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2013 We all love this book It s hard to beat Dr Seuss s pair of pale green pants with nobody inside them 2018 Child three of three is also a fan. Like the philosophical box of chocolates, because there are many to choose where books fall for me on the Theodor Seuss Geisel spectrum, continues to surprise I do not care for the little kids inane rhyming books Larger stories were quite good and repose at three stars Full stories are where I applaud resoundingly, for memorable morals and poignant heart Theodor created far books than I was aware of I had never heard of What Was I Scared Of , until I was lucky to score it at our local thrift shop on our last visit Unbelievably, this hails from 1961 My spouse did not know it either.For fun, Ron read it to me Christmas night He thought it bizarre I laughed and love it My delight in spooky clothing floating by itself, derives from one of my favourite discoveries, from 1985The Little Old Lady Who Wasn t Afraid Of AnythingWhatever it may have received without resembling that gem, this creative 1961 book receives five stars It has as much heart, as Theodor s spunk in his sparse, alien shadow wilderness drawings and premise.The heart of the matter is feeling terrified about something so different from ourselves, for which we have no precedent or explanation The example is something inanimate, which is a being of its own walking around empty pants The reassuring revelation is that it is mutually afraid of the protagonist It suddenly becomes cute shivering, being comforted and befriended The message is that we are new and different to other species and people.I don t know if they were all made as glow in the dark pages but I am having fun exploring mine Ron is a chemist and explained that each phosphorescent page needs to absorb light Then they will show up brightly in a dark space. What S A Pair Of Empty Green Trousers Doing Standing By Itself In The Woods Or Riding A Bike In Grin Itch Or Fishing On Roover River The Narrator Certainly Doesn T Want To Find Out But Wherever He Goes, He S Haunted By The Spooky Empty Pants Finally, When The Two Find Themselves Hiding From Each Other In A Snide Bush, The Terrified Narrator Realizes, I Was Just As Strange To Him As He Was Strange To Me This Little Seussian Gem, Plucked From The Back Of The Sneetches And Other Stories, Shines On It Own As It Delivers A Timeless Message About Fear And Tolerance Even better with the glow in the dark aspect Super fun and slightly creepy classic perfect for Halloween 3.5 I said, I do not fear those pants with nobody inside them I said, and said, and said those words I said them but I lied them Even if you re the bravest person you know, seeing a pair of pants with nobody inside them will freeze your blood in your veins, especially if they seem follow you everywhere and if you re the kind of people who like to get out in the night. That s his second book I read and I m glad I enjoyed this one, especially the message from the story. Pretty sure we ll be reading this book every night The MC wasn t scared, and neither was my kid Not of no spooky green pale pants, not even with nobody inside em This book TERRIFIED me to no end as a child Well into my 20s, I remember shuddering at the illustrations of the empty pants, framed in the eerie blue of twilight, jumping off a clothesline and chasing a little boy through the woods If ever Dr Seuss came up in conversation I would ask a friend, Do you remember such and such a book about the pants Sure enough I would meet a fellow traveler who was also terrified of this book Who cares about the payoff, the setup is enough to strike life long fear into the hearts of unsuspecting young readers. Dr Seuss rhymes make Eminem look like a learner.His humor makes Kevin hart s jokes seem just about as funny and absorbing as stale bread and watching me try to rhyme.Uh oh And No I m not done yet I m still trying to experience the wonders of his little works something I should have experienced years ago O.o Tolatecomersandlatebloomers