Can Bring Back The Sun But The Wind Knows Better The Wind Calls Chickadee, Whose Simple Song Wakes The Sun In This Lyrical Story From Marion Dane Bauer With Breathtaking Watercolors By Ted Lewin, It Will Take A Tiny And Gentle Creature To Summon A New Day My son picked this book out from the library last week This book didn t really impress me until I read it out loud I think this book should always be read out loud The text does not rhyme, but it is pure poetry There is a cadence and a lilt to the words that needs to be read out loud to be properly savored The illustrations are majestic And so powerfully lovely And so perfectly fitted for the poetic text. Beautiful illustrations in blue tones about the animals that are trying to have the sun come back in the middle of winter The smallest of them all the chickadee is able to sing her song and make the sun reappear for the journey towards spring Repetition of what the animals say.More for pre schoolers than a younger crowd. Third, fourth, and fifth graders enjoyed listening to this book during library time We had a great discussions about the Winter Solstice and animals after reading. The longest night is, of course, the Winter Solstice This is a story about the beginning of the long, cold, dark journey from the heart of winter towards spring, told by the wind and the forest animals A lyrical cadence and repetition in the language lend this book the feeling of folklore, perfectly balanced with the beautiful if dark watercolor illustrations of realistically depicted forest animals A lovely addition to a winter storytime or school unit on forest animals in the winter.